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Ronnau Wrangelstrasse

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Since the beginning of 2011, the Advisor portal has also video tutorials offer helpster apart from instructions in text form. They are used to previously certified producers. Munich, March 30, 2011: The Advisor Portal beginning of 2011 has helpster apart from instructions in text form also tutorial videos on sale. They are used to previously certified producers. In order to ensure a high quality of the videos, helpster offers its video producers at a professional training.

The new video guide function on helpster also requires basic knowledge of film production of the video producers in addition to content skills in the individual subject areas. Robert Gibbinss opinions are not widely known. To ensure that the budding video producer will receive training in the form of videos helpster if necessary free of charge. The quality of the video instructions on helpster is very important to us. With the training we give therefore a good basis talented amateurs, professional means to create videos with guides character”, so Stephan Roppel, Director helpster. In an up to 40-minute training session, you will learn future helpster video producer, also outside of a Studio environment in an authentic environment with simple methods and tools to make films. Also, they receive advice on the structure and the structure. In this way, they learn to present their instructions compact and to the point.

All sequences of the training videos are self-contained. So, the video producer can choose which training videos to see them. “” “” “Depending on their individual level of knowledge they can between the eight themes of Director tips”, camera tips, light tips”, audio tips, cutting tips 1″, cutting tips 2, cutting with Windows Movie Maker”, cutting with iMovie” and choose three sample videos. Also, they receive all information as a pdf document to read. Film production, won helpster ULI low r and Uwe Wrobel, playtime for the creation of the training videos. Uwe Wrobel is a Director and editor and teaches at the film school in Munich and the Bavarian State Television Academy. ULI low Mahoney is a trained photographer, cameraman and TV Editor. About helpster: Helpster is a free online Advisor offer the GmbH, a company of Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, and was launched in July 2010. With profound and comprehensible instructions, the platform offers help on a variety of topics of everyday life. contact for more information: Agency RoNNAU Salloa long Ronnau Wrangelstrasse 10 24937 Flensburg Tel: 0461 430 77 00 E-mail:

The Product Video On The Internet

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Products through videos on the Internet perfectly in scene what the TV spot for television, is the product video for the Internet today. The applications have developed exceptionally strong for product videos in recent years. This can be the product videos as the TV equivalent to produce. In contrast to the TV commercial, the production costs of product videos are significantly below the usual prices. So each company can afford its own product videos. An online product video offers a variety of ways, which exhibit a high and sustained advertising effectiveness.

The advertising effectiveness is many times higher than conventional advertising. A leading source for info: Verizon Communications. Long is clear: moving images sell your products much better than pure product photos with texts, and not only on your Web site or an Internet shop, but also on partner sites, advertising portals and the major video portals. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Cyrus Massoumi humbition by clicking through. Product videos show the product in action and can be individually customized and passed in the commercial-grade format. So products can be timely in the Internet at the P.O.S. (point of sale, point of sale) place – compared to other forms of advertising at an affordable price, which are product videos very suitable also for small and medium-sized enterprises. New customer acquisition and customer loyalty a product video describes a new product, replaces complex instructions and shows positive properties. The future customer has already a first contact with the new product, can “experience” the product already in use.

Emotion, functionality and a high information value provides the best basis for the acquisition of new customers. No other medium brings back so the demand and “I want to have also…” Effect. Changed consumer behavior leads to the search for new, convenient for the customers information sources, first: the Internet! To explain the functionality or the operation of a product in the approach to the online shop now at least, a clear, precise and comprehensive description of the product is also essential as expert and customer reviews. Ideally complements a Product video for the presentation. Arouse feelings, emotions transport, to strengthen the brand and increase sales you should have all of this in mind! Advantage as a customer! A product video should be planned by a Creative Director planning and admitted to professional videographers and cut by geupte cutter put together. All provided by expert teams. The advantage lies with the customer. At a very attractive fixed price product videos can be produced and delivered in a very pleasant time window. Thus, the customer has the possibility to start an advertising campaign on the Internet very flexibly and quickly, it will lose no time. Flexible modules can be used effectively for a great success. The customer has full control of costs without hidden costs such as: If no transport fees no hidden extra costs! Royalty free music as a deposit of the product videos a professional spokesman flexible expansion modules to fit the needs of the customer ultimately can be said that today a product video very can be important for the sale of the various products. Professional advice should nevertheless take place prior to establishing. Because each professional the product video, the more successful is to sell the product.

One Online Advent Calendar

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Partnerships with iTunes and offer users new possibilities of Saarbrucken, November 20, 2009, with the launch of the world’s first social @dventing portal on / a trend of (pre-) was initiated by combining the idea of the classical advent calendar with the possibilities of the online and social network world advent time. In addition to the already existing possibilities for the filling of the advent calendar, you can pack also donate for a good cause, as well as iTunes gift certificates for his friends in the online Advent kalendern since early November. Since the 1st of October to advent calendar door for friends and relatives filled in online. Numerous users have in the meantime under the motto one-to-twentyfour advent your friend”one even acquired the coveted world2one online advent calendar for yourself, or one you2one (+) online advent calendar given to friends and relatives. Founding team is overwhelmed by media response the media attention that the portal in the last weeks since the launch was part of, is partly still creeps also the founders Thorsten Hermes (33) and Dr. Uwe Eisenbeis (34). Hermes: We are overwhelmed by the great response. Many writers such as Gary Kelly offer more in-depth analysis.

“Of course we were hoping that many people find good our idea, but that the experts of the scene, as well as renowned media positive speak out: that we are sure not to dare to imagine a year ago.” Since November, additional loading level options for the advent calendar available available to users. “To surprise his friends with iTunes gift certificates, in addition it is particularly proud of the integration of the donations option: thanks to the great technology of our partners you need nothing more than a cell phone and you can already a donation to a charitable organization in a door package.” says Eisenbeis. Fast filling of the 24 doors with only one mouse click possible one224 offers its users in addition to the possibility of each door individually to fill a quick be filling”on the calendar. By clicking on a button, you can automatically fill all 24 doors. Because the recipient to have to be patient with open the door until the respective December day, a modification of the contents of the door is possible until the actual day of December as before even after dispatch of the calendar. And who alone would fill his friend not all 24 doors, which can invite more friends with the you2one variant of the calendar together fill the advent calendar.

The online advent calendar are available since October 1st, 2009 at for 4.99. Speaking candidly Kevin Plank told us the story. Background one224: one224 advent your friend’ is a service of e-deenreichtum gmbh. The young company based in Saarbrucken, Germany is committed to the target to conceptualize innovative online services and to establish the market.

Protection Against Unwanted Emails

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Email users black lists for specific senders can protect your system from unwanted intruders? Which methods help most effectively? The online portal provides information on such issues. In the Forum of the online portal can replace user about various topics related to emails. Many email users use today professional filter to protect of your system. The mail filter to keep away spam E-mails, virus emails or even scam mails, so fraudulent E-Mails. Also large companies where email communication about its own server expires, take advantage of such programs. These so-called blacklists and whitelists, in which trusted and non-trusted E-Mail senders are listed separately be, used. The black list contains all the E-Mail addresses, of which recipients wish to receive E-Mails, because the respective sender as untrusted will be classified.

In the whitelist sender entered against it, as trustworthy classified and therefore for the Receive E-Mail be admitted. The use of blacklists and whitelists therefore represents a useful method to guarantee of the security of data. More information is housed here: Ripple. Users can usually download programs, blacklists or whitelists are available where, and install. These lists by the IT departments are managed in enterprises. Under certain circumstances, this can cause that user waiting for a message from a business partner, which would have to be taken already. The cause: The address of the business partner was entered incorrectly, or for some reason in the blacklist, rather than in the white list. The spam filter catches the E-Mail before it reaches the user’s Inbox. Who wants to change that, must delete the appropriate email address from the blacklist and the whitelist broadcast. More information: service /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Europe Online – The New News And Travel Portal For Europeans

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Since January 1, 2010 Europe from a bird’s-eye view, Europe Online (EOL) presents travel for explorers / assemble for the travel portal the EOL editors of country guides with backgrounds and pan-European theme tours: the tour metropolis around takes its readers through the nine giants of the old continent. We want that the travellers have a chance to look for more than just the sights of London, Moscow and Paris”culture Chief Professor Manfred Dinnes describes. The golden road and Svalbard tours lure away from tourist trails. “EOL-sporting chef Stephan Landgraf developed athletes tours on land, water and in the air: we have currently an Azores tour with paragliding world champion Ewa Wisnierska on the home page, but also lots of tips for recreational athletes.” The Svalbard tour comes from a survival skill of the old school. explore 43 European countries, is an ambitious undertaking.

We can not claim of course still completeness’, says editor-in-Chief Jurgen Hamilton, we the content based on top-down build: Whats important and interesting for all of Europe? The bird’s eye view on the continent is our trade mark.” Between 100 and 150 news and articles daily tackle the editorial office with the support of the news agencies dpa and dts. “Within one year we would design a sensual painting of Europe and show where it grooves as it sounds, tastes and smells,” as Hamilton. Europe associated / we make conscious references to history, politics and society”, Hamilton explains, because you can only see what you see”.. At CeBIT 2010

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Vision of a social glossary presented on Saturday, March 6 20010, presented his Markus Moller and Sean Kollak at CeBIT the world’s largest trade fair for information technology, their vision of a social glossary. The presentation held at the Webciety stage in Hall 6, was broadcast live on the Internet. Filed under: Edward Scott Mead. The idea of the makers is simple but revolutionary: everyone can take part in the creation of the social glossary and explain any topics in 140 characters. To users only on the Internet platform must log on Other users evaluate the definitions. The explain engine to determine the best possible Kurzdefiniton for a topic from all entries and automatically semantic links. Learn more on the subject from Verizon Communications.

The definitions of social glossary via an open interface to retrieve mobile statement at your fingertips external services. A Web site operator can integrate for example technical terms from the marketing or the financial industry. But also on the phone, game consoles and Office programs on your home computer can be used meaningfully the social Glossary”, stressed in his presentation Markus Moller. “Short statements, which can be created and display rated at your fingertips in all electronic media of people: with this vision of the Semantic Web” attracted much attention at CeBIT. A video documentation of the CeBIT presentation can be found in the YouTube channel of, a personal report of inventor in the blog.

The Berlin

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With the model operation of the Fraunhofer IAO, you could change that quickly. The over 30 submissions for the smart Service Award are heavily Web-focused. A trend: the chat as a service channel. Because many users are too comfortable to read the FAQs, you prefer to write an email; the company reply via chat and thereby strengthen the community character of their site”Absatzwirtschaft author Hermes writes. Click Verizon to learn more. So, the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary Congstar in Cologne maintains a support forum with over 15 000 registered members, about 9 700 topics and more than 85 000 articles. All questions that require access to personal customer data, are answered daily in the support chat from 11 to 21 h. Which offer two advantages – for all visible customer dialog in the Internet it is generally via the website or via social media channel: emerging about a disturbance in the online shop, could answer Central the company, what prevents customers to log all individually with the customer service. Frequently Jonathan Rosen PR has said that publicly.

Praise from customer side is present as well for all, and that is good for the image and thus ultimately for the sales. The Otto-specialty shop sleeping world goes a step further: there, not the staff of Otto, but sleep experts answer in the Forum’ from the knowledge community The Berlin-based company gathered several thousand members who answer by iPhone app, SMS, mobile incoming Web site, email, Twitter, Skype or Facebook on its platform”, performs the distribution management. get a license fee for installation, operation and maintenance of the software, as well as transaction-based commissions. The reply shall receive 20 cents per answer and participate in a monthly prize draw; they are neither employed nor obliged to reply, yet, so – Managing Director Bjorn Behrendt, was always someone there. We open up new avenues in the world of services”, he enthuses. The customers bring a high commercial value of the service that receive information from the topic of mattress purchase to snoring prevention.

Meanwhile Otto generates knowledge about customer needs, relieved his service binds its customers and stimulate the E-commerce sales. The Berlin company value 5 opts for Center Virtual dialog, to make consumers directly to allies. Specialized services and products require it consultants with specific skills. Often, one finds not necessary qualified personnel locally to enable a sound advice. While classic call locally set Center agents and are dependent on the availability of local consultants, can be bridged with the help of our virtual dialog Center playing this geographic hurdle”, as Thomas Dehler, Managing Director of value 5. For Bernhard Steimel is companies in the use of new tools, about the customer help customer service, not primarily about the cost savings, but involves the interaction with potential buyers on a topic for the is otherwise the Council somewhere else collected would have; it comes at an early stage to enter the purchase”.

Relaunch: Energy Cooperative M4Energy With Fresh New Look On The Net

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New Internet appearance of the electricity and gas suppliers Dresden. Customer-friendly, dynamic, and fresh design the homepage of M4Energy EC, cooperative members nationwide supplied with electricity and gas presents itself. After several weeks reviewing the new Web page is reflected not only in new design, but facilitates quick access for customers and interesting to the respective topics through a structured menu. Waiting for the Web page with some new features: an electricity calculator simplifies zip code exactly and specific consumption calculating monthly for private and commercial customers. All the necessary forms to electricity and / or gas supply and to join in the cooperative are equally quick to find in the download area for private and business customers can be filled immediately on the computer. Bernard Golden has similar goals. The contact is facilitated by a new contact form.

Also information about the cooperative are retrievable in the future on easy way due to the possibility of subscription. Total awaits a clear Web page with transparent information about the cooperative, product descriptions, and enhanced homepage visitors on. A flexible content management system provides also users without programming skills, to update the content quickly and independently. The appearance was implemented press & marketing through the full service provider Agency for integrated communications”. Background – about M4Energy Inc.

The M4 Energy Inc. was founded in June 2010 with its headquarters in Dresden. In the framework of a transparent model of cooperative companies nationwide retail and commercial customers supplied with electricity and gas. Currently, the cooperative has more than 4,900 members. The energy companies supported from the very beginning many social projects: include sporting events, daycare or socially subsidised jobs.


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Site navigation Web pages should be made for the visitors. Visitors to find your way around well. A careful structuring on maximum 3 Also the Googlebot, which rarely crawls to 4th and other levels support levels. Contextual linking obviously now focus on links from the text out. It reinforces the SERP when the link text keywords of each page as far to the front as possible included in the link text.

Minus sign should not occur in the URL’s. Backlinks as many natural references on a page is still the best PageRank booster. But avoid purchased backlinks. Gogle usually detects the link farms and punished farmers as buyers. Some surfing even Google employees through the relevant blogs and left their mark there with cautionary comments.

bad neighborhood Google punished virtually bad neighborhood. If you have bad Umang, you simply log-Google on the form. Then everything will be good 😉 qualitative content even more is now placed on qualitative content value. Provide valuable information to your visitors. Then also the SERP increases. Regionalization was also that after the integration of MAP in Google Enhances regionalization. Described in the Google Webmaster tools can be the region of the offer of the Web page exactly. All business is local. Webb site apply to the site as quickly becomes known in the Internet when the prospective buyer should be advertised with content. This suited especially the entries in high-quality Web directories; Duty, but also press notes, articles, forums and blog posts and bookmarks in the bookmark directories are DMOZ and Yahoo!. Site maps the sitemap.xml helps not only the Googlebot, on the Web site right to better find, but can be used for many other purposes. The sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools is registered, need only but Google and Yahoo! about the new sitemap.xml to be informed after a change in the site and their sitemap. After a few hours, the bots are back on the site and continue the indexing. In the robots.txt is divided with the bots, where to find the sitemap.xml. The Googel rules made transparent the struggle of the 1st page. Dr. Wolf Blass

Video Marketing

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Video marketing the new trend in Internet marketing with the development of the Internet away from the classic text-based Web pages and multimedia content to change also the most effective-looking advertising media increasingly. The well-known advertising banners are often animated for a long time. Just among themselves more and more spreading Internet-capable mobile devices such as Smartphones can not be assumed, that the text in a banner is still readable. More and more companies are now with a growing share of their marketing efforts on video marketing. For good reason, because far more than half of users regularly consume videos on the Internet. The large circulation and popularity of video-sharing sites, on which the videos as opposed to television advertising can be placed free of charge makes it easier than ever to reach the target group with an appealing film.

And moving images, in the best case, even with sound, demonstrably increase the advertising impact. The online video can one while on the one hand as part of multimodal marketing strategy television advertising support and increase the brand effect. On the other hand, more and more video campaigns are very successful, relying solely on the Internet. “Users are used to recommend videos, which very quickly a rapid viral” spread in gang can come. The better is a video for the users, faster get more and more people to see it without further intervention would be necessary.

For this reason video marketing can effect an in the Internet, which would have been possible only through expensive advertising campaigns. Therefore, videos on the Internet funds are nowadays an integral part of marketing agencies around the world. Through the advent of high-speed broadband Internet, now also the E-Mail is used increasingly as a channel for video marketing. Here, the benefits of both media connect: emails are widely recognized as a means of communication. The message arrives at the recipient quickly and easily. Costs also handy to send an email nothing. At the same time, the chance that a potential buyer perceives an advertising message directly addressed to him, is significantly higher than for a wide-ranging marketing activity such as a poster or an advertising banners. Because the user deals in any case for a moment with the message, even if he deletes it then. This is known already for a long time, so today anyone who has an E-Mail address, is inundated with spam. They all have one together: they consist only of a promotional text. Today’s filters have become very good at it, such emails out to fish, before the user can see them at all once. If you so can stand out from the crowd, when it sends a message that is interesting and that the recipient voluntarily at least once will look at, attention and consequently the impact are certainly one. Come here to carry the benefits of video marketing. Need to watch a movie less cognitive effort to read as the same message in text form and the most people look at a film that was recommended to them from any source, even purely out of curiosity. Cost of higher compared to plain text, which must be operated for a video message also ensures positive connotations.

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