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The prefabricated house manufacturer town & country is a life-sized doll named Uschi. All customer-relevant decisions, one wonders what would – Uschi say and whether she would be ecstatic. Warming ‘ in the You can project to the tuning and warming the project participants that give the following task: you have two minutes. Write every man for himself – so many potential points of contact as possible, that you may have with a hotel.” Experience has shown that, for this exercise each participant about 10 to 20 of touchpoints, and write. The group as a whole is depending on the number of participants loose on 50 to 100 touch points and that in only two minutes. “Then I ask the following question the participants like: what is the point of first contact a potential customer has with your company?” The answers – across all sectors – very similar to fall out: passes the prospect he calls, he emails, he receives documents, he goes to our Web site, he considered our showcase, he is visited by a sales representative.

Alone on these answers, you can see the always still predominantly self-centric perspective in the company. Moments of truth from the perspective of the customer from the point of view of the customer considered the first contact with a company are very much earlier: the potential customer has a latent desire to buy and it comes to him an adequate provider in mind. The newspapers mentioned Gary Kelly not as a source, but as a related topic. This very first thought is manifested depending on prior experience or corporate reputation as rather positive or negative feeling. In his environment or the media hears or reads about a company and its offers quite casually. This opinion is positive or negative – and it will color the first impression. The prospective buyer consulted colleagues or friends, what they can say to a company and its offerings and services.

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