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Van Gogh

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Yes, the aquarium? You can make a whole menagerie there and settle there iguanas, pythons, chinchillas, or even crocodile. A good idea would be to arrange the room in a home theater. Watch old movies where the main thing and enrich the soul. Most home library, too, would promote internal development. Kind of a room with a comfortable chair and the right lamp for reading, with lots of bookshelves, studded with numerous volumes of the classics of world literature. You can dedicate an entire room of your favorite artist Linkin Park. Uvesit all this emptiness of his posters, photos, lyrics, buy a bunch of scented candles, sit and meditate, trying to mentally give him his enthusiasm.

In the extreme case can be fitted with extra space for your own personal computer club. And when the gray reality with all its imperfections would get the eyeballs, you can always invite your friends and move them to a couple of months in a fantastic, full of adventure, the game world. Main someone to periodically do a sortie over tea and sandwiches. Once in school, you have to draw perfectly turned out, and a teacher of drawing you almost predicted that the great future of the famous artist. Yes, it’s to be? You can lost talent? Maybe you would have no worse than the original Van Gogh, and all you need is to equip a studio room, a bad egg and create? So in the end there can be arranged Cuban bar and Latin America to conduct non-stop party on Saturday, or equip a laboratory room for the manufacture of synthetic drugs (which could be dangerous, whether you have less money), or to devote his life to unraveling the mystery of the universe and give it away space for meetings or UFO … or buy a table tennis table. In childhood, many years ago, you were friends with a boy. You were often at his home.

His wealthy parents have equipped an entire game room to please his beloved child. And there you are, and saw this beautiful table tennis, design work of some incredibly expensive wood, almost lined with diamonds, with designs executed by hand, paddles and custom-made balls. Friends, including you, every weekend going to Kolya and played, played … Parents are dragging away the children ate at home. Here, it is a decision – table tennis. There is some theory of attraction to us objects in which we fell in love. Those can be anything: a thing, the city, the smell, food, clothing. On the example looks like this: You go in, say, the third shoe store on the account and see them – boots, into which you fall in love. The problem is that they do not match the weather at the moment, your wardrobe, the price at which you expect. But the point is that you go around a million stores, your soul will calm down only if you buy these boots, or as at least very similar. Having tried all the delicacies of the world, you suddenly realize that you only want apple pie, which prepares your mom, or a Greek salad from the cafe in front of your house because you once in They fell in love. Traveled the world, you will want to somehow come back very strongly in a small resort town on the coast of Spain, because once you are in love with him. Raduyte yourself and try to surround themselves with objects of your love.

The Company

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This can be solved tying the wages of all the employees to the benefits of the company (and not only those of the direction, or those of sales, as it happens habitually). Simple? Although it seems that it does not have why to be complicated, to few carry out it companies, to implant repayment system that works has its complexity (which now we are not going to enter), but the advantages are many. This connection would suppose to correct one of the problems that are attributed to the Spanish economy, the one of the competitiveness, since it would be possible to be tied to this one part of the wage cost of the company, obtaining motivated workers more. And it could eliminate the dilemma before which are now many companies, that before the enormous reduction of the benefits or the stall they decide to dismiss part of the personnel. We suppose a company that has fifty employees and invoices ten million Euros, with a benefit of a million. The personnel cost ascends to 1.5 million Euros. With the arrival of the crisis, the company has invoiced only six million Euros, and has had losses of 200,000 Euros.

Before this situation, the direction decides to dismiss nine people, with the consequent economic cost, and of motivation of which they remain, that is asked who will be the following one. direction explains that with the company in losses it has not been them more remedy. We imagine the same company now, but with a system of variable repayment. The personnel cost promotes to 1.4 million Euros and a variable that can arrive at 20% of the benefit. With a invoicing of ten million and a benefit of the one, total repayment of the employees it will promote to 1.6 million, the workers benefit from the good march of the company (in fact, it is very possible that the company sells more and has more benefits with these motivated workers). In the second case, the total repayment will descend to 1.4 million (they do not have repayment by benefits, since there have been no them), consequently the company saves 100,000 Euros with respect to the initial situation (or 200,000 in this repaying scheme); that is to say, the wage cost to the enterprise reality, but without dismissing anybody adapts.

Aikido As A Means Of Survival

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Why people do martial arts? A complex question. How many people have so many opinions. Someone wants to learn self-defense who is willing to support their physical state at high level. For someone – a vital religion. A man finds that he is closer and draws from martial arts to the extent their physical and mental capabilities. Aikido martial arts as a continuation of development in modern society, provides another unique opportunity – to survive.

Survive, not in the sense to learn to be cunning, destroying the enemy in its path. The history of mankind shows that aggression is always a sympathetic aggression. And it always leads to the destruction of the aggressor. But this world is built on interactions of opposing forces. Man in contemporary society is experiencing a huge amount of stress. All of them are caused by man-made civilization. In a person accumulates a lot of negative feelings about his life and the people who surround them (work, home, school, etc.).

As a result, our society is a society of people with neuroses, phobias, aggressive attitude towards each other. People stop to talk heart to heart. People fear seem "weak." Try to walk around our city and look just at people's eyes. You will see so many negative emotions of fear and hate. People began to live under the laws of the Wolf Pack open direct eye contact – challenge to which must be destroyed. Because people live in prison. And why do we live on the same laws? As said in private conversation one of my friends experienced in karate for 15 years – "Aikido is the highest level in martial arts." It is his words and I'm not trying to prove or dispute it. Aikido teaches first learn to feel your body and your spirit. If you can not regroup for tumbling, if you're afraid to fall, if you do not like what you grab the hand of strangers.

Fitness Studio

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In addition to the basic equipment, lots of motivation is required build muscle in a family atmosphere: thats not so hard when you have some fitness equipment available. Many will be wondering whether you can exercise his own body also at home and really make muscles. The answer is definitely”Yes. It requires but a solid motivation carry alone the strength training, because at home you will be distracted by much. There are lots of things that prevent one from the training, because actually it is at home, not used to train. A so-called sports atmosphere must exist at least in a room. Training between the own four walls has its advantages.

Firstly, it saves time, because the drive or the path to the gym is now. Also, it is not tied to a specific program. You trained when you have this desire, be it early in the morning or but also late at night. The training is recommended especially shy people who feel ashamed because of her figure, at home. Here you can let off steam and need not worry that someone laughing at them. At home, in the so-called home-center”, they must be they themselves in training. At home, you can train as you want. You can watch TV or listen to very loud music, without regard to other people.

Man can faces if the exercises too hard a fall, or throw from exhaustion on the ground and relax. The shower and a warm bed is just a few seconds by the self-made gym. You must also pay the fee which you would have otherwise paid for every gym in the city. Is convinced of its goals so you can make it at home, to have a muscular body. Special sports nutrition, fitness products that contribute to muscle building. Of course, you have not the professional fitness equipment, which can be found in a Studio at home. But you can get the basic devices to the muscle building training and exercise even without equipment. A home Studio to set up is not expensive, and it has the advantage that it it for years can use. The devices also won’t be destroyed because they are used only by one person. Before the purchase of fitness equipment, the future athletes must take an important aspect to consider. All devices that are to be bought must be tested also in the sports business. Each device has to be fun, otherwise it will just lie around and promote only the guilty conscience, sports scientists have found out. An adjustable barbell with additional weights is one of the basic devices. Every week more weight on the barbell must, depending on, how hard you exercise and how big is the progress. Dumbbells are also important. They are also adjustable, so it is right just because you can equip these with additional weights. A weight bench is part of the equipment, because different exercises can be carried on it. A chin-up bar can be installed in the door frame, even a squat rack and the basic equipment It has been accomplished. In addition, lots of self motivation belongs to the basic equipment. Without motivation, fitness training is not effective as it did not reach the desired targets.