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New features, new characters and new languages expand the strategy game of stone leaves his workshop with a huge sledgehammer, the Baker dragging a large bag of flour from the mill in the bakery, citizens go about their day’s work. With the newly update of new and successful Browsergame, Goodgame Studios brings movement into the rapidly growing fortresses of the more than 200,000 players. The new animations, which perfectly blend into the varied and lovingly designed game world, can better keep track of progress and growth of the Lords and his empire. Who wants to go into the fight for the Kingdom, can do this at any time free of charge, do. GOODGAME EMPIRE is also playable in eight other languages, eight new languages with the new version: Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Czech and Turkish to complement the existing versions in German and English. The 41 million registered fans of nine popular social online games from the home of the Hamburger Game producers have the opportunity to try out the latest title without language barriers. At the same time, forums are opened under de/forum/in all the new languages, where can the players exchange ideas and questions to the presenters.

Pillage not enough advanced yet so still. New characters and with them new functions were integrated. The fearsome master can be used to make successful attacks on enemy castles still profitable and create more loot in the own four walls. The dutiful Medica, however, cares with trained hand to soldiers who have been wounded in the defense of the fortress. To increase the chance of survival of their own troops. Worldwide, GOODGAME EMPIRE players struggle to build their first modest estates to the powerful Center of the Kingdom.

To do so, they create a functioning economic system and a strong army in epic battles against other Lords to prove, to take sword brotherhoods or forge alliances. Free online game is characterised by an exciting campaign, numerous side quests and a strategic battle system. Company Description Goodgame Studios is a Hamburg-based game developer of social online games. The company was founded in June 2009 by the brothers of Dr. Christian Wawrzinek (COO) and Dr. Kai Wawrzinek (CEO). In the portfolio of Goodgame studios are currently nine self-developed and family-friendly Flash games that are played by over 70 million people per month in 22 languages worldwide. More employees are searched as reinforcement.

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