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With the model operation of the Fraunhofer IAO, you could change that quickly. The over 30 submissions for the smart Service Award are heavily Web-focused. A trend: the chat as a service channel. Because many users are too comfortable to read the FAQs, you prefer to write an email; the company reply via chat and thereby strengthen the community character of their site”Absatzwirtschaft author Hermes writes. Click Verizon to learn more. So, the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary Congstar in Cologne maintains a support forum with over 15 000 registered members, about 9 700 topics and more than 85 000 articles. All questions that require access to personal customer data, are answered daily in the support chat from 11 to 21 h. Which offer two advantages – for all visible customer dialog in the Internet it is generally via the website or via social media channel: emerging about a disturbance in the online shop, could answer Central the company, what prevents customers to log all individually with the customer service. Frequently Jonathan Rosen PR has said that publicly.

Praise from customer side is present as well for all, and that is good for the image and thus ultimately for the sales. The Otto-specialty shop sleeping world goes a step further: there, not the staff of Otto, but sleep experts answer in the Forum’ from the knowledge community The Berlin-based company gathered several thousand members who answer by iPhone app, SMS, mobile incoming Web site, email, Twitter, Skype or Facebook on its platform”, performs the distribution management. get a license fee for installation, operation and maintenance of the software, as well as transaction-based commissions. The reply shall receive 20 cents per answer and participate in a monthly prize draw; they are neither employed nor obliged to reply, yet, so – Managing Director Bjorn Behrendt, was always someone there. We open up new avenues in the world of services”, he enthuses. The customers bring a high commercial value of the service that receive information from the topic of mattress purchase to snoring prevention.

Meanwhile Otto generates knowledge about customer needs, relieved his service binds its customers and stimulate the E-commerce sales. The Berlin company value 5 opts for Center Virtual dialog, to make consumers directly to allies. Specialized services and products require it consultants with specific skills. Often, one finds not necessary qualified personnel locally to enable a sound advice. While classic call locally set Center agents and are dependent on the availability of local consultants, can be bridged with the help of our virtual dialog Center playing this geographic hurdle”, as Thomas Dehler, Managing Director of value 5. For Bernhard Steimel is companies in the use of new tools, about the customer help customer service, not primarily about the cost savings, but involves the interaction with potential buyers on a topic for the is otherwise the Council somewhere else collected would have; it comes at an early stage to enter the purchase”.

Relaunch: Energy Cooperative M4Energy With Fresh New Look On The Net

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New Internet appearance of the electricity and gas suppliers Dresden. Customer-friendly, dynamic, and fresh design the homepage of M4Energy EC, cooperative members nationwide supplied with electricity and gas presents itself. After several weeks reviewing the new Web page is reflected not only in new design, but facilitates quick access for customers and interesting to the respective topics through a structured menu. Waiting for the Web page with some new features: an electricity calculator simplifies zip code exactly and specific consumption calculating monthly for private and commercial customers. All the necessary forms to electricity and / or gas supply and to join in the cooperative are equally quick to find in the download area for private and business customers can be filled immediately on the computer. Bernard Golden has similar goals. The contact is facilitated by a new contact form.

Also information about the cooperative are retrievable in the future on easy way due to the possibility of subscription. Total awaits a clear Web page with transparent information about the cooperative, product descriptions, and enhanced homepage visitors on. A flexible content management system provides also users without programming skills, to update the content quickly and independently. The appearance was implemented press & marketing through the full service provider Agency for integrated communications”. Background – about M4Energy Inc.

The M4 Energy Inc. was founded in June 2010 with its headquarters in Dresden. In the framework of a transparent model of cooperative companies nationwide retail and commercial customers supplied with electricity and gas. Currently, the cooperative has more than 4,900 members. The energy companies supported from the very beginning many social projects: include sporting events, daycare or socially subsidised jobs.


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Site navigation Web pages should be made for the visitors. Visitors to find your way around well. A careful structuring on maximum 3 Also the Googlebot, which rarely crawls to 4th and other levels support levels. Contextual linking obviously now focus on links from the text out. It reinforces the SERP when the link text keywords of each page as far to the front as possible included in the link text.

Minus sign should not occur in the URL’s. Backlinks as many natural references on a page is still the best PageRank booster. But avoid purchased backlinks. Gogle usually detects the link farms and punished farmers as buyers. Some surfing even Google employees through the relevant blogs and left their mark there with cautionary comments.

bad neighborhood Google punished virtually bad neighborhood. If you have bad Umang, you simply log-Google on the form. Then everything will be good 😉 qualitative content even more is now placed on qualitative content value. Provide valuable information to your visitors. Then also the SERP increases. Regionalization was also that after the integration of MAP in Google Enhances regionalization. Described in the Google Webmaster tools can be the region of the offer of the Web page exactly. All business is local. Webb site apply to the site as quickly becomes known in the Internet when the prospective buyer should be advertised with content. This suited especially the entries in high-quality Web directories; Duty, but also press notes, articles, forums and blog posts and bookmarks in the bookmark directories are DMOZ and Yahoo!. Site maps the sitemap.xml helps not only the Googlebot, on the Web site right to better find, but can be used for many other purposes. The sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools is registered, need only but Google and Yahoo! about the new sitemap.xml to be informed after a change in the site and their sitemap. After a few hours, the bots are back on the site and continue the indexing. In the robots.txt is divided with the bots, where to find the sitemap.xml. The Googel rules made transparent the struggle of the 1st page. Dr. Wolf Blass

Video Marketing

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Video marketing the new trend in Internet marketing with the development of the Internet away from the classic text-based Web pages and multimedia content to change also the most effective-looking advertising media increasingly. The well-known advertising banners are often animated for a long time. Just among themselves more and more spreading Internet-capable mobile devices such as Smartphones can not be assumed, that the text in a banner is still readable. Here, Scott Mead expresses very clear opinions on the subject. More and more companies are now with a growing share of their marketing efforts on video marketing. For good reason, because far more than half of users regularly consume videos on the Internet. The large circulation and popularity of video-sharing sites, on which the videos as opposed to television advertising can be placed free of charge makes it easier than ever to reach the target group with an appealing film.

And moving images, in the best case, even with sound, demonstrably increase the advertising impact. The online video can one while on the one hand as part of multimodal marketing strategy television advertising support and increase the brand effect. On the other hand, more and more video campaigns are very successful, relying solely on the Internet. “Users are used to recommend videos, which very quickly a rapid viral” spread in gang can come. The better is a video for the users, faster get more and more people to see it without further intervention would be necessary.

For this reason video marketing can effect an in the Internet, which would have been possible only through expensive advertising campaigns. Therefore, videos on the Internet funds are nowadays an integral part of marketing agencies around the world. Through the advent of high-speed broadband Internet, now also the E-Mail is used increasingly as a channel for video marketing. Here, the benefits of both media connect: emails are widely recognized as a means of communication. The message arrives at the recipient quickly and easily. Costs also handy to send an email nothing. At the same time, the chance that a potential buyer perceives an advertising message directly addressed to him, is significantly higher than for a wide-ranging marketing activity such as a poster or an advertising banners. Because the user deals in any case for a moment with the message, even if he deletes it then. This is known already for a long time, so today anyone who has an E-Mail address, is inundated with spam. They all have one together: they consist only of a promotional text. Today’s filters have become very good at it, such emails out to fish, before the user can see them at all once. If you so can stand out from the crowd, when it sends a message that is interesting and that the recipient voluntarily at least once will look at, attention and consequently the impact are certainly one. Come here to carry the benefits of video marketing. Need to watch a movie less cognitive effort to read as the same message in text form and the most people look at a film that was recommended to them from any source, even purely out of curiosity. Cost of higher compared to plain text, which must be operated for a video message also ensures positive connotations.

Udo On

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It remains open whether this mass-produced actually remember customers sell can be, if she already feil is available at each “corner”, the substantive qualities and the benefits for the reader just to mention? Amazingly we read but very little is known about the huge disappointments, that had to happen to the stated shop operators. Most likely the reason that many in the Nachinein it be ashamed, just as stupid as they could be completely blue-eyed fall on any promises. Because it’s in reality so, still too little awareness there around the theme “Make money with eBooks”, thus the “black sheep” of the industry by everyone immediately recognized can, author Elke Reihl took the issue under the magnifying glass. They discussed all dishonest methods that currently determine the market, and how to separate the “wheat from the chaff” in their guide. Bernard Golden is likely to increase your knowledge. In addition, make them aware that, what consciousness changes both are necessary for consumers, as well as Ebookshopbetreibern, so that “cheaters” have no chance and thus disappear from the market. A recommended read for anyone who buys on the Internet or sold. To order this report as an eBook titled “The eBook case” under, one of the reputable shops that still exist is the motto, “Quality has absolute priority” has committed. A multi-page free sample eBook trap (PDF file) is available for all interested visitors. More information on this topic can also on “RatgeberNews-blog – help insider knowledge to take self responsibility (URL: – read and commented also on request.” Udo On houses

Usability Is Very Important

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DIGITAL MEDIA will be with the company Baseplus an interesting partner solutions for large corporations and medium-sized businesses who searches for successful implementation of Internet solutions in the Dusseldorf area. The provider is gone with his new site online a few days ago and leaves nothing to be desired taste website. The Internet Agency Baseplus appears at many entries in Google and has to compete in the greater Dusseldorf over the years. The references of the Agency are considered so projects for enterprises; can be found from major corporations to medium-sized customers much is visible. In addition, an extended reference list upon request can be requested. They then actually came within just a few minutes via email and provided more interesting projects.

The newly designed websites of Baseplus company in the field of usability are quite interesting, because many performances of this provider include a so-called express request. These will be sent by the Internet Agency Baseplus so in the home involved, that the visitors literally “is seduced” to send a request. The news of the party system seems whatever current to be held and provides interesting topics with indication of sources. The design of Web sites and corporate design but also individual programming and search engine optimization in the portfolio of the company Baseplus is located in first line. When entering “Webdesign Dusseldorf”, we have also found in Google and found the provider even in the first place. Testimonials stating company name and the senior decision-maker responsible for the opinion of Baseplus complete the offer of the company and make the provider. The naming of the company Baseplus is explained on the website and surprises with refreshing creativity. The term ‘plus’ for additional services of the company, symolisiert the term “Base” the basic services.

Seen in this way, the design and programming of websites are the core competence of the provider, the services “get around” such as search engine optimization and design by Print media (business card, flyer, brochure, presentations, catalogues) the provider offers too, how customers love it: from a single source. Hence the name “Baseplus”. Who offers Web design, must have… even good Web design I thought and was looking for an expert for an accurate assessment. This informed me that the site W3C validated returns no errors and is also interesting, new technologies. Dynamics with AJAX and php was a foreign Word to me until today. Visually, the new appearance compared to the appearance of the past offers the pure pampering package for the discerning eyes. The site can be viewed at. Anyone looking for a relaunch of the Web site, a redesign, or corporate design in digital or print, a competent partner, which it understands to respond to modern customers in the company Baseplus will surely find.

Lecture On The Topic At Twitter.facebook.XING & Co

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Social media for small businesses and narrow budget social-media services such as twitter, facebook, XING & co are booming. More and more companies increase their budgets for social media marketing yet is still many uncertain in dealing with the new advertising opportunities. A majority of those individuals who negatively comment about social media, have often had no personal experience with this medium and act in defense of the unknown”, suspected Internet expert Michael Kapp. In his speech @twitter.facebook.XING & co, cleans up the expert with the myths around the subject of social media and conveys practical knowledge about the main services, tools, and opportunities and threats. The benefits for businesses, to gain a foothold in social networks is considerable.

More and more people are moving into social networks and companies must be present, where their target audience is. Social media for EPC can be social media especially for EPC (individual enterprise) of great benefit. Contact information is here: Philip Vasan. This before to combine”all that because it is a cost effective way, marketing and networking, so Kohl Prince. Direct feedback on their own activities, enterprises get new customer layers can communicate with and operate reputation management. Because companies can observe that which is spoken on the Internet about it, (re) Act and thus codetermine their reputations”, adds the Internet expert. The lecture @twitter.facebook.XING & co – social media for small businesses and narrow budget of Lecturer: Michael Kapp, agency owner of and KOHLFuRST Internet marketing Wednesday, June 09, 2010, starting at 13:30 at the Chamber of Commerce District Office Pinzgau, large Hall School Street 14, 5700 Zell am see enrollment until June 7, 2010 admission free! For more information, see day seminars /.

Developer Studio

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Even Mac users not to be neglected. The publications iLife 2008 or iPhoto 09 round off the overall program. High quality applications, such as the new Photomatix Pro 3.2, SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0, Nik Sharpener Pro 2.0 and NIK define 1.0 as well as optimal crop graphics tool knockout and scuba image, available as a box or download in a browser. Optimally use camera technology, books by professional authors created from the Franzis Verlag, help the photo enthusiast their from the House well to take advantage of camera technology Canon, Sony, Olympus and Nikon and use. Manuals show how using HDR software Photomatix Pro 3.2 photos seem real or the RAW Studio intelligent can be exploited data with SILKYPIX Developer or Photoshop CS3/4 is correctly used for Imaging.

Photo school get summarized by the professionals In the field of photo school on, the photo enthusiast will find all interesting publications, the him from the beginner to the professional landscape,. Sports, portrait, nude or Studio photographer qualify. The publications are a guide to digital photography, starting with the basics, object selection, how light evokes in different situations effects and moods when nude or portrait shots. In the style of workshops, the reader is at any time even umzustezen in the location, the professional approaches. Photo blog concentrated Know-How of professionals from the scene of the photo blog is freely accessible to all users and will be supervised by international agrierenden photographers and graphic artists and is constantly. Well sorted by subject areas and without seeking the user in technique and accessories questions are advised.

Discusses examples of usage of special functions of graphic software and how specifically incurred certain results. The highly requested topics of the HDR photography and RAW dedicated to editing data, the authors detailed information. The photo enthusiast will receive information on how each Fotoenhusiast Studioathmosphare can create for example with little effort or tips and tricks to apply here firsthand effects or tools for the creating an impressive and creative works of art. Franzis new, everything from a single source platform for digital photography provides users with kommuliertes knowledge and shows new paths and possibilities in photography on quliatativ to the hobby and profession, as also creatively to expand. The portal will soon offer more interesting offers on the portal. Franzis Verlag GmbH: Is one of the oldest and most successful technical specialist publishers for books and software in the areas of electronics, computer, Internet, programming, telecommunications, photography and Advisor for the everyday life of Franzis book and software publisher. Franzis products directed at beginners, enthusiasts and professionals of different areas of interest and are ideally suited as problem solutions, based on information and education claims. Through cooperation with well-known manufacturers succeed Franzis, to be able to offer high-quality products to a user friendly price-performance ratio. In the market segment are in addition to the photography numerous professional publications, the software SILKYPIX Developer Studio and plugins for Photoshop and Photomatix Pro part for working with photos. Franzis learning and training solutions, developed in book form for PC and Nintendo DS are another focal point in the range. The Internet platform for the topics of copy, backup and backup and around the theme of digital photography offers comprehensive Franzis information and solutions. The company is headquartered in Poing near Munich.

Mastering Studio

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While such a Professional CD mastering was previously rather reserved for the major labels, the Internet today is the premier producer and bands looking for the “perfect sound”. The keyword is online mastering. Now there are countless Studios, which offer mastering services through a Web site, linked to the possibility of audio data, comfortably and safely via upload and download Exchange. So artists from Jamaica can now easily edit your songs in London, without your own CD laboriously by post to the Studio to send or even travel. CD mastering services on the Internet the German Mastering Studio by is considered one of the pioneers in this field. You had recognized that the new opportunities in the network allow to work efficiently for customers all over the world.

And therefore there is also one of the first mastering Studios the a professional website with a personal customer area, a simple audio upload and clear order management implemented, to offer a new idea of professional sound and service to global customers. The idea arrived and are now countless imitators in power. But the original remains the original. Meanwhile, more than 3000 customers from more than 67 countries on the innovative mastering trust Studio from Germany. The trace of a mastering session is simple: as a customer to open a free account on the website and will receive access data to the system.

Now you log in and upload one or more songs – literally right in the Studio. You can order now quickly and easily an editing in the customer area. Mastered is when online – mastering at a fixed price. Favourable flat rates per song are optimal for all bands, indie labels and artists who advance to exactly knew what costs for audio mastering is expected. A fast turnaround and good communication with the customer is of course for the whole team of the studios. Finally, you have Mastering engineers in particular a goal: the best possible Sonic result for the customer. Individual editing instead of a mast ring of the rod. Mastering Studio with the best satisfaction guarantee: the service includes a real satisfaction guarantee. New customers can request a free mastering demo of a song – non-binding and before the payment. So you can be even advance an image of the results to be expected. Thus it is on the safe side, if you want to know what a good CD mastering for the own productions.

Cooling House AG Implements New Web Appearance Of The SAP Subsidiary Steeb

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Successful website relaunch made in a very short time on the legs Mannheim, October 28, 2009. The Mannheim cooling House AG has implemented the new Web presence of the SAP subsidiary Steeb Anwendungssysteme GmbH. In no time, said Steeb project leader Kolja Czwielung, succeeded in a superb, contemporary Web presence. The conditions were\”ambitious, explains Kolja Czwielung, responsible for online marketing at Steeb. For one, we had a now six-year-old website, the technological basis of which was no longer up to date.

On the other hand, we wanted to restructure the content that streamline texts and at the same time implement our new corporate design. It all within a clearly limited time and on budget\”, so Czwielung. To adapt the website to the current requirements, was the overall goal of the work of Steeb and cooling House AG. In detail, that among other things said: first of all, the previously used, partly proprietary content management system with a powerful, flexible content management system had to (CMS) on the basis of TYPO3 be replaced. In this, the new Visual identity (CI) and the positioning of Steeb in templates were transferred. Finally, the updated content in a relational database have been entered.

We have created new worlds of industry, in which our visitors easily navigate and greatly improved the opportunities for interaction and contact. In addition we have optimized the representation of our numerous reference customers as well as our partner network\”, explains Czwielung. Not all are resulting requirements could be realised from using existing templates. Cooling house developed individual solutions as a TYPO3 Extension for this purpose. Of course all content had to be integrated into a new, more sales-oriented forest\”, explains Christian Reschke, Executive Board of cooling House AG. This concerned not only clearly and to present performance and product areas, but also to generating targeted leads for new business.\” The Whole under the sign of improved usability and a search engine optimized treatment of the site.

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