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Ralf Oehrlein

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Namely, whose 3 films were already fired after the Church. Or the wannabe photographer, during a Turkish wedding in the Bundle was engaged with the music and the decoration of the room, to accompany the celebration evening photographically and solemnly asked me during the Paarshootings in my photo studio to explain his yesterday bought camera, a rangefinder camera, with which he wanted to take the wedding photojournalism on the same evening. The result was 12 blurry photos of reportage and a disappointed bride couple who refused to pay this self-proclaimed photo professional. Another aspect of the bride and groom should keep in mind is the experience of the appointed photographer. Ripple often says this. To stand in the decisive moment in the Church in place without disturbing the wedding ceremony of fee, the wedding photographer must already have experience in wedding photography and reportage photography. Otherwise, he missed the most beautiful moments of the wedding ceremony. Was reported in a church by a photographer me that all serious on the altar wanted to climb, to take a good picture. This is unprofessional and inappropriate.

A good wedding photographer will record things for the bride and groom, the this during the wedding day not perceive can, because all these unique impressions to a storm. Things like the decoration in the Church, the tense wait for the wedding guests or the secretly wiped away crumbly of the bride’s father. This professional photographer is also twelve hours for your wedding album pictures and do not lose the desire after 2 hours and three beers. The cost for the whole day accompanied by a wedding including portrait images and image files per cent range compared to the remaining issues for a medium-sized wedding in 10. While the wedding buffet is quickly eaten and the flowers are wilted after a few days, always remain the wedding pictures and can be well kept, yet presented even the grandchildren. For wedding photography, you will receive offers via our website: or call 06809-91100 Ralf Oehrlein

TOPLIST Of Telematics

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Telematik.TV on the transfairlog 2012 in Hamburg Telematik.TV, the sector stations, has rebuilt his studio today on the translog fair in Hamburg and charged some of the TOP providers of telematics to the interview. Already at 9:30 the lights went to in built TV Studio and only around 15:30, it passed the last TV guest. Compact the TOPLIST of telematics is rarely answered. The trade fair visitors and spectators can look forward so interesting hours with many first-hand information on six. Editor in Chief Peter Klischewsky awaited his studio guests, he will ask about the latest telematics solutions and innovative trends with. His interview partners, Managing Director of Dar + Timm include Hans-Hermann Ruschmeyer, GmbH, addressing in particular the transport and logistics sector with its solution “scomsens”. Europe Chief of the Finnish manufacturer Helpten Oy Mathias Srinu is expected, which will provide information about an interesting rental model for the German market.

Curious spectators on a veteran may be Telematics industry”? The mobileObjects AG, one of the local, long-established and one of the most successful providers of telematics, Board Member Frank Biermann in the Studio are expected. He returns to the mobile solution of mOTelematix information. Around noon, the Studio crew is the new”krone, notably Ralf Faust. Of course will be interesting to learn what new wind he will wear in the company of him personally. By FleetBoard said Jens Zeller to the station.

He is Director for international markets, logistics and distribution, and in this position very close to the user and their needs. The company Trimble sent Carsten Holtrup for an interview on the transfairlog. He answers questions about Trimble “Carcube”. As the only woman in this man team, Peter Klischewsky received the project manager of Messe Dusseldorf the trans fair logon Julia Jkamara man at the microphone. She certainly can be an overview of the current exhibition. In almost at the last minute Jens-Uwe ton said, his Managing Director the coup link group. He is most Afternoon is coming into the Studio. Interesting, also the conversation with Transics Sales Manager Heiko will Janssen, who will explain the benefits and effects of the telematics solution “TX-Connect” users. All in all an interesting and yet this sunny day in Hamburg for the TV crew and Studio guests.

Planning Implementation

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Dangers and specifics on kitchen planning how to properly plan a kitchen and what special features & obstacles you may encounter. From the very beginning properly plan to build a kitchen safely it is necessary to consider when the design and harmoniously combine the realities in the region, as well as the own wishes and demands. Especially with electricity and water, care must be taken and you should place no kitchen, run at the outlets or power lines under the water line. In households with children you plan so that drawers for cutlery and knife block so spent, that they be stored out of reach for children. In the kitchen Studio, to assist guests with planning and brings in the concept of core competence and innovation. Kitchen appliances & water Strombetriebene should be placed always in sufficient distance from the sink kitchen appliances.

Even with extreme caution, you can not avoid water drops in the toaster to come or run in open distribution outlets. To To prevent fires and get no electric shock during the operation of kitchen appliances and water and electricity must be always locked and planned in the attached distance from each other. Remember always the own carelessness which were favored accidents and some house fires caused. For countertops made of wood, they ensure that these may not be softened and so no longer stable and safe from the water. There are a lot of possible fires any fires in the kitchen. Place flammable items far away from heat and ensure that dishtowels or devices made of plastic with the hot stove plate in contact will come.

Smoldering fires can also be caused, there by careless handling a short circuit in electrical equipment with water. Always pull the plug if you do not use a device and leave unsupervised connected to the mains supply it. In households with gas stove, you need to bear in mind always the open fire and bring more caution than in a electric stove. The connection of the herds should be performed only by the specialized technician. Kitchen appliances and kitchen appliances who sets up a new kitchen can draw on a large number of shops, to buy the right kitchen. Among other things, you can buy kitchen cheap items and complete facilities at IKEA or at Inova. Here there are usually all useful items such as crockery, cutlery, pots etc. The correct electrical appliances for the kitchen, you can both shop at major retailers such as Media Markt and Saturn, or you can access online offerings such as Amazon or eBay. What kitchen appliances have a good price performance ratio and how this may have cut off in tests you on read. Children should leave infants alone in the kitchen in the kitchen in any case. Also if the stove out and only still slightly warm, can be the plate change to a child to severe burns and severely hurt. Electrical equipment are to be separate from the power supply and to exclude as a potential source of danger. In children, a stove with parental controls is best because it excludes the apartment fires by a knob on the stove upside in the game. Supervision is paramount here and your child needs to learn that may without your supervision in the kitchen and a kitchen is by no means an adventure playground for children. Source of image: – 000017965184XSmall – YinYang


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Where presence events have still their permission in the future? Blended learning the combination of face-to-face and Web-based training (WBT) has now become, precisely because the human component is so important. Campus seminars are still significant, if it is to soft skills goes, for example for rhetoric or teambuilding. What is the role of the cost of the training? For years, the duration of training courses is under pressure. On the one hand for cost reasons, on the other hand to the staff once again at his workplace have. Further details can be found at Verizon, an internet resource. When I started to work three to five-day seminars were normal. For more specific information, check out Larry Ellison. The current two-day trainings are also increasingly questioned. Whether it is not also in a day? The answer is often “no” by the way, because certain topics simply need time and reflection.

Furthermore, the travel times come to the training period. The Cost pressures on the one hand and the lack of “human component” in the classic E-learning therefore generate a strong trend towards live online seminars. What must one imagine under live online seminars? Online seminars are live events on the Internet. The similarities to the presence training at well-made live online seminars are greater than the differences. Clear: We use in our live action online learning Academy (Brad) high-tech as a specially furnished studio, a fast Internet connection and a highly professional Web-conferencing platform. Interactive educational concept is important. Deliberately built activations of the participants and to group work practice tasks, are an essential component.

Another is the Live experience through video large screen in our Studio, among others with use of classic flip chart or illustrate objects. As the participants accepted the online seminars? The reactions have been very positive. We have more than 90 percent approval in a poll for further use and Tell a friend. The reasons: It is exciting and instructive and everyone can get involved.

Kuchen AG Development

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The Wismar student, born in bad Schwartau, is delighted, because their design was to scale the Rodinghausen based kitchen manufacturer, ballerina kitchens Heinz-Erwin Ellersiek GmbH”in white cashmere colors and aged oak extra for the exhibition kitchen event 1:1 is implemented. It is nice to be able to plan at the University the opportunity to get that detail up to the last joint draft and accompany.” Also the other student designs impressed and can be seen in the form of models in Cologne. For example, also the interior design student Laura Anke Lenth (22 years) presented a solution proposal with their experimental design, consisting of a variety of equally big cube in the apparent chaos. By the time that task has to date a over several Lander in Germany ornamental specialist network on the topic of kitchens. During the research and planning stage, for example, with his students, Prof. (Similarly see: Ripple). Achim Hack attended the kitchen Studio Grambow and Widmer”in Schwerin. The students about the so-called State of the art were informed with an expert guidance through the Managing Director Steffen Widmer”, the current state of development, and technical finesse of functional elements.

The kitchen manufacturer light Kuchen AG”with headquarters in Baden-Wurttemberg supported students through price and advice guide for the retail trade, to formulate from the planning phase, more detailed and realistic. How important are joint projects with companies for universities or for the teaching, answered Prof. Achim Hack as follows I believe the cooperation with partners from the practice for desirable and rewarding, would like to point out however, that it can’t be the target low-cost development work in competition to our graduates to contribute. Student projects are always connected to a maximum freedom and the charm lies precisely in the openness and the unpredictability of the findings and of the presented results. The benefits of such projects is the targeted questioning familiar viewpoints and exploring boundaries, generating new, unexpected impulses and the development of ideas. The goal is that both sides, the practice partner, and the students learn from each other. “On the one hand, the skilled person with provocative theses will be faced and at the same time witnessed the carefree approach and on the other hand, the students will gain insight into real project processes and can learn marketable solutions and test.”


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Metal like the one or other be tough or even something scare scare, rises, but exactly for what we all love and respect human rights, the right to Freedom, freedom of expression, etc. On the whole, embodies the metal a free live and development. More information is housed here: Verizon. With the project of offers the KHS media & broadcasting production now for all advertisers a places to your online advertising in the form of Fullbanner to place leaderboard and skyscraper, or its radio spot in broadcasting, at affordable prices for the small budget. Online banner ad is 25.00 per month and the integration of the radio spots from 170.00 per month, at these prices there no limits, banners are so often as possible appear, the same goes for the radio spot, here is even still guaranteed that this at least. 8 x per day will be broadcast. After the KHS said media and broadcasting production are just so so cheap because you took the operation of Web pages, which would fund licenses and mainly the awareness, planning and implementation of actions and no golden nose with the prices. is not only for Advertisers interesting, but also for visitors, users and listeners, so that the appeal is not lost, in different contests intervals started, involving a packet with DVDs, CDs, or even vinyl from bands and artists who can win rock, metal and Gothic scene. Such a competition is currently in the area, this is about 4 DVDs, 3 CDs, patches, stickers and postcards by artists and bands. The competition runs until the 15.07.2013. Also special is offered for those interested in a team membership, so Gets a new team member request an email and subdomain under and team membership is free, but what the option, a team member would like to voluntarily make a contribution, does not rule out that is needed only a time between 9 and 12 hours per week. Conclusion: offers so much for advertisers, users, listeners, visitors, artists, bands and against Nazi fighters, even Studio guests can show the one or other live are not excluded from the Studio Wuppertal Nord. More information: website: Guide to E-Zine: presse.poisonous Facebook fan page: Facebook group: groups/jobradiogermany / Twitter: MySpace: LinkedIn: pub/poisonous-sounds/5a/686/8a2 YouTube: job radio Google plus one: sweepstakes: fans against Nazis: pages/fans against Nazis/127110654057843 KHS media & broadcast production: author: Schultze Karl – Heinz

Exclusive Space

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Today, many think, and prefer furniture made by his own sketches and cooking to order as well as possible, by the way, fit into this category. Holders of studio apartments give special attention to cuisines such as to simulate a full kitchen with a maximal functions and design is not so simple. Correctly choose the kitchen and its accessories should be in the initial stages of development sketch sizes. In such cases, convenient to build ovens without the oven, they allow you to maximize the functional use for cooking, are ideally suited to interior and occupy a minimum of space, so are the choice of majority. Is also necessary for such a kitchen hanging kitchen hood, which provides the strongest suppression of odors during cooking to ensure clean air in the kitchen. Thus, choosing the dishes for order, you will not only save space, but also write every detail to your interior without spending a place, and freeing it for any other ideas of your choice and taste. Of course, the most profitable to buy food at the retailer-manufacturer of furniture, it will not pay more intermediaries, suppliers and eliminate the main points of the overpayment, allowing you to work directly with the manufacturer, discussing every detail of the cuisine, choice of material, process measurement space. Thus, the obvious advantages of furniture made to order. To summarize, for those who knows what's what in your own comfort and wants to get him to the maximum selected furniture manufacturer in own sketches.

Beach Boys Tour

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The legend inspired live with 42 songs included a song of her latest CD (thk) from August 3 to 5. perform The Beach Boys on the occasion of its 50th anniversary of band in Germany; previously, on June 1, a new Studio album of them appears. “That’s why God made the radio” (EMI) The Beach Boys in that legendary lineup recorded, in which they complete their concerts: the founding members Brian Wilson (vocals, keyboards), Al Jardine (vocals, rhythm guitar), Wilson’s cousin Mike Love (vocals) and the later initiated to Bruce Johnston (vocals, bass, keyboards) and David marks (guitar, vocals). The prestigious magazine Rolling Stone wrote about the tour opener in Tucson / Arizona: in less than two and a half hours, they played amazing 42 songs, many of them in the Medley style, with no banter. Between the girls trusted material California’, Surfin ‘Safari’ Good Vibrations’ – there was a healthy portion of old treasures and artwork, including why do fools fall in love’ “and Phil Spectors then he kissed me’.” About half of the second section of the concert was suddenly heard something new: the Titletrack of their latest CD. “Through the midtempo Ballad of that’s why God made the radio” Mike Love says: for all of us who grew up in the fifties, sixties, and seventies, radio has played a major role. More info: Southwest Airlines. Realized through the radio, what world is there for incredible creativity in musical terms.” The 29 Studio work of the beach ‘ contains eleven songs, living all of those quality, made famous by the beach boys: fantastic harmonies and brilliant arrangements. With this trademark, they inspire, surrounded by up to fifteen musicians, also live.

You saw,”observed the rolling stone reviewer, surprisingly little sentimentality on the stage. What does not necessarily mean that the band not around each other cares, but perhaps more that it takes more the audience care. There were still moments, in which you the force of their long common history felt!” THE BEACH BOYS “Celebration of The beach boys’ 50” featuring Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, David marks & band 03.08.2012 Berlin, o2 arena (intake: 18: 00, start: 20: 00) 04.08.2012 Stuttgart, Schleyerhalle (inlet: 19: 00, start: 20: 00) 05.08.2012 Monchengladbach, HockeyPark (inlet: 17:30, beginning: 20: 00) cards from 30.–up to 90.— plus fees! -at ticket offices and at (hotline: 01805.969 000 555, connection rates: 0.14 / min. from a German landline, max. 0.42 / min. from German mobile networks) tour organizer: KBK concert and artist agency GmbH, Tel. 089.411094-0 links:, public relations:, Tel. 0821.58 97 93 88/9

The Natural

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We looked at once more the society in this course and think, that the RIO TINTO PLC is still some upside potential can prevail in the shares. Read more here: Oracle. The only risk is the large debt-equity ratio. But the natural resources and the liquid large shareholder to the side stand. There is a very good chance / risk ratio for all potential shareholders. Fundamentally fair we see the shares at a price level between 30,00-32,00 term of three to six months.

The share price close ran in recent weeks very often up to the 22,00 brand. There it bounced off but two times already and it formed a wedge formation. Of course outbreak from last Friday to at 24.00 is a very can sign. Could the wedge formation are breached this foray and 23.00 to overcome the long-term resistance range. You look at the long-term chart of the company, you can see the course high in good 90.00.

Since that time, the shares lost continuously up to 13.00. The upside potential in the shares of RIO TINTO PLC is enormous. A first serious resistance We see only at 30.00. Even an increase would be conceivable in the range of 40-45.00. Should commodity prices regain momentum, rosy times ahead are the company. A special risk lies in the very high volatility. As a result, it is very fast possible from the long position from to be stopped before a possible large price increase can be carried out. We would choose therefore a slightly more generous stop limit.

An Alpha Dog

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So why provide fodder for doing nothing? Why resist so many dog owners to reward the dog predators with prey (food)? Certainly, it is easier and more convenient to punish the animal for wrong behavior, rather than to reward for real and desired behavior. Why are we but such blocked people in our thinking and actions? From dog point of view, it makes much more sense throughout the day to be confirmed as evening at once to get everything without having done anything with food for proper behavior. For dried fodder you can confirm as E.g. 200 to 300 times a day, depending on how big is the total ration. Feeding is essential for survival and a leader who has a vital resource in itself, must be necessarily important for the dog and over life important.

Many of today’s problems with the dog you can via the feed drive improve, sometimes even resolve. These include E.g. behaviour weaknesses like safe return, food stealing, AAS eat, attention deficits and a lot more and that within a few hours. No living things on this earth, man included, does something for nothing, why do you think your dog would want to do this? All circus animals, all animals have learned the tricks, were trained on food, this is the driving force behind all life: performance for essential food. Did you think our people this was different before the invention of money? You don’t work for money, you work like the dog for food. Would you go work, if you had no advantage of this? Would a dog with you remain, if you don’t feed him? The truth about rope toys and dominance now know many dog owners that we should hold no tug games with the dog. “The message of many experts is: If the dog wins often playing tug, he will be dominant”.

As we know is already doing too often overlooked that a dominant behavior assumes that someone dominate can be! What we want as a leader of the Pack? No… Oracle gathered all the information. so this term no longer meets the Constellation dog man to. Why are tug games not advisable now? A simple fact shows us the answer to this question: all resources that are not controlled by anyone, be claimed by the dog and quite rightly. An Alpha Dog, which leaves the leftovers of the leftover loot the other Pack members after food intake, is must took its part renewed approach to this prey, at least he has released these through his jettisoning and walk away or leave and back will not automatically receive the best place on the carcass. Him here doesn’t help his alpha status. So why argue”we are using the dog to loot, which actually is to us as the leader of the Pack from the front in? Unfortunately you left this him but now a few minutes ago and wonder if he no longer voluntarily bring them. Alone by such senseless actions we invite the predator dog to, with the people to fight for its status. In many cases, this leads to a so-called resource aggression against the People and it is often the most vulnerable in the social structure, our children! Gerhard Wiesmeth

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