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This can be solved tying the wages of all the employees to the benefits of the company (and not only those of the direction, or those of sales, as it happens habitually). Simple? Although it seems that it does not have why to be complicated, to few carry out it companies, to implant repayment system that works has its complexity (which now we are not going to enter), but the advantages are many. This connection would suppose to correct one of the problems that are attributed to the Spanish economy, the one of the competitiveness, since it would be possible to be tied to this one part of the wage cost of the company, obtaining motivated workers more. And it could eliminate the dilemma before which are now many companies, that before the enormous reduction of the benefits or the stall they decide to dismiss part of the personnel. We suppose a company that has fifty employees and invoices ten million Euros, with a benefit of a million. The personnel cost ascends to 1.5 million Euros. With the arrival of the crisis, the company has invoiced only six million Euros, and has had losses of 200,000 Euros.

Before this situation, the direction decides to dismiss nine people, with the consequent economic cost, and of motivation of which they remain, that is asked who will be the following one. direction explains that with the company in losses it has not been them more remedy. We imagine the same company now, but with a system of variable repayment. The personnel cost promotes to 1.4 million Euros and a variable that can arrive at 20% of the benefit. With a invoicing of ten million and a benefit of the one, total repayment of the employees it will promote to 1.6 million, the workers benefit from the good march of the company (in fact, it is very possible that the company sells more and has more benefits with these motivated workers). In the second case, the total repayment will descend to 1.4 million (they do not have repayment by benefits, since there have been no them), consequently the company saves 100,000 Euros with respect to the initial situation (or 200,000 in this repaying scheme); that is to say, the wage cost to the enterprise reality, but without dismissing anybody adapts.

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