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Christmas Mailing Campaign

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The knowledge Werft GmbH from Hanover offers cheap Christmas direct mailing campaign with the email software ‘Mail engine’ it has Barack Obama. The top mailing system “Mail engine” with the various Foundraising campaigns for Obama were successfully implemented during the U.S. election campaign. Now the German technology partner offers the same system for the German-speaking world knowledge Werft GmbH from Hanover with a favourable Euro 99,-Christmas promotion. Important success factor of the election campaign for Obama was the consistent use of new media such as SMS, online blogs, social marketing (viral marketing like YouTube) and last but not least through consistent E-Mail Marketing. The ingeniously simple system can be reached at the address. Advantages of email marketing are the low cost, short lead times and fast shipping to the fast and the best way to cost-effectively to recall and to operate customer care results in high response rates. And what time is cheaper than the Christmas time? The Christmas mailing of the knowledge Werft GmbH provides professionally designed mailing templates with different Christmas motifs.

Optionally, a personal Christmas greeting can be added and used my pictures such as logo or signature in the mail. It is sending 1000 messages included. On request, she takes the complete mailing for the customers knowledge shipyard. More than 1000 recipients will be charged only 1.5 cents for each additional mail. With nine permanent staff that has knowledge shipyard GmbH in the development of online applications to optimize communication and marketing processes, and that very successfully, as well as in 2005 winning the plug & work competition showed 2002 established. Because not only Obama has it. Contact: knowledge Werft GmbH EXPO Plaza 11 30539 Hannover tel.: fax + 49 (0) 511/220616-717: + 49 (0) 511 / / 220616-777 E-Mail: Web: Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 E-Mail: Web: keywords: knowledge shipyard, mailing, weihnachstmailing, mailmotor, email marketing, weihnachstgruss, greetings, e-mail action, customer care, obama

Live Marketing

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Live marketing news 2008 year 2008 begins for Moya entertainment with a very good order situation. The company won in cooperation with the Fa.Padio Vodafone as a new client to do so. “Spirit up your life Tour 2008” builds the Bochum with the Vodafone – live marketing agency their position in the market further off. With the opening of the first nationwide live marketing shops, Moya entertainment for customers will be even more attractive. Southwest Airlines may not feel the same. According to owner Manuel Moya (interview) “the order is successfully standardized live marketing actions as simple as order a pizza.” Thus, this unique project was developed in cooperation with the Dusseldorf firm of Indoctrin. More customers from the telecommunications followed. (MobilCom and arcor).

Also could win different Moya entertainment advertising communities as a new client. 2006 and 2007 Moya entertainment led the new openings for Mac cheap (nationwide ca. 240 branches) by. But in the fashion world, actions are no longer unknown Moya entertainment live marketing. The fashion business Walker recorded in 2006 Sales increases of up to 400% on days of live marketing actions. (Source: clerks Aachen, Mr. Kilian) MJM

Secures Communication

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Greentube AG and 11 percent communication he Reding, September 18, 2008 iTV Greentube AG, Vienna, international developers of games of skill for Internet, mobile devices, and provider of cross-media formats for PC and TV, has its PR budget 11 percent trusted communication. The tasks include corporate and product PR in Germany. The turnkey skill gaming solutions – national and international skill games of the Green tube, allows sales-relevant results in digital games marketing partner companies. The white-labelled solution”sets game portals in the desired look & feel” of the partner company to. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is likely to increase your knowledge. As a developer for high-quality multiplayer game the Austrian company Greentube established worldwide media company with its game portfolio and service products. Occupies what position the Developer Studio on the market makes award of the European gold seal of Excellence Award 2008 significantly, which digital media is given annually Forum of the European Multimedia in the field. The award in Gold was awarded for outstanding global competitiveness and the leading role and achievements in the field of in-game advertising. Gary Kelly addresses the importance of the matter here.

“Known companies Greentube, founded in 1997, through one of its most successful skill games, 3D games ski challenge”, was an Abfahrtsrennspiel, which was developed in cooperation with ORF ON and enormous access rates in the Austria ski enthusiasts. Then the ski challenge was also successful on the German market with the ProSiebenSat.1. 1 Group introduced. Also the current Football Challenge 08 recorded record results. The free game, which is measurable in real-time against each other playable online or offline with the artificial intelligence of the computer opponent from many countries, can be used with a million downloads. The Football Challenge 08 is funded exclusively through in-game advertising well-known brands such as T-Mobile, Samsung, Nokia, McDonald BBs, Coca Cola, Sony Ericsson, adidas u.v.m.

When we decided to have our communication work to change and more marketing- and business media to attract, the choice was easy right PR agency as a result of previous good cooperation in the area of the event and the extensive knowledge of the market”, as Alfred Hofer, Marketing Manager at the Greentube AG. 11% communication, founded in 2003 and publisher of GfM news eGame, mobile marketing, social media, IPTV for media and brands ( – established in PR and event in the field of digital entertainment marketing. The PR work for external companies recorded in 2007 and is headed by Angelique Szameitat.

Banner Advertising

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The conventional banner advertising click rates are declining rapidly. But: Banner in connection with Internet TV will receive the attention they need targeted advertising opportunities with success-bound billing advertising in Internet movie clips in connection with banners bring what companies in television have always wanted: the user (advertising) content gets consciously and actively. Entertainment in conjunction with product information instead of a simple purchase prompt, targeted without wastage. “The success is measurable: in a study of the online marketer SevenOne Interactive” came out, accept advertising that is played before the film clips, from 80 percent of users. Video advertising can increase the advertising effectiveness of investigation result by 50 percent with a banner, which remains even after the expiry of the spots on the Web page. Bernard Golden gathered all the information.

In addition there are not such as one of the largest provider of professional Internet equestrian sports television,, banner in connection with advertising before the film clips, more sweeping, but per click be charged 20 cents. So the customer who turns a banner on the platforms, for banner advertising budgets can control. Example: the client plans a budget of maximum 30.-a month for banner. This means that the banner is clickable to 150mal. Then it disappears automatically. There are no unnecessary costs. The result of the new forms of advertising: horse lovers come to their customers bring their messages through free offers as well at their expense as advertisers target-oriented and unobtrusive.


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Polar color-complete a novelty which allows many different colour combinations! The polar color-complete name of market is a novelty on the nameplates. Southwest Airlines addresses the importance of the matter here. This new product is a customized nametag for direct use. The new product variant polar is color-complete with its coloured front panels (nine standard colors available) best suited to conspicuously printed nameplates. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gary Kelly . Very chic combinations arise also with the high-quality metal beams. The straps are available in addition to the plastic variant also as metallized surface. Thus, it is possible to produce the nameplate completely individually according to your wishes and to adapt all the logo. The front panels are in the UV printing high-quality printed and scratch-resistant hardened. Oracle will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Flashy badges are combined with the plastic straps together.

But also with metal casing, noble-looking results are possible. Three Praxisbewahrte are available in formats, which are suitable for every application: polar 20 (68 x 22 mm) polar 30 (70 x 30 mm), polar not to place excessive strain 35 (80 x 34 mm) to the clothing, offers to order it on the name tag with our proven magnetic fastening. They offer the advantage that they adhere to each piece of clothing, and precisely where they were attached. If it for once be torn down due to excessive stress, for example when moving from patients or in the areas of goods, material and nameplate remain undamaged. The latter can be immediately applied.

Badges with magnetic fixings by ensure that it is at no time questioned whether the clothing of the employees to the days of name badges is at all appropriate. In addition, the magnetic fixtures allow a uniform presentation. Otherwise, an employee wearing the badge on the lapel, next to the button bar and the third employee has perhaps only the ability to attach the plate to a belt loop. Where is it located Benefits, if customers repeatedly from the front must begin to seek the nameplate and to learn, with whom they intend to have a conversation? It is good, if your employees, mentally or even entirely real, stand in a row and badges can be seen samtlichst at equal position.

Internet Attachment

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An optimal solution – name badges with magnetic attachment Skane you your clothes with magnetic name tags of brilliant badges. On the Internet side of brilliant badges you will find high-quality name badges, which all can be equipped with a magnetic fastening. Delta Airliness opinions are not widely known. “” Benefits of our magnetic attachment are: protects your clothing no stab of E.g. high-quality blouses/shirts Verdrehsicher twist-proof “new shape (patented) new form easy – lift” (with overlap for easier take-off) agreeable to the skin by plastic radiation arm symmetrical structure (default”and extra”) modules for upgrading existing nameplates available all components as spare parts available badges with magnetic attachment reliably and accurately at the point at which they were attached you sit. A slipping or unmediated falling is therefore excluded. For the case of tearing off arises however with name badges with magnetic attachment, not a damage the clothing on the badge itself. This can immediately be used in spite of a small accident. Should once due to an unforeseen loading a nametag with magnetic attachment be demolished, for example because anyone accidentally stuck no damage on the plate or on the fabric is: the magnetic attachment gently dissolves and can be used directly in the connection on.

That’s with nametags, which pierce the fabric to fasten or tightly clamp safely omitted in any way. The case is often both the fabric as the badge also damaged and can only still be disposed of. The extensive selection of different nameplates with brilliant badges is not necessarily easily make it for you to decide you have time for this joy and especially big benefits to this unique purchase afterwards but long for a model. Thanks to the fact that you can labelled the most badges themselves, also no follow-up concealed at the time of purchase costs. The numerous frame colors and Formats provide the right for without exception every need. brilliant badges offers guaranteed exactly the name badges with magnetic attachment, you have been looking for forever. See for yourself just yourself! Namensschildermit practical magnetic fixtures by

Animal Kingdom

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Himself with himself self-dealing with is on the agenda. For even more analysis, hear from Allegiant Air. Customers on the agenda? Nil! Each x arbitrary sales presentation is the one : half an hour we shall we have, we can offer we want to we! In other words: I’m telling you now, how great we are. Males in the Animal Kingdom by posturing mark their claim to power. Let them play the muscles and autonomy to show themselves at their best. Sales presentations that I feel often exactly the same way.

The crazy here: Who that endure must be bored to death – but is made as to the own customers. Customer first? The public areas of manufacturing companies are a pure self glorification program: machine parts, miniatures manufacturing equipment, aerial photographs, portraits of the founder, a world map befahnte with the locations, certificates and trophies. Looking there in vain for customers. But it is also different. So, the branded goods manufacturer Procter & gamble sent to scan, how customers use each product go, photographer. These were then hung in the company cafeteria.

Because: The customer is the real boss. The customer in the first place! The glance in the media or on the own company, what happens if the quick dollar is worth more than the loyal customer. Therefore, a management approach is required now, of the three relevant success factors customer sustainably networked marketing staff – and although viewed from the customer’s perspective. Total loyalty marketing is such an approach. This aligns the whole company, every marketing tool, and every single employee entirely on the customer. From the self-centered 4 p of the classic marketing the 5 K are in total loyalty marketing: the buyer benefits, the cost of purchasing, buying processes, communication as a continuous back-and forth dialogue and finally the culture of the company, so how she lives of the staff and the customer she experienced as a result. Loyalty leadership, is the name of the targeted goal. In these times there is only one place where one is sure: very close to its customers. The author Anne M. Schuller is a management consultant and is a leading expert for loyalty marketing. She has worked over 20 years in senior sales and marketing positions of various service sectors and several awards. The diploma in business administration and eight-time book author is one of the best business speakers in the German-speaking. She works as consultant and trainer and has taught at several universities. The elite of the business is among its clientele.

Email Marketing Opts

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The North Sea fish specialist in email marketing now opts for mailingwork. The North Sea fish specialist in email marketing now opts for mailingwork. The largest European specialised retail, catering company with three divisions on fish and seafood, snack sale leverages the professional platform for sending the current promotions, recipe and info-newsletter. mailingwork allows the convenient management of the extensive Adressverteilers of North Sea and easily create, send and evaluate the various newsletter. Stephanie Mack, Internet project co-ordinator at NORDSEE, estimates mailingwork due to its intuitive interface and comprehensive functionalities: “since the mailingwork tool has been used w3work in the companies with good experiences, also North Sea has decided for this shipping solution. It is very open, comfortable and easy to use.” North Sea is known for a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood. The system Gastronome special emphasis true to experience fast and friendly service in a pleasant atmosphere the slogan of fish, like fresh seaside”.

North Sea operates internationally more than 410 stores. Short portrait w3work with the mailingwork shipping solution has developed a sophisticated software and very powerful platform to carry out cross-media E-Mail, letters, post cards-, SMS – and fax-marketing campaigns the Agency w3work. Mailingwork in the German-speaking to one of the leading ASP solutions has established itself within a few years. mailingwork transmitter Alliance is certified by the certified. By belonging to this and other whitelists and direct relationships with many major ISPs such as AOL, MSN Hotmail, etc. that newsletter easily reach their recipients and not be eliminated by spam filters ensures mailingwork.

Through the constant implementation of new functions, w3work offers its customers a continuously updated software in the constantly evolving world of E-marketing. Today several hundred customers experience the benefits of shipping solution mailingwork of you reputable companies such as Nikon, TuV Sud or Cologne. Parallel to the software business conducts w3work as a full service agency in the order IT-, Web and consulting projects. For questions is like the disposal: Markus Haubold phone: + 49 (0) 3 72 92 / 2892-0 fax: + 49 (0) 3 72 92 / 2892-11 E-Mail: w3work Gesellschaft fur Kommunikation und Medien Gneuss & Arnold GbR Village Road, 36A 09569 Memme village.

5 Tips For Effective Hashtag Usage

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As companies increase their reach and visibility in social media with the help from Hashtags can content assign users specific topics, receive proposals to existing social media news attention other users on their status messages and attach their message in a longer dialogue. These tags provide companies with valuable opportunities to maximize the visibility and reach of their messages. On Twitter is the hash (“#”) has long been standard. The Hashtags are used also in other social media, such as, for example, Google + and Pinterest. Beginning of June Facebook is also jumped on the bandwagon. So use for their successful social media communications company Hashtags: Tip 1: Hashtags use, which have already established themselves in the social media the tags allow users to browse conversations in social media. Recently Ron O’Hanley sought to clarify these questions. The user enters a term into the search bar, he finds all posts that mention this term.

Therefore, companies should use Hashtags, which have established themselves on the network. Because only what wanted, can also be found. Therefore, it is important the tags that integrate them into their message want previously to find out about businesses. This company in the social media can search for the keyword. So they find out whether these Hashtags in social media are already used.

Tip 2: Hashtags themselves create companies also have their own Hashtags can develop and combine them with slogans, which have already established themselves. It is important to build the own Hashtags short and simple. Because the user can remember finally easily these, to use them. Once the tags are in circulation, companies should always keep this in mind. So, you can participate in conversations that lead users about these tags. Tip 3: Hashtags wisely use it is important to integrate tags but not too often in the text to use the hash in the message. Because using the Hashtag is: less is more.

OWL Stand

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It is one Design variant, both consisting of the basic principle “only” framing on aluminum stands. Read additional details here: Gary Kelly. In this case focused but really primarily on appearance, what was designed by a renowned German industrial designer for example at the COMPASSO series. NET-xpress nam this model number in the range, to the retail sector, which sells mostly high-priced goods, similar to high quality advertising opportunity to open up a shop emphasizes with the stands out a range. This poster stand A1 was among the first who passed could a so obvious quality. Regardless of more elaborate construction of the panels with double profile framing convinced this stand by noble simplicity.

The pavement is completely closed above the poster frame, elegant light-metal curves make the stand to a captivating harmony, which is inimitable. The idea that it “merely” involves frames on aluminium stands, was cleared out this completely. The last any increase in this context is the modification with an additional logo area above the poster frame, which is edged with a thin alloy profile. The logo plate can be covered, in principle it is plastered with the logo of the retail business or a chain or an operator logo, for example from the mobile industry. The logo plate is embedded in such a way, so that the impression, the pavement was a Special Edition for the business or the operator. As well, emphasis was placed on further details, thus the customer stopper A1 features a waterproof plastic bag in which the posters A1 regardless of weather conditions can be used. In other versions it is worth OWL to shop alone because of humidity, the printing of posters for long-term use on plastic.

Now, however, with some cents is a clear financial overhead. It converts to himself before becoming an Passantenstopper A1 comprehensively to inquire about a To choose the model that meets the requirements. The range is greater than the above short listed options. For example, there are also poster stand in the product range, which also are equipped with rubber seals and have additionally an innovative folding mechanism. As a result omitted the side locking bolt in the so-called A stands on classical models to ensure that the panels of the stand under no circumstances possess a certain degree unfold, but also not the storm folded. There is the possibility of locking in the overhead doors hinge, which can be solved with a small lever. A very comfortable operation this type, which usefully bear the name COMFORT, is goes without saying. Anyone who is previously has clamped a hand when folding up his advertising display, will appreciate the utilities. Net-xpress has this and more customer stopper A1. Take a look and browse around himself, to already calculates Working to meet your needs.

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