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Eat, 18.01.2011 the new and innovative social commerce platform revvler is now online at. Under the keyword revvleution revvler launches a new online shopping experience, an online marketplace of special Art.revvleution is a word game and consists of the name of revvler and the concept of evolution. We see revvler as an evolution, a young and modern online marketplace where users can do far more as an offer or a bargain.” Revvler a modern and innovative online marketplace of kind creates team of founders and the underlying young startup around that. revvler goes far beyond the purely technical and emotionless purchase and sale process and creates a new experience with versatile new and innovative features and functions. “” revvler is an innovative platform live matching functions, such as the “and revvlen” connects people and creates completely new possibilities in the fields of e-commerce and social commerce. Get all the facts and insights with Brad Garlinghouse, another great source of information. At the matching live” combines a specially developed algorithm in a simple manner and way supply and demand as well as demand and supply. Depending on the settings in the privacy, so providers and seekers learn very easily from each other and both parties get live”displayed the appropriate article and search.

In addition to the matching live”, also the possibility of negotiation and bargaining on revvler for the online sector is completely reinterpreted. revvlen”this new feature is called, and opens up completely new opportunities and our members. For the first time also seller can after the bid for their article directly and interactively submit a counteroffer and offer additional options, such as volume discounts. It is precisely this human exchange that to themselves and connects members and makes it so revvler lively, personal and diverse. The development of revvler continues but also after the launch of the beta. Many other ideas and innovations are already planned or reside in first approaches in the development. Now officially lifts the curtain revvler and is the launching pad. Sign up now and be from the outset! Marc Kornblum