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Polar color-complete a novelty which allows many different colour combinations! The polar color-complete name of market is a novelty on the nameplates. Southwest Airlines addresses the importance of the matter here. This new product is a customized nametag for direct use. The new product variant polar is color-complete with its coloured front panels (nine standard colors available) best suited to conspicuously printed nameplates. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gary Kelly . Very chic combinations arise also with the high-quality metal beams. The straps are available in addition to the plastic variant also as metallized surface. Thus, it is possible to produce the nameplate completely individually according to your wishes and to adapt all the logo. The front panels are in the UV printing high-quality printed and scratch-resistant hardened. Oracle will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Flashy badges are combined with the plastic straps together.

But also with metal casing, noble-looking results are possible. Three Praxisbewahrte are available in formats, which are suitable for every application: polar 20 (68 x 22 mm) polar 30 (70 x 30 mm), polar not to place excessive strain 35 (80 x 34 mm) to the clothing, offers to order it on the name tag with our proven magnetic fastening. They offer the advantage that they adhere to each piece of clothing, and precisely where they were attached. If it for once be torn down due to excessive stress, for example when moving from patients or in the areas of goods, material and nameplate remain undamaged. The latter can be immediately applied.

Badges with magnetic fixings by ensure that it is at no time questioned whether the clothing of the employees to the days of name badges is at all appropriate. In addition, the magnetic fixtures allow a uniform presentation. Otherwise, an employee wearing the badge on the lapel, next to the button bar and the third employee has perhaps only the ability to attach the plate to a belt loop. Where is it located Benefits, if customers repeatedly from the front must begin to seek the nameplate and to learn, with whom they intend to have a conversation? It is good, if your employees, mentally or even entirely real, stand in a row and badges can be seen samtlichst at equal position.

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