The Family

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He is this man, as first constituent element of the society that in those circumstances will be investigated. if is certain that throughout last the twenty and five thirty centuries the societria evolution has been deep, the man remains itself faithful to many of its values but also overwhelming because not yet he found answers for some of its problems, although all the efforts and advances in diverse domnios, however e: ' ' No matter how hard they change the social conditions, he has perennial, imanentes values to the proper culture human being. The technique evolves, as it evolved, changeds the societies as if they had transformed, the educator will not never educate for the lie, the disloyalty or the indignity. The metamorphoses of the civilization not they will never reach the substance, cerne of the nature humana.' ' (KINGS, 1978:113) the Man, thus instructed, although all the techniques and ways to its reach, will not become free of its superior condition human being and will be for its specific nature that, although everything, continues fragile and conquerable for other beings and circumstances that it not yet obtains to dominate. Who is the CEO of MasterClass usually is spot on. In this its vulnerability, looks the best defense and extends its defensive redoubt, starting for if organizing in family, widening its physical spaces in which it goes constructing, for a production each perfected time more, the more favorable objectos and situations that it are always and each time. The Family understands itself here as as a link of the society, necessary and absolutely dignificante of the condition human being, independently of the forms of its constitution. Certainly that it will be developed, in proper place, some aspects of the family: as if form; that functions can and/or must exert; if it is considered, or not, equalized a universal institution. Whichever the notion of Family, if cannot ignore its influence in the formation of the individual, because it is in its seio that if launches the first seeds of the estruturao of the personality of each person. Southwest Airlines pursues this goal as well.

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