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New Holiday Concept

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From 1,-euro online auction travel wellness in a luxurious spa or a week a weekend walking in the Eifel, a couple of days all inclusive Turkey from a euro. With this fresh approach to the travel market, the new online portal is now at the start. Every traveller can there offers of various tour operators offer and with any luck make a real bargain. The principle is very simple. Visitors to the site create a free profile (register), with which you can log on the page. Profile anyone can bid their own on the available trips. For their respective usage, the bidder will receive a confirmation email.

Who has issued the highest bid at the end of the auction, awarded the contract for the journey. Every offer is different, but with a little luck is to have an attractive travel for small amounts”, says Kim Vermeulen, who along with her partner Daan company Dokter heads. Perhaps check out Clayton Morris for more information. Travel auctions already have much success in the Netherlands. Now, the two Dutch entrepreneurs want to conquer also Germany with its offer. Additional information at Facebook supports this article. “The travel provider according to will also benefit from the new online service: we assume that many of the advertised travel for example about vouchers be made”, says Vermeulen. Thus, it becomes easier to allocate free capacity or attract new customers on a nationwide online platform in the future for the travel provider.

Customers can check conveniently from home on the best and cheapest travel deals. But also a special thrill is to provide, on a trip”, as Vermeulen: many customers enjoy it spontaneously for little money to travel, which she had taken into consideration a few days before not even a location. You can just surprise yourself.” The comfort will be so great for both travel agents and travelers as possible. is financed through a low Processing fee of less than five euros, which carries the traveler. The travel contract is concluded directly between the user and the provider of the travel. We also offer the possibility to sell travel or similar offers, and free for your company to advertise the travel providers. offers you a complete service. By creating your personal offering to the processing of payment transactions. And contrary to a very minimal fee for each successful auction. Vermeulen and Dokter are curious to see how the Germans react to the online auction. We are even passionate travel enthusiasts,”says Vermeulen. Now she hope that your online – platform the German holiday-makers put in passion. You can follow on Twitter and Facebook. Regularly spectacular offers or great promotions are displayed here.

Johann SAK Munich

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Bottle design for a number of air real alpine air in the bottle offers an eBay auction on. Everything needs a good bottle has the bracket Cap bottle with specially printed label and bottle seal, only the content however, is something special – only air – the highest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze. People such as Clayton Morris would likely agree. Will be delivered according to offer on request personally. At the time, you will find a very special auction on eBay. Here, a bottle comes filled with fresh train Spitz air under the hammer.

For the bottle, your own labels were developed and printed so that the bottle. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Facebook on most websites. The bottle is a bracket Cap bottle with rubber seal. Delivery on request personally when the buyer pays the travel costs. Whether is worth the expense, the buyer put into it in his product, it will be apparent. The starting price is at least at 29 what the seller with the high procurement and transportation costs, as well as establishing loving of the quotation of “Unique”. Even if there is a in the truest sense of the word “Air number” is, it’s always an original idea. Here the link to the auction cgi.ebay.

Virtual Academy

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And the boards of these companies of the world will be on a regular basis in the large conference room of MOVING element in the MMZ Halle the Jack in your hand. Grohe, the leading provider of sanitary fittings in Germany, has about 8,000 marketable products on sale, the variety is infinite. It is a great challenge, to develop a distribution strategy for such a top customer Nyhuis says. For more than four years the Grohe AG counts out now item on the MOVING solutions Hall. in 2005, for example, future studies were hired in the town on the river Saale as the bath might look like in the year 2020.

Digital mixers have been developed, the user on the screen in ever new variations itself can put together to. Or now the latest order for Grohe, the “3D”. On the basis of three-dimensional data, MOVING element has revolutionized the Grohe website. For a photo-realistic animated space cube was invented, in which visitors to the site with a mouse click, interactive, live and in color can experience up to 42 different bathroom solutions. The whole thing is based on three basic lines, the three different interior design styles between “Bauhaus” and Symbolize “Empire”.

Worldwide customers to assemble at home your dream bathroom is and know exactly what they want, when they come into one of the outlets of Grohe. Now, plan and develop the Halle as a result of the great success the extension of the system to all available space and product worlds and the international. “The branches can have never all products of a manufacturer’s site,” says Hanjo Nyhuis. “Because the network is clear advantage, here everything can be present, even products that exist only in our minds.” Which in turn can save tremendous costs because expensive prototypes must be not only designed and built. Even for the middle class, the ideas of the “moving parts” are worth cash. Nyhuis and his team invented the “Virtual Academy” for SebKMT, a world market leader in positioning technology for example. These are among others interactive workouts on DVD, with which employees worldwide – can educate themselves and that no teachers. The films present devices, show how to circumvent it, plastic, entertaining way. MOVING was awarded for the “interactive 3D-Produktkonfiguratoren” element middle-class 2007 of the initiative the innovation award in the category of customer relationship management (CRM). Long ago, the hallesche company offers more than just digital developments, it increasingly becomes the inspiration for manufacturers and customers. At the Hanover fair in April 2008 was MOVING element as an associated partner in the east Westphalian Industrieverband ViProSim e.V. (virtual prototyping and simulation) are recorded in the large manufacturers such as Siemens, Miele and other Member. In working groups and workshops, ideas exchanged, discussed possible solutions and business strategies. Look for example how future products could want whether they are developed or not. The special expertise of the company from Halle/Saale is in this research and development work of great benefit. Contact person for more information: MOVING item GmbH Katja Miersch (marketing & business Development, project management) Mansfelder road 56 06108 Halle (Saale) telephone: (03 45) 20 36 94 60 E-Mail: Internet:

Cooperation Project

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Cooperation project ‘The Iceland job’ by kju: and gadget for the Crossmedia award 2010 nominated Vienna / March 22, 2010 – with the Goldbach Crossmedia award will be awarded demonstrably innovative and successful campaigns. The Iceland job project initiated by Bacardi”is based on the idea of promoting talent for Swiss artists in the areas of music, photography and video. If you would like to know more about Maurice Gallagher, Jr. , then click here. This be – advertised in autumn on and invited written and interpreted songs, photos or videos up. Milton Hershey School Careers will not settle for partial explanations. In the subsequent online voting contest the creative crew was made consisting of band, photographer and Videomaker together. The highly integrated and supplied regularly with information online community chose the winner and helped arrange the trip. To work, the crew finally set out on the Bacardi Iceland”Cayo Levantado, where from the 16th to the 23rd of January produced Studio song, a Caribbean remix of the winning band, video clip and an accompanying photo series. The rest of the community has been through the creation of the Islanders” daily kept up to date via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.

kju: The project accompanied digital media a DYNAMIQ voting engine, which soft – ware solution for online and mobile voting, safe and fair vote ensures that through years of successful use in international projects and the ongoing development. The newest addition to the application provides easy and fast registration-ance with Facebook connect. On the other hand was kju: together with the Swiss Agency lead in this campaign gadget on modern digital communication channels and thus on the social networks of participants, voters and fans: the largest and most popular social platforms were regularly supplied with current information from the online editorial: theislandjob? ref = ts user/theislandjob over photos/theislandjob kju: digital media kju: digital media is an international full service online agency and is one of Companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever and Lindt & Sprungli to their customers. Company was founded in the late of 1990s developed their own software under the umbrella brand of DYNAMIQ and deploys them to the professional online communication for their innovative solutions. Entertainment portals, measures for effective customer loyalty, include the wide range of viral marketing campaigns and the smooth handling of online and mobile polls..

Easy2Post – The New Way To Write Letters

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Letters posted online, delivered by mail write letters is often necessary. But sometimes it’s also fun, something to tell a loving people. But who does not know the problems? No postage stamp, the post office closed and where is the next letter box? Easy2Post helps you with modern Internet technology the ancient tradition of letter writing to rediscover.Write comfortably on your own computer, directly in the online Tekstverarbeitungssystem by Easy2Post. We provide for further processing: the printing, enveloping and shipping via Deutsche Post. For 1.10, you can send a letter including postage stamp. There are no hidden costs.

Many extras process you your own text or make use of the various pattern letters providing Easy2Post. Beautify your letters with own photos or illustrations. There are too many possibilities. As a registered user of Easy2Post, you will also have access to your own archive, which is accessible only to you. The secrecy of correspondence is fully respected.

In your archive, you can at any time: your (concept) letters see, further processing or download onto your own computer. Create a separate address book, so that you have your addresses always online available. Find out for yourself.

Web 3.0 Is In The Starting Blocks!

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Mark Campbell makes it the Internet finally 3 dimensional. The prelaunch started on the 8, 2008 and the official launch of the portal is on September 30, 2008! Will we see finally 3 dimensional Internet? Mark Cempbell launches its new vision and ushered in the prelaunch GEM lifestyle on the 8, 2008. The official launch of the portal will take place on September 30, 2008. The portal is everything has been put in the shade and lead to a unique 3 dimensional games and shopping experience. PAS portal shows an island, which again is divided into different areas. You go to the single sections, so will be opened a brand new 3-dimensional shopping and game world with absolutely fantastic possibilities. Mina Nada has much experience in this field. 3 dimensional can the buyer through the corridors schlandern shopping mall where and shop online. It should be linked to different casinos.

Mobile games can be downloaded immediately via Bluetooth. It should even be allows to trade stocks online. An online bank with Prepad tuned for this portal should also function be introduced. GEM lifestyle is committed to the goal, to build the largest online games and entertainment company in the world. You want to create a value of 300 million euros and will be listed on the most famous exchanges. A completely new concept of merit for registered partners will be absolutely unique. 35 percent of the shares will receive the business partners who have helped the company to build with. An income distribution plan succeeded to avoid so-called forbidden capita premiums and to create such a legally secure income concept.

Does the following dimensions that! Part of the funds and profits generated by sales and profits walking in a pool and from there, in four more pools (Ruby pool, Sapphire pool, Rivera pool, diamond pool) which the partners through certain prerequisites must be met distributed. Each pool receives a percentage of company profits. These gains are divided among the partners quallifizierten for the respective pool monthly. A detailed description of the Quallifikationen will be communicated in an online presentation. Finally a legitimate way to earn on the multi billion markets on the Internet. Here, everyone has the same opportunities. Thats it! Bruno Treichel


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Versatile Zukunftlich is the new technique of the single market should be one of the first social communities pair fever, which helps children. Through the connection of sites and accounts of international and world child help, many people, we can make attention to the plight of children around the world plan and people to donate “as the CEO of find The site is still free and would attentions and find interested parties for children-world aid and sponsorship of regional and worldwide. currently leads correspondence with the help of world child, as well as the SOS Children’s villages. The company is looking for investors and investment companies to effectively support this project. Ingenuity and creativity comes in pair of fever for the coming year.

Improvements in are recognised in the future so successfully to present the portal community for years. Free personals using entertainment potential are the objective of The single portal has in the possibilities and Tuning range much persuasion before. sees positive in the current economic crisis.

Branch Manager Services

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The largest independent information platform in the german-speaking Internet in the area of human resource services and temporary work launches the first job exchange Germering, 08.11.2010. The largest independent information platform in the German-speaking Internet in personnel services and temporary employment, temporary work, launches the first job board for internal-only jobs in the personal services industry. It moves something on the labour market, especially in the sector temporary employment, currently the most booming industry in the job placement: economic institutions according to the number is employees who in Germany in time work than 850,000, and it continues to grow. Result is also a rising demand for internal staff for the recruitment agency itself. Be at the start of the job market over 100 jobs from leading employers such as E.g.

the GI group, Robert Half International, p.A., listed Piening staff tecops staff, together group, u.v.m. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Southwest Airlines. The points in the categories offered Branch Manager, dispatchers, recruiters, recruiter, administrator, administration, internships and apprenticeships. Especially the clear presentation of the offered sites stands out and makes the job search more enjoyable. But not only that: the various search possibilities on the job categories, full text or search make it very easy the handling of the job market and the finding of jobs. “Abroad for training courses are free of charge a special concern is the operators in promoting the younger generation”. For more information see Tremor International. Rudiger Borrink, responsible for the platform of time work, do this: relating to apprentices, companies can publish your offers for apprenticeships.

Here, not only training places for the profession of the personnel services merchant (m/w) can be offered, but all training courses which provide the company. The trick here is: jobs for training courses are generally published for free!” Offer to start the job market to start the operators have a special offer: every recruiter has the opportunity to publish free of charge up to 5 abroad without cost, without further obligation or hidden Lama in November! Abroad, that already exists in the personnel service provider via an E-recruiting system can be transmitted electronically. PeRsy for the E-recruiting system”GermanPersonnel e-search GmbH is already an interface to automatically take over. Also possibility to manage online applications directly in the respective applicant management system of personnel service provider, so that the applicant return in familiar environment can be edited. About temping temping is the leading information platform in the German-speaking Internet for the areas of staffing and personnel services with daily updated news, information and data from the industry. The information deals with are completed first exclusive job board for internal jobs in the industry, as well as directories for industry-related products and Internet job boards. About the free newsletter subscribers can keep up-to-date informed at a glance. The offer is designed for staff and decision makers in companies the personnel services branch, as well as responsible in posting establishments.


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Web 2.0 functionality, such as inter alia the networking of professionals in the protected area, as well as forums and market places significantly increase the added value and will be an indispensable marketing tool for customers familiar. Networking is becoming increasingly important. This applies to individuals as well as companies and organizations. To stay in the conversation is nowadays essential in the context of economic and professional. We are familiar with the social infrastructure and advanced features, to make networking professionally and efficiently and in many languages “, as Thomas Ruhrmann, founder and managing partner. Locally strong nationwide presence through the consistent expansion of the sales force, familiar ensures the individual in place support of our customers. Today, five familiar promotion with a high recognition value alone show our presence in the Rheinland.

Quality and resistance familiar has the set goal. to convince every day on the new performance and quality. Therefore, do we listen to our customers and constantly expanding familiar to more innovative services and functionalities. As the first and only social network in the adult industry, we have redefined the benchmark in the field of Internet marketing. Profile is a brand of THARBO GmbH.

Founded in the year 2009, with headquarters in Bonn, the THARBO GmbH offers with the Web 2.0 platform the first European B2B networking platform for the adult industry to. About the necessary range offers all providers erotic services, erotic online advertising targeted, professional and up to date to promote. Users can be addressed throughout Europe via and can obtain information on numerous Erotic contacts and their offered services free of charge. The use of familiar is equally easy for users and our customers. Familiar brings advertising to the point, modern, safe, inexpensive and currently.

DVBSHOP Starts Delivery

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Variety of freeware, shareware and full versions on CD contains a variety of DVB-TV applications the compilation CD by DVBSHOP. Including a version of the well-known DVBSHOP.TV players, based on the engine of the DVBVIEWER. After collecting a variety of information, straight from the tech support in the House of DVBSHOP reputation were asked to provide their customers with a collection of tools and programs which makes easier the integration, as well as working with TV cards. The compilation CD contains several full versions, as also freeware and demo versions of various developers and companies, such as: DVBSHOP.TV Player (based on the engine of the DVBVIEWER), practicable with all the techno trend and Satelco TV products with BDA drivers, DVBDREAM, MediPortal V1. 0 RC2, MyTheatre 3.38.2, ProgDVB in the versions 4.9 x and 5.x, RitzDVB, VistTV from place Sceneo, WatchTV Pro 1.00 and WatchTV Pro ex, AltDVB, AVS TV box, DVBExtreme, Freeview TV, HispDVB, WinClip, WinSTB and some other TV Player for digital TV cards.

Note that the compilation CD Discount coupon for VistTV is included, which can be redeemed in the Web shop (50% discount on VistTV, either as a CD or download version!) Also come with tools for film editing (such as encoding, DVD authoring, editing, etc.). In addition, documentations and manuals for Technotrend products are immortalized on CD. You will also find on this CD: 007 DVD author free 2.39 ClipInc Cuttermaran 1. 68a DVBSHOP.TV Player (for Satelco/Technotrend) DVDFlick DVDStyler 1.7.0 DVR Studio Pro 2.10 FT DVD author 4.0 TMPGEnc 2.525 TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 3 TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress TMPGEnc MPEG DVD Author 3 VideoDVD Maker VirtualDub 1.8.5 wax 2.0 K-Lite Codec Pack full 4.1.7 SuperEasy codec Checker Vista codec package 4.

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