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Sewing Machines Repair

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The impression is that sewing machines gradually cease to be an attribute of our daily lives. Only a half-century ago things were different. Today, many of us do not even know how to do a simple stitch, not to mention already on how to fill the sewing machine. For the reason that the sewing machine, seem to lose their popularity, workshops for their repair are also gradually disappearing. Sure, when finding any fault, you can Send a typewriter manufacturer. But the question is whether you want to wait 3 months until her return.

If you send your car, you probably will not even know where it is. Sewing machines – quite expensive pleasure, therefore, to trust its repair is necessary only to the person who really understands it, otherwise, more trouble is inevitable. Therefore, when contact the shop, be sure to check with What models of machines used to work there. It would be great to get positive feedback from customers about this workshop, especially from those who have the same model of sewing machine, as you have. Otherwise it makes no sense risk.

Ask around your family and friends who have already repaired sewing machines – and you'll be surprised how many people know where to find a good shop. Most likely one of your friends will be able to fix the machine independently. Internet – find the required information. Enter on line Yandex: repair shops sewing machines and the name of your town – and find some decent sites. How much do you have to pay for repair sewing machine? It is likely that the cost of repair depends on the complexity of the problem. We must look for a workshop that will take with you is not an hourly fee, and for his work as a whole, or repair cars will fly you a pretty penny. How could prevent malfunctions and does not go into the studio? The answer to this question is quite simple: take care constantly for your sewing machine. The more you perform it, the longer it you serve. Recommendations for the use of sewing machine will induce you to think how to take care of it.

Complete Transformer Substations Voltage

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Electric substation – part of the transmission and distribution of electric energy, which is an increase or decrease the value of the voltage using transformers. There are two the form of electrical substations: Distribution and transformer. Distribution substation works at one voltage and serves as a hub for consumers and other stations. At the transformer used transformer to raise or lower the voltage. The most frequent combinations substation. In electrical networks, voltage can vary from 0.110 kW to 1150 kW, although gost 21128-83 permits and lower values voltage.

Converting the voltage usually occurs consistently on several substations, ranging from the power plant, where the voltage is increased to transfer power line to the end of the chain, where it significantly reduced before distribution to consumers. In the field of direct consumption of electricity voltage is lower with complete electrical devices of high voltage to 220, 380 or 660. With the same voltage Electricity is supplied to the jobs and businesses in residential areas. One of the most common complete electrical devices are high voltage transformer substations. Complete transformer substations are to receive electrical power three-phase alternating current (50 Hz) voltage of 6kV or 10kV and converting it into electricity voltage of 0, 4kV. Different power substations installed to supply electricity to small communities or industrial facilities. cft produced in the performance of air or cable bushings and cable or air-cable output. On the outgoing lines are installed circuit breakers.

In the case of air connections to the line of high-voltage substations supplied complete with isolator, which is installed on nearest transmission towers. qft with the unit that protects the unit from overload and short circuit. Surge protection on the high side and low voltage by a spark gap. Block street lighting qft equipped with an automatic on and off by photocells. The inner cabinet qft natural ventilation. All elements are mounted in a single installation and are fully prepared for the connection chain of high and low voltage.

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