An Alpha Dog

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So why provide fodder for doing nothing? Why resist so many dog owners to reward the dog predators with prey (food)? Certainly, it is easier and more convenient to punish the animal for wrong behavior, rather than to reward for real and desired behavior. Why are we but such blocked people in our thinking and actions? From dog point of view, it makes much more sense throughout the day to be confirmed as evening at once to get everything without having done anything with food for proper behavior. For dried fodder you can confirm as E.g. 200 to 300 times a day, depending on how big is the total ration. Feeding is essential for survival and a leader who has a vital resource in itself, must be necessarily important for the dog and over life important.

Many of today’s problems with the dog you can via the feed drive improve, sometimes even resolve. These include E.g. behaviour weaknesses like safe return, food stealing, AAS eat, attention deficits and a lot more and that within a few hours. No living things on this earth, man included, does something for nothing, why do you think your dog would want to do this? All circus animals, all animals have learned the tricks, were trained on food, this is the driving force behind all life: performance for essential food. Did you think our people this was different before the invention of money? You don’t work for money, you work like the dog for food. Would you go work, if you had no advantage of this? Would a dog with you remain, if you don’t feed him? The truth about rope toys and dominance now know many dog owners that we should hold no tug games with the dog. “The message of many experts is: If the dog wins often playing tug, he will be dominant”.

As we know is already doing too often overlooked that a dominant behavior assumes that someone dominate can be! What we want as a leader of the Pack? No… Oracle gathered all the information. so this term no longer meets the Constellation dog man to. Why are tug games not advisable now? A simple fact shows us the answer to this question: all resources that are not controlled by anyone, be claimed by the dog and quite rightly. An Alpha Dog, which leaves the leftovers of the leftover loot the other Pack members after food intake, is must took its part renewed approach to this prey, at least he has released these through his jettisoning and walk away or leave and back will not automatically receive the best place on the carcass. Him here doesn’t help his alpha status. So why argue”we are using the dog to loot, which actually is to us as the leader of the Pack from the front in? Unfortunately you left this him but now a few minutes ago and wonder if he no longer voluntarily bring them. Alone by such senseless actions we invite the predator dog to, with the people to fight for its status. In many cases, this leads to a so-called resource aggression against the People and it is often the most vulnerable in the social structure, our children! Gerhard Wiesmeth

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