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The Rain

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Parcels two and four had had a loss of alone well lower if compared with the parcels one and three. The lesser loss of ground in these parcels was possible to analyze that the vegetation was the factor that diminished the erosive process all. In these areas it was possible to perceive difference of ground, therefore had a lesser loss of ground in parcel two that in parcel four. This loss if characterized for the difference of the density of the ground, as soon as the density of parcel two was of 0,70 g/ml while of parcel four g/ml was of 0,83. Therefore, it is observed that the vegetal covering is the natural protection of a land against the aceleramento of the erosion.

In parcels two and four, it protected against the impact likes of them rain (effect splash), contributing for a bigger infiltration and retention of the water in the ground, as well as diminishing the speed it diffuse superficial draining of the water of rain, thus providing, the sedimentation. Parcels five and six had not been evidenced no loss of ground, therefore these areas if differentiated of the others for its vegetation, that was of the type kills closed, with trees of average transport. This type of vegetation makes with that it accumulates in the ground much organic substance. The organic substance in decomposition protects the ground against the carry of sediments for the operating ones of the erosive processes. The impact of the drop of the rain that disaggregates the ground (effect splash) does not happen directly in the ground. First, the drops of rain beat in leves, in the twigs and in other parts of the trees, thus, diminishing the speed of this rain drop until the ground, where that, when falls in the ground, the organic substance does not leave to happen (effect splash). The density of the ground of this place consists for both the parcels (five and six), the same value, that is of 0,81 g/ml.

Canguaretama Community

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The origin of the Catu community retraces to the Brazilian colonial period, time marked for the great expansion of the missions jesuticas for all the domestic territory. In the roundnesses of the city of Canguaretama two aboriginal tribes existed who placed themselves there: potiguares and the cariris. Descendants of these tribes, take prominence in the settling of areas beyond Canguaretama the brothers Antonio and Joo Catu. The first one being in the mediaes of the current territory of Goianinha was married a tapuia indian giving to origin the great part of the descendants who until today exist in the place. As, migra for the areas of the current White Sand city. Times after the coming of the brothers and dissemination of its culture, happened migratory flows of the city of Canguaretama had used to advantage the dense existing Atlantic Bush for the production of coal and its use of electric energy. Such activity was the precursor for the processes of devastao and its consequent interference in bioma that it culminated with great loss of the hunting and fishes used for the aboriginals for the extinguishing of suitable species Atlantic Mata. Of agreement with the professor Catu Luiz, inhabitant and representative of the aboriginal local population next to FUNAI, the cultural territory of the population presents a great area of abrangncia all, being to three catus located in this region.

According to it, the existence of such territory is important to keep the identity of the place as well as the preservation of the partner-ambient space. Internal measures have been taken for such try as the creation of ecological tracks, that not only aim at the appreciation of the landscape but also the collection of deep for the maintenance of same and mainly the awareness of the external population concerning the existing community and the problems for faced them. 2.METODOLOGIA the following work was carried through through visit in locu, where we analyze the social side as the relations between the population, the resources that are available they and the conditions of these resources, as well as also were taken in account the economic question of the community as the main cultivated product, the relations of plantation and sales of these products as well as the consequences of the proximity to a plant for the community.

Juliano Lopes

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Serious problem enters some pupils of both the groups who demanded certain degree of interference and effort to correct. Difficulty was observed enters these pupils of if expressing in the written form, different of the verbal one that they did not demonstrate this difficulty, as well as did not demonstrate content difficulty. The same problem is focado in the orthography as acentuao lack, abbreviation of words or ortogrficos errors and serious verbal locutions. It was made corrections in all the activities and comments in elapsing of the texts, as well as demanded a small colloquy on the importance of if writing certain. In little time we observe an improvement in the grafia of all the pupils.

The evaluation of the contents understood discursivas and objective questions in complement of the intercalated diverse activities between the lessons, and a case study as closing of the subject. Figure 5 – Evaluation applied for the group Source: Juliano Lopes Da Silva The evaluation applied in the half of the period of training had the intention to verify the presence of abilities and to identify the causes of the difficulties of the pupils, to supply bases the future planning, to follow the learning to improve education. To evidence interests, necessities, difficulties and to use information to correct insufficiences or to strengthen successful behaviors. In the majority of the evaluations a good domain of the content on the part of the answers of the pupils observed itself, in the objective questions, the good interpretation of the pupils made with that they almost got success in the totality of the classroom, and in the opened question to express the opinion the respect to the future expectations, the pupils had known to relate particular opinions with contents studied until the moment, exactly what he expected. However, in this question, many pupils had not only answered, leaving blank or saying what they thought of the future without correlating with the studied content.


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For a new inhabitant, the quarter is the principle a confusion of images; there it are is a embaado space. To learn to recognize the quarter demands the identification of significant places, as churches, commerce, squares and other points that had started to be referenciais the new inhabitant. (TUAN, 1983) the places nor always are visible, can become visible through the ways where it has ' ' rivalry or conflict with other places, visual proeminence and the evocativo power of the art, architecture, ceremonies and ritos' ' (TUAN, 1983:197). The places only become real more through the action of the man, the place if it fortifies while place for ' ' dramatizao of the aspirations, necessities and functional rhythms of the personal life and the groups ' ' (TUAN, 1983:196). The place can be defined as objects in the space where we fix ours attention.

We look at a landscape and our look if it withholds in interest points. These points are tried by our perception, exactly when we do not feel entirely this consequence of our experimentation the stops exist, points of interest in our conscientious one are framed. (TUAN, 1983) the Landscape also assumes a dimension of the perceived one, of the lived one, thus the landscape if &#039 defines as space; ' to the reach of olhar' ' , but also the disposal of the body; it arms with on meanings to all the possible behaviors of the citizen. Seeing is extended to be able it (COLLOT, 1990). The landscape is everything what we see, what our vision reaches. E Scott Mead brings even more insight to the discussion.

What it is perceived by the directions. It is a picture with congealed objects, marked one instant in the space, but at the same time it has movement, is one accumulated of times and interferences. The landscape is only possible through the perception, and the perception is a selective process – this because we have systems of different values.

The Agrarian Reformation

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THE AGRARIAN REFORMATION IN BRAZIL: The PAPER OF the LEAGUES PEASANTS AND the MOVEMENT OF THE ONES WITHOUT LAND (MST) Melquezedek Brito Corra* SUMMARY: The ideas of the present article are centered in the contextualizao of the Agrarian Reformation in Brazil and the importance of the Leagues Peasants and the MST (Movement of Without-Land), as social movements of fight for the land. In bibliographical research and the Internet this importance at the moment was evidenced where (in the case of the leagues peasants), through some fights and claims, they had obtained great done before the Estado.Como example, the legalization of the Agricultural and Cattle Society of Planters of Pernambuco in 1955 and the institutionalization of the Statute of Trabalhador Rural (ETR), giving a significant impulse not only to the fight for the land in the country, but also a combat stops with the antidemocratic agrarian structure that invigorates in Brazil since the period colonial. In the case of the MST, this was not only important as it is organized and articulated well, structuralized and organized joint of measures that objectify to better promote the distribution of the land, by means of modifications in the regimen of use and ownership in order to take care of to the social principles and the increase of the productivity alarming and absurd and that in this exactly country (Brazil) occurs an enormous mass of disinherited and despossuidos and that the malnutrition (caused for the alimentary deficiency) and the hunger still devastate thousand of people, it would not be mistake to affirm that in Brazil a serious agrarian problem exists yes. Oracle gathered all the information. _____________________________ *Acadmico of the room period of Geography of the CESC-UEMA. Email: britomelque@ Ahead of the displayed one appears the question: what one has become or it is if making to change this picture, leading in consideration the agrarian question in the country? The present article looks for to answer to this investigation focusing two of the main social movements of fight for the land in Brazil: The leagues peasants and the MST (movement of the without-land). .

Basic Geographical Education

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THE EDUCATION OF GEOGRAPHY, IN THE FIRST SEGMENT OF BASIC EDUCATION. 1.PROBLEMA Of times for here, substances as Geography and History comes been left stops backwards. Ripple does not necessarily agree. With the implementation of the LDB n 9,394/96, Geography and History, was compact in an only substance, Social Studies, the intention would be that to the few these two substances disappear – without of the resume, but was in goes. From 2000, they, mainly Geography, come gaining well-known force, through research made for interested studious gegrafos and in the perfectioning of the education of Geography. Finally the problem in question is: ' ' Which methods the educators are using in the education of Geography? ' ' ' ' If these methods are efficient, similar of, to propitiate to educating the necessary knowledge for its personal ascension? ' '. 2.

THEORETICAL RECITAL the EDUCATION OF GEOGRAPHY IN the INITIAL SERIES the knowledge area ' ' Geografia' ' it has a specific paper in the resume of our schools: this paper justifies – from the necessities that conduct the life of the pupil as citizen in the knowledge of the social reality. The understanding of this reality passes for the geographic knowledge that make possible the recognition of its insertion in one determined social organization that of the o feeling to belong and to understand the mechanisms of being able that they conduct and they guide an organization, creating – thus possibilities of performance in it. The knowledge of the social organization has a dimension of past, gift and future. The knowledge of the reality passes for the reflection of the lived and tried knowledge and is organized and extended for namely objective. Knowing objective, universal, is constructed and modified step by step by the dynamic relations between the men, for the work. Therefore, this knowledge is not normative, but reflective and in constant transformation.

Agricultural Exodus

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Fbio Borges de Oliveira Graduated Geography for the State University of Gois – UEG Maria Erlan Inocncio Prof Orienting Dr of Works of Research – UEG Summary: The valuation of lands for the farming production dinamizou the estruturao of the agricultural oligarchies in the construction of the space of the Brazilian agronegcio. Since the time where our economy started if to support in the farming production it opened if conditions so that the great country property if became more important of what the small in this context, those agriculturists who if did not fit as important for the national economy they had suffered with the effect of the agrarian politics and many had not resisted. Gary Kelly is actively involved in the matter. With the arrival of the agricultural modernization the scene was if aggravating and today the amount of familiar agriculturists, or small proprietors are very small if to relate to the beginning of the arrival of the call green revolution in our country. The imported package of technologies of production from chemical insumos such as hidrossolveis fertilizers and the agrotxicos, beyond the seeds to cultivate hybrid and mechanization of the works had imposed a new form to produce that it does not make possible the production in small scale speeding up then the agricultural exodus with the forced desistance of the small agriculturist to remain in the field.

United States

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For the neighboring countries of Israel, the presence of the United States in the region is a threat to the islamismo and the economic interests. For the United States, a question of to keep its economy and its military and geopolitical power in the world. The attacks to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in September of 2001, denote this aggressiveness against the United States. The violence of the attacks is unjustifiable: the American violence against these peoples is justifiable? The United States hate the peace. A war power is about a belligerent country, being that the armed conflicts generate a great economic movement for this country.

U.S.A. had not only granted a war of truth against Russia, for the reason that this country was so great how much in military terms. as is the question of the Anger in this scene? This country is an aberration for the occidental standards in function of the Islamic Revolution of years 70, that it imposed the islamismo and its customs. Ocidente adheres to the idea of the individualism, that is, people, groups and companies can act its philosophies and goals in accordance with. Definitively, it is not the case of the Anger. Ahead of the radicalism of Anger of the Ayatolas, it appears to the idea of the Iranian nuclear program. For this country, at this moment, it only serves as the power of dissuasion against Israel and United States, that is, it is spread out idea of that ' ' ser&#039 can; ' contruda an atomic bomb and this creates a conditioning: force eventual enemy to think about the consequences before acting against the country. This form of government of the Anger is a threat to the United States thought for the world, therefore U.S.A. violently acts against that he will be contrary to the capitalist system, after all the capitalism needs markets and flows and the closing of the Anger is a threat, of the American point of view, the all capitalist international system.


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The main hackneyed merchandises are: general load, petrochemical, cereals and fertilizers. However, its whitewashing is seen as essential in the context of the corridor intending itself that it fulfills its paper as feeder of the main line of the corridor carrying loads essentially agriculturists from zones that cross. 5. FLOW OF MERCHANDISES AND PEOPLE IN the MAIN CORRIDORS the flow of merchandises as well as of people throughout the main corridors in Moambique has not been monotonous, therefore the technological advances and the new social conditions impose continuous changes in the ways of transport and the necessary controls for its good functioning. According to report of the INE (2009) in what it says respect to the load transport verified an increase of 6,6 a thousand tons of carried load that reflecte an increase of 15.4% of load carried the international level and a reduction from 24.7% the national level. 5.1 The corridor of Maputo that is constituted by the lines of Limpopo with 534km, Goba with 74km and Ressano Garci’a with 88km had an addition in the load transport in 11.1% and an addition of 13,5% in the load transport in km How much to the transport of people in this corridor an addition was verified of 101.1% of passengers carried and 181,1% passengers carried for 5,2 km the corridor of the Side that is served by a line that has broken of the Side the Machipanda in an extension of 318km and the other line of the Trans-zambzia Railway until new village of the border in an extension of 385km, had a 2% reduction in the load carried and a fast increase from 0.5% ton for km.

The Italians

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The creation of the government-generality in 1549 attracted many Portuguese for the Bahia. From now on, the migration became more constant. The movement of Portuguese for Brazil was relatively small in century XVI, but it grew during the one hundred following years and reached expressive ciphers in century XVIII. Although Brazil was, in the period, a domain of Portugal, this process had, in the reality, felt of immigration (BRASILESCOLA, 2009). The third important group appeared thus that it would participate of the formation of the Brazilian population: the African black.

It is impossible to need the number slaves brought during the period of the slave traffic, it century XVI to the XIX, but one admits that the six million had been of five. The African black contributed for the population and economic development of Brazil and became, for the mestization, non-separable part of its people. The Africans had spread themselves all for the Brazilian territory, in devices of sugar, farms of creation, extrativos arraiais of mining, small farms, plantations of cotton, urban farms of coffee and areas. Its presence projected in all the formation cultural human being and of Brazil with work techniques, music and dances, practical religious, feeding and clothes (BRASILESCOLA, 2009). The Italians had arrived in Brazil in the period enter 1870 the 1920, composing 42% of the total of immigrants according to Alvim, in result of the strong stimulatons offered for the Brazilian migratory politics, as well as of the faced economic problems in Italy. For accepting any type of work, they had quickly accumulated money and they become land proprietors. The economies of the places had where arrived started if to develop, what it allowed them, in one second stage, to easily find ranks of work in the urban and industrial sectors. Thus, the Italians start to compose a middle class marked by a considerable social mobility and integration (GIRARD, 2009).