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Successful practice test: Arnold AG presents environmental protection (PIUS) PIUS results of Produktionsintegrierte is to save an effective instrument to costs. Many companies that have implemented PIUS measures, report significant savings, especially in energy costs. An example of this is the Friedrichsdorfer Arnold AG. In the framework of the event “Hessen-PIUS on the spot”, which took place on 4 November in the IHK Frankfurt, the medium-sized industrial enterprises presented reconstruction, based on the results of a PIUS consultation project. In the course of an expansion of its production areas in Friedrichsdorf, the metal processing specialist had used the possibilities of PIUS and developed a holistic concept of the site. The balance can be seen: as compared to the year 2008 has been determined at energy savings amounting to up to 25 percent.

Thus, the thesis “PIUS helps above all cost savings and more economical to produce” became the Dagmar Dittrich of the Aktionslinie Hessen-Umwelttech, at the Frankfurt event, had suggested that impressively confirmed. But not only the numbers but also the high technical standard of the consulting project were presented in this framework. Frank Lohmann discussed on the briefing, Assistant of the Chief Executive Officer of Arnold AG, and Gert Fischer (Fischer Technology Consulting GmbH), how those savings in detail. Savings because are decisive for the constructional and technological conditions thanks to heat flow scheme for each individual project, which measures at all can be useful. So had to be distinguished such as the Arnold AG basically two plant parts, which each developed their own concept. Just a sensible heat flux scheme could be created then, that helps to implement the organisational and technical measures in detail.

Further savings were discovered during a thorough analysis in the paint shop. Remarkable result of Arnold AG: can the heat generated during the production process recovered and harnessed elsewhere. So, for example, offices can be heated. Another result: Can an existing oil tanker after the conversion with water instead of oil filled and be used as a heat store. A new heating concept was also developed for the production halls. There, infrared ceiling heaters to ensure a precise heating effect. Possible to promote supporting PIUS projects, the promotes environmental protection (PIUS) the Hessian Ministry of Economics has applied specifically an advisory programme for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which is maintained by the RKW Hessen GmbH. There is also a nationwide promotion of KfW PIUS measures. Interested companies can directly contact Jurgen Muller Kay Uwe Bolduan of the RKW Hessen GmbH in Eschborn (www.rkw-hessen.de, Tel.: 06196 / 970240) contact. There is more information also see. The event was part of the information series “Hessen-PIUS on-site: protect the environment, costs” reduce”under the action line Hessen Umwelttech of the Hessian Ministry of Economics in cooperation with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hessen performed RKW Hessen and the cooperation partner of CCI.

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