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Michael Jurisch And Thomas Bruns Newly In The MyHammer Board

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Michael Jurisch and Thomas Bruns newly in the MyHammer Board Jurisch and Bruns will be appointed to the Board of MY-HAMMER AG as well as the MyHammer Holding AG, Bruns is also CFO Markus Berger-de Leon leaves MyHammer thank Berger-de Leon for his great performance in Berlin, November 3, 2011 Jurisch (43) and Thomas Bruns (43) Michael today were on the Board of Directors of MY-HAMMER AG and appointed to the Board of MyHammer Holding AG. You have worked closely in the past few months and direct the fortunes of MyHammer now together. At the same time, Markus Berger-de Leon at the end of the day retires and leaves MyHammer after nearly four years. Thomas Bruns is with his appointment to the Management Board CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of MyHammer. Gary Kelly is open to suggestions. He entered February 10, 2011 in the company and manages finance, controlling and business intelligence, that he will be responsible for both on the Board since then. Bruns brings over 15 years of financial and leadership experience with several Bertelsmann-software – and E-com Merce daughters with.

Michael is Jurisch since July 1, 2008 with MyHammer and sales, was most recently Director CRM and customer service, these areas will continue to serve. Previously worked, including as head of complaint management at arcor, Director customer service of the Jamster Jurisch international companies in numerous leadership positions of different! GmbH and head of business customer service at O2 Germany. The cooperation with the previous President and CEO Markus Berger-de Leon will not continue due to different views on the further development of the company. “Notwithstanding this decision brings expressed great appreciation for the work of Berger-de Leon, Dr. Jochen Gutbrod, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of MY-HAMMER AG and its parent company MyHammer Holding AG: we would Berger-de Leon expressly for its usage and the services rendered by him and success for our company to thank Lord.” The new Board of Directors members Jurisch and Bruns stressed upon assuming office the merits of Berger-de Leon.


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With certified and validated reference architectures, Microsoft and NetApp provide turnkey solutions on the way into the private cloud available. The solution is based on Windows Server, Hyper-V and System Center 2012. Perfect integration in System Center is the base for simplification of the Administration, IT automation and thus “IT as a service” set. SAP infrastructure transform over 100% virtualization (Hans-Achim Muscate (Sindelfingen, Munich & Berlin), Markus Peltz (Zurich), Oliver Zangerle (Cologne), VMware) SAP virtualization now standard for SAP infrastructures developed. Increasingly the agility and flexibility of the IT landscape is a competitive advantage for a company’s core business. As well, to increase so the customer satisfaction through improved service levels. In this paper, we examine options out of practice for the safe operation of SAP. So you can combine well-known and less-known HA/FT cluster-solutions according to the individual requirements to a total concept.

Operators benefit from extensive automation and starting from the SAP application by all virtualized infrastructure components to keep track up to the hardware. Not in the Switzerland! Best of Microsoft private cloud (Bernhard Frank, technology consultant (private cloud), Microsoft Germany) experiences from the IT camps, private cloud story, Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V and System Center 2012 dates and locations inlet 12:00, start: 13:00 13.05.2013 Sindelfingen 14.05.2013 Zurich 15.05.2013 Cologne 16.05.2013 Munich registration for members of NT AG is the meeting of users free of charge.Log on to our website at: anwender treffen user-Treffen for the event. Also you can register free member as NT-AG. Would you be Usermeeting for testing at the 46th this without immediately to become a Member? Then, write an E-Mail to. Tip: in the morning before the NT user meeting (9-12 clock) that takes place each morning event with the topic Windows Server 2012 migration. Marc Fink shows in the 3-hour practice workshop, what IT pros in the integration of the first Windows Server 2012 domain controller note must. Information and registration see morningevent. About NT-AG, the NT user group (NT-AG) is the largest and most important Microsoft technology user group with more than 13,000 members from the system administration, network management and IT management.

Directly, independently and free of charge the NT AG offers new, interesting facts and tips & tricks to the use of Microsoft products. Since 1996, the Group organizes the exchange of experience and transfer of know-how from user to user or from manufacturer to user. Organizationally, the group is supported by the AddOn Systemhaus GmbH. Contact NT user group c/o AddOn Systemhaus GmbH Nicole Bohnert Wolfgang-Brumme-Allee 25 71034 Boblingen

Call A Tow Truck In Moscow And Moscow Region

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Do you have trouble occurred with the car? Need to get a car in service? Rid yourself of more trouble and additional financial cost. Use the services of evacuation, as do hundreds of thousands people around the world. Rope – it's cheap. But as your car will behave "in a tie on a slippery road, plus the 'tube', plus the rudeness of the drivers? And as you, for example, the prospect of hauling on a rope in Moscow, from south to north of the capital, even in warm weather? Evacuation – it's inexpensive. In Russia, the cost of evacuation vehicle in the village ranges from 1600-2000 rubles, and that in cities with a population of one million or more, the provincial rates for Evacuation is much lower. For comparison, in Germany the cost of evacuation vehicle within Berlin will cost you 150-200 dollars. Approximately 30% of the total number of cars are cars with automatic transmission. And if manual transmission on a cable tow while not desirable, but it is possible for short distances, then the owner of the car with automatic transmission, such transportation may fly into a lot of money.

The only correct solution to the this case, when there are problems with the iron horse, is to call a tow truck or vehicle technical assistance. You just pick up the phone, dial the number of companies engaged in the evacuation, and the ip address of its location, quietly waiting for tow truck. The whole problem with the shipment will take the professionals. Responsibility for the safety of your car they are from the loading platform of the car on a tow truck and to of unloading at the destination. Trust proffesionalam. In return you will receive: time savings, peace, confidence, comfort, and most importantly the safety car.

So Paulo

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Measure of institucional adjustment was taken by the Federal Government, with the removal of the RFFSA of the urban transports. The Decree n. 89,396, of 22/02/84, constituted the Brazilian Company of Urban Transport? CBTU that was responsible for the installment of those services. One notices that these, in the majority of the cases, are highly deficit. In the impossibility to generate the resources necessary to continue financing the investments, the Federal Government placed in practical action come back to the concession of public services of transport of load to the private initiative. Was edited the posterior Law n. 8,031/90 and its alterations, that had instituted the National Program of Desestatizao? PND, being the enclosed RFFSA in the related Program, 10/03/92, by means of the Decree n.

473. In this process the Brazilian Development Bank – BNDES acted as manager that, in the terms of the Decree n. 1,024/94, elaborated the general form and conditions for concession of the meshes of the RFFSA. Chronology: 1851: Beginning of the quarrel for construction of a railroad binding Mato Grosso to the coast; 1864: War of Paraguay (1864 the 1870), evidencing the lack of transports in the region; 1971: Beginning of the studies for construction of a railroad between Curitiba, PR, and Miranda, TM (current MS); 1904: Organization of the Company Railroad the Northwest of Brazil in Bauru, SP; 1905: Beginning of the workmanships in Bauru, day 15 of November; 1906: Inauguration of the stretch Bauru – Lauro Mller, with 92 km, in day 29 of September; 1910: Arrived at the Jupi station, TM (current MS), with passage of the river Paran for ferry boat; 1914: Arrived the Port Hope, to the edges of river Paraguay, the 1,251 km of Bauru; 1915: Expropriation for the federal government, starting to call Railroad the Northwest of Brazil, in day 5 of January; 1926: Inauguration Da Ponte Francisco S, with 1.024 m on the river Paran, in day 12 of October; 1937: Beginning of the studies for construction of the branch of Por Tip; 1947: Inauguration Da Ponte Baron of the Rio Branco, currently more known as bridge President Dutra, with 2.009 m on the river Paraguay, in day 21 of September; 1952: Inauguration of the station of Corumb, in day 15 of December; 1957: Conclusion of the branch of Campo Grande (Indubrasil) the Por Tip; 1957: Foundation of the RFFSA – Rede Ferroviria Federal s.a., in day 30 of September, being it incorporated the EFNOB, then with 1.764 km; 1969: Grouping of the railroads of RFFSA in regional systems, being the renomeada Northwest 10 Division the Northwest, tied with the Regional System Center-South, with headquarters in So Paulo, SP; 1976: Reorganization of the RFFSA, being the renomeada Northwest SP – Supervision of Bauru Production, integrated to the SR4, with headquarters in So Paulo, and later desmembrada as 4,2 SR10 – Regional Supervision Bauru; 1979: Creation of the State of the Mato Grosso of the South, desmembrado of the Mato Grosso, in day 1 of January; 1996: Auction of desestatizao of the Mesh West for the RFFSA in day 5 of March; 1996: Beginning of operation of Ferrovia Noroeste s.a., winner of the auction, in day 1 of July; 1998: Incorporation to the Ferropasa – Ferronorte Participaes s.a., in June; 2002: Incorporation of the Northwest to Brasil Ferrovias s.a., together with the railroads Ferronorte and Ferroban, in 4 of March of 2002.

3 Steps To Be Successful

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Many are asking did become successful? And if we think for a moment the success carry it deep within us from the moment in which we are born success is a legacy we inherited from our ancestors which endured many tribulations, diseases, pests, earthquakes and such an outcome are we who live in these times and so we can realize the great value that we have as a people. We are the most fabulous and extraordinary creation that exists about the universe, we are able to do great things if we intend, we are also able to create brilliant ideas and bring them to the material world as we thought. And if we talk about steps to be successful then pay attention: step 1-the root of everything begins in one’s self and as I said at the beginning is to be aware that success took him deep within us and knowing this reality then we can say that being successful is our own nature. 2nd step-change our negative patterns by positive patterns that infuse us power, for this we have to reschedule our mind on positive things, i.e. If before we thought that we were not good at mathematics, because now we elect that if we are able to learn with perseverance and practice.

3rd. step-this step is that not many people are willing to make and is the action to which we must add persistence because we need in everything you do, whether in business, relationships etc. To finish this article is already a very powerful thought that I want to share with you: whatever the mind can conceive can be accomplished by w. Clement Stone hope to have helped you in these 3 simple steps to be successful and if you really are interested in knowing more about how to be successful, then visit: original author and source of the article


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In today's article you want to share their concerns regarding the organization of the IT department in most companies. It's no secret that in our time of high technology without IT support is a part of self-respecting company. Share your experience of "mediocre", which was engaged in the wholesale and resale contained in salary (rather big, by the way), the staffing system administrator. This creature – textbook army spokesman enikeyschikov with delusions of grandeur and endless faith in his own infallibility, has managed during my work in the company to receive such number of reprimands and catching up with that more than enough would be on sales in size 50. Among other things, to fix the problem with falling off the Internet, he could still, as for 1C it for him was a dark forest. Ultimately, it nevertheless was fired, but he managed to merge the base company and blocked its email servers. Unlock it could cause, but when we look at him in the police council.

To some extent it is possible to resolve the conflict, but the effects made themselves know very long time. Add to all this, his appearance, which makes no sense to describe, because the image of a mad sysadmin in a large knitted sweater, with a tambourine and vsklochennymi hair, walking on the internet, already are imposed in the teeth. Want to ask the directors and company owners: do you care who and how it works for you? You are placing increased demands on managers are ready to dismiss them for the slightest failure of internal orders, demand from them the knowledge and skills to sell, so why would one of the key departments such as IT, do you feel about carelessly?? Proved that the multi-professional does not happen.