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North Americans

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Necessity if makes to stand out, in this seek area, the pioneering contribution of the North Americans GETS WORSE and SABEL (1984) cited by SCHMITZ (1997: 172), which had introduced, also, the concept of ‘ ‘ specialization flexvel’ ‘ in the new literature of economic geography, concept this that if opposed to the old paradigm of ‘ ‘ production fordista’ ‘ , which if based on the characteristics of proper uniformity and repetitividade of the production in mass carried through in the great company. In other words, ‘ ‘ production fordista’ ‘ , the analysis of market, the process power to decide, the profits and the investments of capitals are concentrated in an only regional office, or the great company, where the workers simply execute the tasks that are conferred to them, in accordance with the functions for which had been assigneds person, beyond not participating of the formation of the capital and nor of eventual parcel of profit. Here, the ideal type of organization is the great company, whose main forces are, on the other hand, in the attainment of its economies of scale and, for another one, in its vertical administrative hierarchy, divided in distinct functions between the departments of direction, organization and methods, management of production and sales. Diversely of this, in the model of ‘ ‘ production flexvel’ ‘ , the market analysis, the project of the product, the power to decide process, the profits and investments are subdivided between a great number of operators and, over all, between entrepreneurs who, of a side, come back its production toward the exterior, and, of another side, entrepreneurs who assume the role to produce goods and services looked in the domestic market. In this in case that, the efficiency of the company is not summarized to its size, but in its capacity to adapt it the volatileness of the markets, beyond to search a bigger entailing horizontal enters the functions of direction, organization administration production and commercialization.


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They are final goods that are offered the consumers, while others constitute intermediate services that they form part of other cultural products. Some cultural goods are social lasting consumption or industrial goods as, respectively, a Place of fetichism of Candombl that generates services throughout its existence or a work of art or a book. Others, especially the scenic arts, only exist at a moment concrete. As visa the cultural economy deals with an extremely complex sector, constituted of an extensive net of relations that, in 2 the regions less developed, they occur notadamente in ' ' inferior circuits of cidade' ' , in its relations of survival to the times independent e, others, in interaction with ' ' circuit superior' ' (SAINTS, 1979). It transits for a field marked for the informality and the misticismo that, in innumerable cases, if keeps irreducible and closed to the formal society, as a parallel way of life, prevailed for a proper logic, that little has to see with globalizada modernity, when is not assumen of this, placing it its service. It fits to clarify that also much exists confusion on the concepts of local and endogenous development which, in this work, are understood as synonymous.

Thus when the local development of one determined space occurs as consequence of exgenos factors would have to be called it of regional development simply. We consider ' ' the endogenous development (or place) as one processodiferente for servoluntrio and agreement, or pelomenos known, for the set deuma concrete collective where if it carries through a differentiated process of that entorno occurs in next, by means of the introduction of innovations that its productive activities generate added value and cotidianas' ' (GONZALEZ, 1998, p.6). It is observed that the endogenous development obeys a vision territorial (and not functional) of the processes of growth and structural change, that has left of a hypothesis of that the territory is not only one mere physical support of objects, economic activities and processes, but that it is, also, a transformation agent territorial, according to Agnew & Ducan (1989), Giddens (1991) and Albagli (1999) apud Lastres and Cassiolato (2000).

Sustainable Development

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Intent to the effect in special in the developing countries, Lamy ' ' it arrived to cite the presidents of Brazil and the United States, Luiz Incio Lula da Silva and Barack Obama, that have detached the necessity to resist the domestic pressures for protectionistic measures and to keep the open economy to the competition externa.' ' (GLOBE ON LINE, 2009) Another reason for antagonisms is that it continues growing the awareness of the society, green express through ONGs ambientalistas, political parties, conscientious citizens, politicians and entrepreneurs, ambiently responsible companies social and. Positionings based on the preservacionista awareness defend the common interest to keep, whole number the Environment and the beings livings creature in the planet, healthful and sustainable. In the way of this business, defending specifically interests it Environment, the implications can be interpreted in function of the impacts on ecosystems. The globalization can be, promptly, as positive for defenders of the Environment who act in the awareness and mobilization of the society, for its capacity to transpose borders. Radio, Televiso and Internet, for example, are half of great reach basic for the Social Communication compromissada with the promotion of the responsibility (individual, collective, governmental or enterprise), powerful to acquire knowledge and to mobilize the society, to spread out orientaes that were not learned in the school nor in house, to divulge preservation campaigns, to spread the reaproximao of the people to the Environment.

the last one reason is dobradinha precision and urgency in making the transistion for the Sustainable Development. The defense of the Sustainable Development, based in the question of deep of the implications of the foreign commerce on the Environment, justifies antagonistic positionings to the model of effective development. The effect are negative or positive according to perspective of reach of the Sustainable Development, that is, in the measure where the foreign commerce practises its aiding as global norm. .

Latin America

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Exception, however, that it enters many restrictions, the exchange reserves are limited, although today to present the levels highest of history. It would be convenient to carry through a deep analysis of the economic beddings of the import countries of our products, mainly in Latin America and the old Soviet block. The brusque fall in offers of credit and in the international trade it can hide a trap: the insolvency of importers. If the level of the trick very will be raised, will have damage between the banks what it includes the Central banking. The limitantes factors to the performance of the Brazilian government in adoption of anticyclical tax policies is, among others, the bureaucratic barriers for accomplishment of public works and the visible scarcity of public saving for new enterprises, in function of the raised levels of expenses of expenditure in the three to be able. The Letter of IBRE (FGV) of December argues these limitations, but it observes that the high tax of interests still propitiates a window of chance for the performance of the government. ' ' A more difficult question, however, is to know which the paper of one anticyclical politics of longer stated period for the Brazilian case independently of the debate on the capacity (or not) of Brazil to make anticyclical tax policy, the high level of real tax of interests indicates that it has much monetary armory to stimulate the economy, before if thinking about moving in the public expenses with this propsito' '. To exemplificar the practical difficulties that the government will face, it is enough to imagine some probable effect that the reductions of the IPI and the IOF they will have on the Brazilian automobile industry. Perhaps, during some time, these measures in recent years kept the high levels of production and sales of observed vehicles, but what it would make the government with regard to the fall of the exportations of the sector and with the impacts of the loss of collection on the public accounts? At the same time, the market of used cars is paralyzed, that is, certain problems correlatos hardly could total be decided only by governmental measures.

IFRS Analysis

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However, the scene is of apprehension. The impacts of the adoption of the IFRS are deep in some company and come taking off the sleep of many directors, controllers and analysts. Example of this says respect to the accounting of asset in concession contracts (negative impacts in the rockings of operators of telephony, administrators of highways, pretolfero sector and electric sector). For the rule, the concessionaires cannot enter its Fixed assets in the Patrimonial Rocking, for understanding that the company is not ‘ ‘ owner of bem’ ‘ that she will be returned to the regulating agency, in the object of the agreement of concession. Another example is in the real estate sector.

For the IFRS the prescription alone could be recognized in the delivery of the property and not in the sales (practical adopted for the constructors here in Brazil). In the mining sector the CVRD comes trying to make a gradual transistion informing which variations its quarterly profit would suffer if already it was applying the new rule on the exchange variations of the investments in the exterior. The Siderurgical GERDAU already uses the IFRS as taxable income of the net profits for payment of the shares. These are some examples of the difficulties found since the edition of the Law. What to make? To ignore (what already it is not possible in 2010) or to publish its Rockings with long explicativas notes, running the risk of not becoming to understand for the market and being penalizado with the fall of its action? Well, as Controller I suggest that, before more nothing, it must be deepened the studies for familiarization with the new standard; Concomitantly, until the attainment of its support to elaborate the demonstrations under the two forms, being identified and quantifying the countable differences and the evaluation/impacts occurred with the adoption of the new international standard. Mini-resume: Juliana Rodrigues de Souza CRC/MG 078868/O-3 is specialist in Controladoria and Finanas for the PUC/MG, Teacher Assistant of Disciplina Countable Analysis and Theory of the Accounting in the Course of Countable Sciences of the Interactive College COC, Countable Judicial and Consulting Expert.

Strategical Company

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Revision of literature Accounting the accounting uses registers and occurred facts inside of a company and organizes them in numerical data to show to the real situation economic-financier of the company. As RIBEIRO (1996) says: the Accounting supplies information of the patrimony to facilitate to the taking of decisions of the administrators and proprietors. It can be seen: the Accounting is not a simple part of the company registering facts occurred in a company, is before a necessary part for supplying important information its development. Strategical thought the strategical thought has of being an ally to the company in the current days a time that is of it that if it can create scenes and thus if to make solid and to remain in market. The empreendedorismo counts on the strategical thought as form of tool when making use of the enterprise environment, therefore the organization counting on the attributes that the empreendedorismo makes use assisting in a its form of management creating new vision of market and therefore in the correct one taken of decision. As CAVALCANTI (2007) says: The strategical thought, a process of synthesis and analysis, could be represented by relative a conceptual tipologia to the reading and evaluation of the environment of the organization. One sees that the company needs to see beyond what if she offers in the market and in turn the empreendedorismo as a new form to undertake with new ideas, marketing suggestions contribute of active form to the enterprise and organizacional development. Financial market the financial market where if they negotiate high additions of ciphers and involving the financial institutions mainly makes with that it has the development and economic growth. The companies in turn must use of these intermediate to supply its flow of box and in turn thus to promote and to have strategical vision entrepreneur without which it will find difficulties to locate themselves and to remain themselves in the market.

Extra Income

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Some points on extra income. I do not know the opinion of the too much people, however my opinion is almost uncompromising when respect is said the income extra.minha opnio is this: 1) All the people would not have to be without uma.2) extra Income do not have nothing to have with an enterprise or emprego.3) Instead of spending money with entreitenimento, property that brings unnecessary expenditures and goods substances. the people before everything would have to invest in a trade. She seems until radical, but he is because already vi as many nonsenses, pricipalmente in relation to third, point that she moved with me. I affirm this with intention not to say that we must not have good substances and to sarisfazer them to me with the such. however my vision is of the law of the sowing: ‘ ‘ IT IS STOOD FIRST FOR SPOON DESPOIS’ ‘ Already I witnessed people well giving itself when investing in one second income. also already vi good proper businesses, acquired for an investment that pparently we call in them WITHOUT FUTURE! Living creature saying ‘ ‘ everything depends on the chance of the moment and good administrao’ ‘ in truth is as soon as is born the majority of the investments that turn great enterprises. Now we go in the questions in detail: ) When not ha an investment at least on the part of qualque individual, exactly that the such has a chance in the hand to invest, however not ha an attitude of the same, only ten it certainty of a thing: you divide and more you divide, financial crisis the sight! b) Cosatumo to always say that extra income is to completamentar and to assist. For more information see this site: gary cohn. ant prudence: they store for the arrival of inverno.c) the unnecessary expenses or the perception lack how much to these questions, nothing more and nothing less human being is precipitation mere.

Fixed Expenditures

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– It places the fixed expenditures (rent, condominium, taxes, safe from health, basic college, feeding and clothes) as with priority. – Well-taken care of with ocarto of credit. Asdespesas with the credit card must be part of the monthly budget. Nofinal of the month, the invoice of the card must be paid in integral form. Ovalor of the invoice must fit inside of the formula. That is, the formula not to podevirar negative for cause docarto. – Well-taken care of with the parceled out expenditures, them also they will be paid (and fazemparte of the formula).

– Well-taken care of with the guaranteed check. – One will have debts, after to regulate its budget, negotiates with the creditors the value of the parcels to be paid, taking care of to keep the formula in the positive. These tips are some of the maisimportantes to manage day-by-day financial its, but they are not the only ones. Numprximo article, we go to speak concerning the dreams and of as to finance them. Probably you must be asking yourself: ' ' my wage also goes to pay my dreams? ' '.

WITH CERTAINTY! But, for this, you must generate behaviors that it to permitamatingir these objectives. comes another question there: ' ' Will be queeu goes to be able to make everything this that you spoke so far without aid? ' ' You can find in livrariasalguns excellent books of financial education. For many people, this suficiente. if will not be? It appeals to the Financial apio of umCoach. It (or it) goes to help you to develop behaviors that will oajudaro to keep the control of its finances, closing ' ' tap dodesperdio' ' to conquer financial independence. Querrecuperar its financial health? You are who you control this tap!



The legislator perceived the necessity to give treatment differentiated to the companies with difficulties. This law is not only worried about the interest of the creditors, but about the society in general that it depends on the enterprise activity. This intitled article ‘ ‘ Social function, Preservation of the Company and Economic Viability in the Recovery of Empresas’ ‘ , it was destined to demonstrate which company to it will be able to be benefited of the established judicial recovery in the beginning of the economic viability, social function and preservation of the company with the objective to keep the producing source, the jobs of the workers and consequentemente the preservation of the company, its social function and the stimulaton to the economic activity. This article if justifies for important function that the new law has to preserve the dependent society of the activity entrepreneur who if finds in crisis economic-financier. Some questionings had been raised and will be answered throughout this work, are they: The principles of the Social Function, Preservation of the Company and Economic Viability are important for the Recovery of Companies? What it comes to be the Social Function, Preservation of the Company and Economic Viability as principles preservadores of the Judicial Recovery? All company in crisis is passvel of Recovery? The general objective of this article is to search the new Law of Bankruptcies and to identify the relevance of the principles of the Social Function, Preservation of the Company and the Economic Viability in the judicial recovery, already the specific objectives are: to interpret theoretical and jurisprudenciais positionings concerning the subject, to present the principles of the social function, preservation of the company and the viability economic, to in general demonstrate the contribution of the new law for the referring enterprise activity to the concern with the community.

Municipal Company

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Each one of these elements presents a vast economic potential. One of them pillars of the local culture is the musicalidade afro-Bahian, polar region of most attractive of the artistic production in Salvador and one of the main axles of the cultural debate of the city. Through its music, the Bahia all reaches a peak of evidence in the country, at the same time where if it affirms as a musical reference in the American continent. (WARLIKE 2000). The tourism establishes one strong imbricao between culture and market in old ' ' city of the Bahia' ' , owner of a marcante cultural personality. Perhaps therefore the cultural tourism is an exponential source in Salvador. The carnival constitutes the most important cultural manifestation of Salvador, for the mass of human resources and financial that cultural partner of the city all mobilizes in a symbiosis with the organism and for the image that produces for the Bahia, projecting it of form significant in the national and international cultural market. This event that if it unfolds in an ample real and symbolic territory allows a multiplicity of readings.

One of them passes for the agreement of that it became into the main vehicle of massificao of the bahian culture afro of who receives inspiration and, also, religious influence. The numbers presented for the Municipal Company of Tourism (Emtursa) demonstrate the impact produced for this popular party in the economy of the city. Also they demonstrate the degree of the concentration of the income registered in the event (Table 1). Thus, in business-oriented terms of the generation had been put into motion in 2003 4, in the five days of the party, values esteem in R$ 821,4 5 million, correspondents 7% of the Gross domestic product of the city of Salvador for the year in reference. The results produced for the carnival are concentrated in a restricted group of private organizations (carnavalescas companies 35.42%; companies of transport 24.40%; fonogrfica industry and media 16.59%; drinks 7.67%) that they absorb 84.08% of all the generated income.

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