Solid Wood Furniture

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This furniture is much lower in cost, but high-tech equipment, material quality and professionalism of our employees allow us to give a lengthy warranty for quality and service life. For many centuries, man has consistently applied the wood, builds warm wood house, creating furniture, utensils and furniture. Solid Wood – an elite element of the decor of your interior. Only furniture precious wood, prepared for a particular unique interior, may play a role and make the final component with nothing dissimilar sophistication and respectability. Wooden furniture and wooden windows are good – this is that surrounds us, that makes us up every day, makes us happy, makes it possible to feel cozy and comfortable. Choosing furniture from natural wood parody (array), you care not only about the beauty and ecology, as is an array of furniture is considered the most beautiful material, but also about their own harmony, because the wood has its own unique energy.

In 2003 there was a profound rethinking of the philosophy of style furniture "Rustic". Was created an unusual range of colors and shades, which brought the company an incredible success. Unusual color ensemble – is the key to holiday every day. Functionality and provide well thought-out in detail harmony and comfort in the house. The beauty of wood, logs, crackling in the stove, wrought iron furniture – country-paradise possible in a city apartment. We manufacture components and interior wood windows, pine, and then subjecting them artificially aged by mechanical means.

'Aging' can be divided into three levels: minimal or shallow, average and maximum. In addition, it is possible to tint the color of manufactured products proposed by customer. Waybill thread with this method of execution is a more accurate compared to the blank thread and looks much luchshe.V this case, slotted thread should be done as clean as possible. Not recommended to remove chamfer on the reverse side detail, since it may give the impression of isolation from the main thread background.

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