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For example, when you take a car for the service, the mechanic can say to him that the brake tablets are worn away and can fail at any time. If the brakes fail when you are in a hill underneath the highway, she means disaster When she hopes herself that something negative takes place, is possible to be avoided by means of the adoption of preventive measures, for example, to replace the brake tablets before going on a trip. There are many action that we took during the normal course of our lives that are of preventive character, from the vaccines that receive the suckling babies until the dietetic supplements that we took to avoid the cholesterol, cancer, cardiac diseases, the disagreeable osteoporosis and other conditions. She is not paranoiac or pessimistic, if it hopes that the things fence bad. You are paranoiac or pessimistic, if she watches only after dark clouds and not them trimmings of silver. If he cannot avoid a negative condition completely, it is possible to be prepared to recover of one when one takes place. The more they prepare themselves, the less stunned will be when one takes place, and the more fast he will be able to recover.

The firemen constantly prepare for all type of situations through the planning and the formation. It is not possible to be taught to be a fireman when the fire takes place. He only can do it before time. 3. Unexpected the third category of disasters comes from the left field. That it takes you totally off guard and without preparation.

What to do? The unique thing that can help him in this situation is an acute mind and the anger to act without a doubt. It develops his abilities to solve problems by means of the division of his brain in puzzle of different types.

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