Hall Heating: Radiant Heating Mean High Energy Efficiency

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Heating technology with radiant panels about 44 percent compared to heaters saves energy Lahr, November 2009 has the Zehnder GmbH-(NBAZDPPM1112009) – heating and cooling large halls with ceiling radiant panels and perfected. Innovative heating systems and indoor heaters, it offers halls so that operators, you can significantly reduce your energy costs. While conventional air heaters in extensive building constructions are real energy guzzlers and causing high costs, ceiling beam systems function extremely sparingly: 44 percent energy can be saved in the heating of halls. Whether commercial, industry, municipalities, or organizer they all are dependent on high and large building structures. The heating or cooling also are essential, some in sports halls or production and warehouses, and represent a high cost factor. A change of indoor heating on ceiling radiant panels, this factor toward the heating can be with conventional heating systems significantly reduce, because especially in rooms with ceilings of 20 or even 30 meters, the outdated technology of heating of air shows their weaknesses: air heaters require a high temperature. The response time is several hours until the desired room temperature has been reached. The heated air rises to the top.

The heat accumulates under the ceiling, where it is not needed. This leads to a higher heat loss (transmission of heat transfer due to a temperature difference) on the ceiling and the roof outside. Ceiling spotlights, however, operate on a completely different principle. You make around 70% of their heat from above as radiation. This radiant heat is similar to the effect of the Sun. She is transformed into heat, when they encounter surfaces, such as floors, walls, objects, and people. Comfort begins when the heat radiation on the skin, without having previously the room air must be heated. Thus have Ceiling spot in terms of indoor heating air warming an important advantage over heating systems: each degree Celsius, which can already be saved in warming the air temperature drastically reduces total energy consumption for the heating of the Hall.

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