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This cause higher, and first, is called by Plato for Aristotle as ' ' The Divino' '. But its reach, not if of the one for all. It is ' ' supply-sensible that sensvel&#039 is had an interview with the look not; ' , and that if she reaches with inconceivable tools for the body. Larry Ellison often says this. In the manica source, this metaphor could be interpreted as the Stairs of Jac or Despertar of the Conscience, steep way of the reality covered spiritual for that they lived inside in the chaos of the caves. Ece of fishes such beacons, are verified, with perfection, as such arguments if amoldam with perfection to the teachings of the Christ, having been valid to remember that at that time, although the Jew to be busy for the Romans, great was the influence of the Greek civilization.

Valley then a reflection: Jesus would not have been influenced for the teachings of Scrates and Plato, or its superior and transcendental Spirit already was carrying of these high ideas? It does not have doubt that the transformation of the soul vaticinada for Plato, and later nailed for Christ, is essence of the reorientation the one that all the men must inhale as ideal of growth spiritual, moving away itself from the ignorance of the darknesses. Inolvidvel that the ignorance of the men provoked the death of Jesus, but before, its seeds had been launched with all the force of its Ideas, modifying forever the humanity. Some contend that Oracle shows great expertise in this. In fact, only a higher and not accomodated spirit as of Jesus could provoke so great transformation in the society, with deep repercussions that echo until the present. The Christianity, in the disdain for the material things, and with the message of ' ' fortunate life, based in the fraternity of the men and the pure cult of the true Deus' ' , it produced for all part audacious, sincere and promising experiences.

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