What Is My Certificate?

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How is my work assessed and how can I recognize the notes? Jettingen, mozartwoche 2010. A double-edged issue, is for employers to issue work certificates because on the one hand, they are required to write a factually correct assessment and on the other hand, she must be also honored that a certificate should not lead, that the commencement of a new activity is denied. At best, this fact in assessing poor performance becomes clear. Remembers the employer the obligation the correct representation of an inadequate performance in the certificate, then it could be that the candidate has difficulty to get a new job. Therefore, factually correct and despite poor assessment in benevolent words work certificate must be taken. This approach smells of linguistic acrobatics and in fact is working with conservative or unambiguous descriptions. Many of the expressions used are common.

Means the assessment has always satisfaction “a very good judgment, but has” to the complete satisfaction of “a good judgment. In addition, there are complementary formulations which vary up or down an assessment for each grade. It can be bad if specific wording that should be present, are completely missing. For the uninitiated, it is to understand not just all these formulations and subtleties in their context. Professionals who phone books can be found on the Internet or in the industry give support and advice. Albert Lackner if you have any questions or advice to do so, you contact the Concilium management consultants. Here you will find expert consultants.

See concilium.de/html/presse.html or just call. Press contact: Albert Lackner, Managing Director Concilium management consultants 71131 Jettingen, Oak Wiesenstrasse 3 phone: + 49 7452 8898-0 Web: eMail: Concilium management consultants: Concilium management consultants is an internationally oriented personnel consultancy with focus on IT-oriented activities. Positions in all levels of responsibility and in any professional orientation are occupied with the methods of direct search or executive search. For positions outside the German-speaking countries we worked with a network of local partners.

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