Strategical Company

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Revision of literature Accounting the accounting uses registers and occurred facts inside of a company and organizes them in numerical data to show to the real situation economic-financier of the company. As RIBEIRO (1996) says: the Accounting supplies information of the patrimony to facilitate to the taking of decisions of the administrators and proprietors. It can be seen: the Accounting is not a simple part of the company registering facts occurred in a company, is before a necessary part for supplying important information its development. Strategical thought the strategical thought has of being an ally to the company in the current days a time that is of it that if it can create scenes and thus if to make solid and to remain in market. The empreendedorismo counts on the strategical thought as form of tool when making use of the enterprise environment, therefore the organization counting on the attributes that the empreendedorismo makes use assisting in a its form of management creating new vision of market and therefore in the correct one taken of decision. As CAVALCANTI (2007) says: The strategical thought, a process of synthesis and analysis, could be represented by relative a conceptual tipologia to the reading and evaluation of the environment of the organization. One sees that the company needs to see beyond what if she offers in the market and in turn the empreendedorismo as a new form to undertake with new ideas, marketing suggestions contribute of active form to the enterprise and organizacional development. Financial market the financial market where if they negotiate high additions of ciphers and involving the financial institutions mainly makes with that it has the development and economic growth. The companies in turn must use of these intermediate to supply its flow of box and in turn thus to promote and to have strategical vision entrepreneur without which it will find difficulties to locate themselves and to remain themselves in the market.

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