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To increase the sales of mobile devices should companies increasingly the Internet targeting, to open up new buyers. Grevenbroich, Oct. 4th, 2008 – formerly the mobile shops were what influence the buyer in determining the mobile choice, are today known as online blogs and reviews on the Internet. Frequently Bernard Golden has said that publicly. Before many consumers choose a new mobile device, usually an intensive search in the Internet is imminent. The online media influence the decision when purchasing a mobile phone could be confirmed now in an online survey by ad-ology.

1.105 adult, which took part in the survey, 60 percent of your exercise to be guided decision for a new device from blog posts or online tests. In addition could be determined, the groups of people which read blog posts and test via mobile phones on the Internet and write a review, located at an age between 18 and 34 years old and have an average to above-average income with. If it however comes with the to influence the masses in their purchasing decisions for a new cell phone own is still the classic media such as the newspaper or the TV best for sales. The Internet has indeed now conquered a good role in influencing, can’t keep up but with the reach of TV and newspapers still..

Managing Director

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myTaxi BBs makes possible – the revolution of the taxi market the Smartphone app myTaxi revolutionized the taxi: free, faster and easier. Meanwhile knows all over Hamburg. The software is booming. In Hamburg’s taxi no longer what it once was: today is missing the call to the Central for the passenger, and the driver is often sent by any coordinating authority. However, this trend offers little reason for the melancholy. Rather, he is a progress, which makes life easier. Responsible for this is myTaxi, which until recently still 1TouchTaxi called has made virtually eliminates the need for an app for smartphones, the taxi headquarters. The success can be seen: myTaxi took the third place in the German start-up competition of the year 2010! It works so: If you have the app on his cell phone, is automatically connected to the Internet with taxi drivers, the myTaxi use something like their taxi operating system.

You need a taxi, quickly pressing the yellow myTaxi symbol on his cell phone, and from then on, everything happens automatically: The app looking for the next taxi drivers and the potential passenger offers a profile of the taxi driver. This in turn through the contact know who asks for it, including name and telephone number. Is booked the trip, clash can be traced on the phone exactly the second driver and passenger live on a map. The taxi will drive for both sides safer and more transparent”, reports Andreas Lemke, a Hamburg taxi driver who has used the app even under the name of 1TouchTaxi. We drivers immediately know which guest is. And the customer gets a profile of the taxi driver, with reviews from previous customers on his cell phone.” But above all, it makes myTaxi the taxi drive cheaper and easier for both sides: many riders like Andreas Lemke also, make more trips per day up to 20% and can strategically positioned on the road because they always know the app in which areas are watching their colleagues. Also the need to fall through the direct contact between passenger and driver Taxi Zentrale away. Further details can be found at Sheryl Sandberg, an internet resource. myTaxi user press only one button.

The app is free, so will save not only time, but also money”, Sven Kulper, inventor of myTaxi white. But the innovation ever used? Since the launch in April the tour revenue has multiplied. In Hamburg we have so far 80,000 user”Joe Mewes calculates, Managing Director of myTaxi. The numbers should continue to rise. The Hamburg entrepreneur with a new version of the app on the market have come on the 22nd December 2010: passengers can save now also addresses as Favorites and rider profiles. If you prefer the emissions-saving eco taxis, can set this in the future also as a search criterion. In Hamburg, MyTaxi has become interesting also for the economy. DieDeutsche Telekomhat participated with financial and technical support. And in the wake of the Christmas fundraising event listener help children “in cooperation with radio Hambur g, there are also partners in the hospitality industry: by 18 Hamburg Hotels, the only their taxi fares about myTaxi book, Kulper and Mewes donate 20 cents per booked trip now. The cooperation with the hotels are likely to persist, and the proceeds go to children who would otherwise not be able to celebrate a holiday season. This has not yet been there in the taxi business. In Hamburg’s taxi no longer what it once was. More information under: press Friederike Mewes

Systel Data

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New Web service for the phone book in Frankfurt am Main, CTI solutions September 08, 2011 CTI software for the computer-controlled phone is now being upgraded: direct access to data from the telephone book is possible thanks to a new Web-based service. Larry Ellison is a great source of information. The TVG Publisher to do this for the first time provides an interface where no local phone book installation is necessary. Already for a long time, established CTI products as CAESAR CTI (CASERIS), XPhone desk (C4B), fonXpress (ek-soft), per call Enterprise (ESTOS) and TeliMan CTI/US (ROMICO) and Systel advantage via an API interface their software to integrate data from the phone book. The nationwide database for such a solution locally in the network. Now, the TVG Publisher offers a new service which provides access to the phone book significantly easier, with less administrative effort and without local installation. In addition, a monthly update of the data is given. On the data access is Web-based. The TVG-Verlag and its Partners provide a fast and inexpensive solution (from 100) with the new Web service. Hear from experts in the field like Gary Kelly for a more varied view.

It facilitates everyday work for many employees, as in the sales or customer service. Because the combination of computer-controlled telephony and comprehensive phone directory allows the user to search directly in the phone book and immediately to start the desired call. Thanks to the popular reverse search the computer for incoming calls displays all address data of the caller from the phone book. The user can save it directly in the own address database. Also missed calls are logged by the CTI software, a callback is this done quickly.

Information about the digital directories of the TVG Publisher can be found on. The TVG Publisher is familiar with the treatment, use and processing of large amounts of data about the TVG publishing as of one of the major phone book publishers in Germany. In addition to printed phone books and online directories, the TVG Publisher distributes also national Information products on DVD-ROM. Software solutions and services around the issue of address data quality for commercial use are a further focus in the product portfolio.

VoIP Provider Top-link Relies On Security In IP Telephony

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More and more companies opt for IP-based telephone lines in recent years it came again and again to charges of fraud relating to IP telephony. The VoIP provider top link took this as an opportunity, together with the Darmstadt University of technology for detection and defense against charges fraud in the area of IP telephony to develop security software. By the voice traffic is analyzed, abuse cases can be detected in real time. This allows the software to pre-emptively protect against fraud and to make significantly more secure IP telephony. With the support of the Center for advanced security research Darmstadt (CASED) and the Federal Ministry for research and development in Berlin (BMFE) has worked intensively to find a solution. The prototype the VoIP top link already successfully deploys provider and can prevent this fraud charges its own customers. IP telephony should be popular overall is a rising popularity of VoIP solutions to register. If you have read about Verizon Communications already – you may have come to the same conclusion. More and more companies opt for IP-based telephone lines, the numerous Bring advantages over traditional telephony.

Finally, no high investments in hardware are necessary, also remains a high degree of flexibility. Due to the increasing demand, the industry has responded with highly differentiated offerings. So offered now also several flat-rate models, ensuring maximum security of the budget and find so much encouragement. While the flat rates can be adapted to the requirements of the company. If a company, for example, almost entirely within Germany on the phone, a flat in the German fixed network is sufficient. Companies that Act but throughout Europe and therefore often call abroad, useful is a flat rate to European landlines. Some providers allow also a flat in the German mobile network, which can also be for some business customers interest. Also the area of SIP trunking now enjoys an increased demand.

Basically means including the technology with the IP-based telephone systems over a single account can manage many numbers. In the original SIP method, it was so that each device requires an account for each phone number. With SIP trunking, you can manage multiple extension numbers but with a single account. SIP trunking is now often used due to this key advantage. For business customers who require multiple extension numbers, SIP trunking is of great interest.

TOPLIST Of Telematics

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Telematik.TV on the transfairlog 2012 in Hamburg Telematik.TV, the sector stations, has rebuilt his studio today on the translog fair in Hamburg and charged some of the TOP providers of telematics to the interview. Already at 9:30 the lights went to in built TV Studio and only around 15:30, it passed the last TV guest. Compact the TOPLIST of telematics is rarely answered. The trade fair visitors and spectators can look forward so interesting hours with many first-hand information on six. Editor in Chief Peter Klischewsky awaited his studio guests, he will ask about the latest telematics solutions and innovative trends with. His interview partners, Managing Director of Dar + Timm include Hans-Hermann Ruschmeyer, GmbH, addressing in particular the transport and logistics sector with its solution “scomsens”. Europe Chief of the Finnish manufacturer Helpten Oy Mathias Srinu is expected, which will provide information about an interesting rental model for the German market.

Curious spectators on a veteran may be Telematics industry”? The mobileObjects AG, one of the local, long-established and one of the most successful providers of telematics, Board Member Frank Biermann in the Studio are expected. He returns to the mobile solution of mOTelematix information. Around noon, the Studio crew is the new”krone, notably Ralf Faust. Of course will be interesting to learn what new wind he will wear in the company of him personally. By FleetBoard said Jens Zeller to the station.

He is Director for international markets, logistics and distribution, and in this position very close to the user and their needs. The company Trimble sent Carsten Holtrup for an interview on the transfairlog. He answers questions about Trimble “Carcube”. As the only woman in this man team, Peter Klischewsky received the project manager of Messe Dusseldorf the trans fair logon Julia Jkamara man at the microphone. She certainly can be an overview of the current exhibition. In almost at the last minute Jens-Uwe ton said, his Managing Director the coup link group. He is most Afternoon is coming into the Studio. Interesting, also the conversation with Transics Sales Manager Heiko will Janssen, who will explain the benefits and effects of the telematics solution “TX-Connect” users. All in all an interesting and yet this sunny day in Hamburg for the TV crew and Studio guests.