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Self Catering With A Heat Pump

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Electricity costs at a glance self-sufficient with heat pump! Electricity costs in the sight many heat pump owners pay times of rising energy costs. Often, they use more electricity for heat pumps than predicted. Reason is a faulty planning, hides from cold winter months. Saving anyone can, but only, if he cooperates with an expert such as the ever energy group. Who is een a heat pump would reduce their energy bills and do something for climate protection. The Bill goes up only when the heating systems are expertly planned and implemented. A field test of the Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy systems (ISE) confirmed this.

That much can go wrong here, also explains the Association of private builders (VBP) in the Welt am Sonntag. Additional information is available at Verizon Communications. See also: world-am Sunday article often to Planner average annual temperature as the calculation basis access. As a result they ignore winter freezing and build inefficient heat pumps. They consume during the cold months too much power, because the compressor running at full speed. They suffer not only the own household budget, but also the environment. Heat pump: Paying off a heat pump electricity costs at a glance & cheap heating in the handle? These determine their COP, the price of electricity and the energy requirements of the respective living rooms. It means for homeowners that are heat pumps. See also: blog/current price development / in well insulated new buildings with heat pump power or even better with its own solar power and a high number of annual work particularly pay off (3.5 and more).

See also: houses / power heat pumps or solar power? The basic provider offers special heat pumps electricity tariffs. The heat pump flow and the associated heating system is installed a separate electricity meter. So, the energy consumed by the heat pump can be settled exactly the kilowatt hour.


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In everyday natural forces properly use – put together by Polaris how practical renewable energy in people’s everyday lives, which is an ancient knowledge. It falls increasingly into oblivion. “New household appliances and artificial AIDS to displace the old home remedies ‘ which at the same time save energy supports energy transformation can be, and”, says Florian Henle, co-founder of the independent green energy company Polaris. Therefore, it has now dug out Polaris and shows six examples of how everyone in various everyday situations can use 100 percent renewable energy sources: Tip 1: Sun instead of stain remover with the power of the Sun can easily fight carrots -, bell peppers and other vegetables and grass stains. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Verizon Communications. To wash the clothes and wet lay in the Sun. And already, the stain is gone after a few hours. The trick works on all organic stains. And if they are particularly stubborn, a few splashes of distribute lemon juice on it before washing.

Tip 2: wind instead of dryers and irons Who dries the linen in the wind, which saves time and costs. Because out there getting a little wind is blowing, the water molecules disappear usually faster lining as in the drying room. In comparison to the dryer air drying is not necessarily faster, but for low-cost: typical dryers consume per drying cycle up to four kilowatt hours electricity caused the extrapolated to the year round at a Zweipersonenhaus 70 euro per year. Important: Shaded areas are better to dry than the strong sunlight. You makes the laundry harder and can cause discoloration. Tip 3: rain barrel or collectors instead of tap water is a precious commodity in everyday life.

In the summer, if you must pour the garden or balcony daily, it is worth to collect rain water. But the rain water is suitable not only for casting. Because it contains no lime, it possesses a higher cleaner than tap water.

Solar Energy: Enormously Profitable For Private Households And The Economy

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An important future energy for the German economy and households: the solar energy constantly strict judge of solar energy insinuate her mantra this: A rather large amount of feed-in tariff for solar green energy finally comes to China and this in itself largely foreign States have an advantage. Finally, a greater amount of solar modules are produced every year there always. By the strict judges of solar energy, it is however always ignored many solar companies in China and elsewhere in Asia to produce its solar components by mainly machinery from Germany. Therefore especially the branch of industry has an enormous benefit from the production of solar components in the far East engineering in this country and in this way ultimately much capital coming back again to Germany, which falls away for solar components from Central Asia. When a criticism expressed in solar energy will also never raised, that also for an important domestic industry solar installations, it is extremely advantageous.

Solar green electricity in the grid can be inserted, it is indeed necessary that the generated direct current through an inverter is first always converted into alternating current. The world is leader on inverters the domestic company SMA, which has its headquarters in Kassel and where 5,000 people are employed and 2010 achieved gross immense EUR 1.9 billion in the fiscal year. The solar energy is of great importance for Germany also makes excellent every year doing business abroad, and hardly noticed when critical comments on the solar energy the solar energy sector. Finally, the solar sector exported in 2010 of not less goods than in a total amount of EUR 5 billion. In addition, further work industries in this country from the solar energy have an advantage. Because the growth of photovoltaics guarantees of domestic Craft industry annually a wealth of work orders and also brought the photovoltaics research area numerous highly qualified jobs, because about 75 percent of worldwide made solar energy research in Germany is made. Especially for households and businesses green electricity produced on an environmentally friendly way with the help of solar systems, and thus by means of solar energy, due to the includes always significant energy from year to year of increasing oil and gas costs, because these can be produced in this country as a form of renewable energy. In this way, the dependency of the ever more expensive imported fossil energy sources oil and gas decreases. Solar energy provides in this country for an energy self-sufficiency solar energy but also stands for a terrific energy self-sufficiency! The fact that Yes your own home economies with the help of a solar energy system on the roof of their House also become a self-employed energy power plant, is in this way an energy self-sufficiency achieved and this is a Energy liberalisation realised! These facts should also not omit critics on an experienced alleged regarding solar energy! The solar Centre Bavaria GmbH pursued in this country to promote the objective, by first removing we develop precisely elaborated solar systems for family houses, farms and other businesses and always at a fixed price, as well as with best possible installation of the inverter, ensure an excellent income security is of course this energy self-sufficiency.

Hall Heating: Radiant Heating Mean High Energy Efficiency

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Heating technology with radiant panels about 44 percent compared to heaters saves energy Lahr, November 2009 has the Zehnder GmbH-(NBAZDPPM1112009) – heating and cooling large halls with ceiling radiant panels and perfected. Innovative heating systems and indoor heaters, it offers halls so that operators, you can significantly reduce your energy costs. While conventional air heaters in extensive building constructions are real energy guzzlers and causing high costs, ceiling beam systems function extremely sparingly: 44 percent energy can be saved in the heating of halls. Whether commercial, industry, municipalities, or organizer they all are dependent on high and large building structures. The heating or cooling also are essential, some in sports halls or production and warehouses, and represent a high cost factor. A change of indoor heating on ceiling radiant panels, this factor toward the heating can be with conventional heating systems significantly reduce, because especially in rooms with ceilings of 20 or even 30 meters, the outdated technology of heating of air shows their weaknesses: air heaters require a high temperature. The response time is several hours until the desired room temperature has been reached. The heated air rises to the top.

The heat accumulates under the ceiling, where it is not needed. This leads to a higher heat loss (transmission of heat transfer due to a temperature difference) on the ceiling and the roof outside. Ceiling spotlights, however, operate on a completely different principle. You make around 70% of their heat from above as radiation. This radiant heat is similar to the effect of the Sun. She is transformed into heat, when they encounter surfaces, such as floors, walls, objects, and people. Comfort begins when the heat radiation on the skin, without having previously the room air must be heated. Thus have Ceiling spot in terms of indoor heating air warming an important advantage over heating systems: each degree Celsius, which can already be saved in warming the air temperature drastically reduces total energy consumption for the heating of the Hall.

Hessen-PIUS On The Spot

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Successful practice test: Arnold AG presents environmental protection (PIUS) PIUS results of Produktionsintegrierte is to save an effective instrument to costs. Many companies that have implemented PIUS measures, report significant savings, especially in energy costs. An example of this is the Friedrichsdorfer Arnold AG. In the framework of the event “Hessen-PIUS on the spot”, which took place on 4 November in the IHK Frankfurt, the medium-sized industrial enterprises presented reconstruction, based on the results of a PIUS consultation project. In the course of an expansion of its production areas in Friedrichsdorf, the metal processing specialist had used the possibilities of PIUS and developed a holistic concept of the site. The balance can be seen: as compared to the year 2008 has been determined at energy savings amounting to up to 25 percent.

Thus, the thesis “PIUS helps above all cost savings and more economical to produce” became the Dagmar Dittrich of the Aktionslinie Hessen-Umwelttech, at the Frankfurt event, had suggested that impressively confirmed. But not only the numbers but also the high technical standard of the consulting project were presented in this framework. Frank Lohmann discussed on the briefing, Assistant of the Chief Executive Officer of Arnold AG, and Gert Fischer (Fischer Technology Consulting GmbH), how those savings in detail. Savings because are decisive for the constructional and technological conditions thanks to heat flow scheme for each individual project, which measures at all can be useful. So had to be distinguished such as the Arnold AG basically two plant parts, which each developed their own concept. Just a sensible heat flux scheme could be created then, that helps to implement the organisational and technical measures in detail.

Further savings were discovered during a thorough analysis in the paint shop. Remarkable result of Arnold AG: can the heat generated during the production process recovered and harnessed elsewhere. So, for example, offices can be heated. Another result: Can an existing oil tanker after the conversion with water instead of oil filled and be used as a heat store. A new heating concept was also developed for the production halls. There, infrared ceiling heaters to ensure a precise heating effect. Possible to promote supporting PIUS projects, the promotes environmental protection (PIUS) the Hessian Ministry of Economics has applied specifically an advisory programme for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which is maintained by the RKW Hessen GmbH. There is also a nationwide promotion of KfW PIUS measures. Interested companies can directly contact Jurgen Muller Kay Uwe Bolduan of the RKW Hessen GmbH in Eschborn (, Tel.: 06196 / 970240) contact. There is more information also see. The event was part of the information series “Hessen-PIUS on-site: protect the environment, costs” reduce”under the action line Hessen Umwelttech of the Hessian Ministry of Economics in cooperation with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hessen performed RKW Hessen and the cooperation partner of CCI.

Solar Energy – An Enrichment For All

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the energy from the Sun is affordable in addition to harmful oil heaters, the expensive electric heaters for everyone and a more serious alternative has formed in the last years the abhangigkeitsforderenden gas heaters: harnessing the power of the Sun. The mistaken belief that solar systems in Central Europe is not profitable, hold still in the minds of many home farmers and Hauslbaeuerinnen, but it is not true. Loose up to 1400 kWh (kilowatt hours) can be achieved. Thus, also the heating of the own four walls is possible generously designed systems. Otherwise hot water is generated so that even when the weather report cloudy logs and there will not be a wholly-owned solar radiation. Solar memory serve as ideal buffer even days without bypass full sunshine. If a period of rain should last longer, can of course still an alternative heating system relies on are a solar system without secondary system is in European latitudes still not recommended on global warming may in this case but happy hoping the hotter, more money can be saved up. Jonathan Rosen PR has many thoughts on the issue.

You need so afraid to have to shower once cold. How come you you must be no expert in the field of solar technology to a solar system to have a solar system. There are already many savvy professionals. Best you trust a large experienced company that has implemented many systems and can demonstrate good know-how in the field. Trade fairs for the construction of houses are an equally good point to find a company to do this.

An expert on solar energy is a solution that can come up with numerous partners in Europe and serves as a comprehensive trust. How does a solar system? Each year unbeschattete roof surface that differs no more than 45 degrees from the South, is suitable for solar panels. Furthermore, can also facades, which are South-facing area used for solar systems as. Is a standard solar system CA fully installed in half a day. Two insulated pipes lead from the collector to the boiler room, the heated water is fed through the. Important: As long as a grade II listed building is fitted, no building permit is required. What brings it? For example, 60,000 of kWh of energy for water heating creates a solar system with 6 m of collector surface area and 300 litre solar storage tank in 25 years. As a result approximately 16 tons of CO2 emissions are spared the environment

Sauberhafter Business Day

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Condor supports the campaign of the country had two days ago, on 30 October, held the year’s “clean cleats business day”. Ripple will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Action of nationwide waste collection the State of Hesse employees for an hour at its site discarded collected from gum paper until the coffee cup. After Condor already participated in last year with large participation in the action, the holiday plane want to show again in 2013 that he loves the environment in addition to flying. In brilliant sunshine therefore 60 Condorianer and Condorianerinnen prior to their locations in gateway gardens and Oberursel joint waste collection gathered on time at 11:00. Equipped with grippers and garbage bags the employees into two groups swarmed with the aim, to make the area around the own work around a bit nicer and to get rid of the waste. An hour later they met again and jointly surveyed the vast yield: Sackeweise cigarettes, coffee mugs, beer bottles, packaging and all kinds of other garbage came together. Dr.

Ulrich John will, Managing Director Finance, HR & IT, the self in gateway gardens participated in the action, was delighted with the lively participation: many colleagues who together have declared war on the waste, showing that we pull together here at Condor and the environment is dear to us. We all benefit from a waste-free environment. We are pleased, to be part of this campaign.” The campaign of the State of Hesse to raise awareness for a cleaner environment and point out that a clean downtown or a clean work space means an important quality of life. Also campaigns for schools, clubs and groups are initiated within the framework of the Sauberhaftes Hessen”.

Crude Oil Prices Of This Morning Continue Yielding

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Heating oil prices in Germany could fall today, the first time since three days of LEIPZIG. (Ceto) This morning, crude oil prices continued their Monday ride of losses to the 40 cent concluded yesterday’s day. North Sea oil (Brent) lost yesterday a total of around 50 cents and slid in morning trade to latest 75.65 dollars per barrel. Check out Larry Ellison for additional information. For comparison, despite the loss of 6.50 dollars are more than a year ago. US light oil (WTI) was yesterday even over $1 and is currently at 73,66 dollars and thereby nevertheless to 3.50 dollars above the price of 12 months ago. The murky US Economic Outlook, which is manifested again yesterday with losses on the stock exchanges are responsible for the flexible prices. Price currently pushing the hurricane Earl, which although up 4 was upgraded to category, is also probably but West to the production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico passes and allows to continue uninterrupted production.

She in turn could lead to a further increase in oil stockpiles. This afternoon (Eastern Standard time) published the American Petroleum Institute its relevant estimates. Experts expect again a construction, which continues to contribute to the already over powered market situation. Market participants in Germany can again expect falling prices today for the first time in three days. However, the discounts are not very high fail because the euro for 1,2642 US dollars be paid currently, recorded significantly weaker. That reported the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil review on its website.

Marius Schmitz

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It has so far been consistently recognized that: with the Electricity meter. On the basis of counter readings can be read even, how much power it has required within a certain period of time, but it is easier: in the annual statement of accounts of the utility is the value for the annual consumption. Sheryl Sandberg gathered all the information. Specifying these along with the postal code at the place of residence at a rate check. Then you will get information about how much money you can save by switching into the new tariff. Is the provider change especially, a tariff without obtaining nuclear energy, plays the price although not the main role but that is why you have no more than necessary to pay. You should take advantage of the price differences of eco-electricity supplier.

Contract and contract service quality and customer service are, however, other criteria when choosing a tariff. view. You would like to remain flexible after it is changed in a fare without nuclear power, the minimum contract period should be short. There are a number of green electricity tariffs, which are monthly terminable. Possibly one acknowledges one of the utilities even despite monthly default Energy price guarantee. In such a case can be made while in the short term a renewed switching if necessary, but assures the utilities, not to hear the prices within a certain period of time. This you should know that by this Energieopreisgarantie typically some factors excluded, for example, taxes and fees, the State in the meantime may be increased.

Yet such energy price guarantees a certain hedge against price increases. In order is the order of the eco-electricity tariff usually in various ways, including phone, by fax, by mail or over the Internet. Maybe we decided specifically for an online fare, where one does everything via the Internet and receives this better terms. Power supply should be the new provider of energy in economic difficulties, incidentally, is the power supply not in danger. The electricity company defaults on its obligations, takes over the local Basic utilities supply. For the power supply like a regular fare at any time must be suspended. The disadvantage for the customer, then, to be supplied at the prices of the standard fare of local basic utility, thus likely to pay more for its electricity. A targeted change of provider for the customers is possible but then right again. The additional costs incurred in such a case only for a short time. Marius Schmitz lekker energy

New Business

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New information from the erecon AG from Bremen include many the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in a highly competitive market the soft factors of success. Always decisive but also the responsibility for the environment contributes – in addition to the sustainability – to sales and business development. The ‘corporate social responsibility’, as the term is germanized, describes the voluntary contribution of economic sustainable development of the entire system, a contribution which exceeds regularly legal claims (compliance). Not only the laws to comply with the company, there are themselves. Always it must be for the CSR to more than just the desired or self-evident. Corporate social responsibility means relations with the employees (in the workplace) and in a transparent and honest exchange designed with responsible action in the actual business activities (on the market), in compliance with environmentally relevant aspects (within the environment), social relevant claim or interest groups (in public). For a company such as erecon AG, which has a long Green IT, energy efficiency and sustainability in the field of information technology, considered its Grunderzeit core tasks, it seemed natural to extend the previously rather narrow approach to CSR to other areas. In the new financial year the erecon AG will expand therefore his consultancy on the whole area of corporate social responsibility, indeed, as it was previously also the rule in the area of Green IT: If our consulting improves the social balance sheet, this must go hand in hand with improved business balance sheets….

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