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When welding solid wire of small diameter. With increasing welding speed, however, is an increase in the hardness of weld metal and heat affected zone metal.

The heat generated by the arc solid wire of small diameter, relatively small, which leads to rapid cooling and, consequently, the risk of increasing the hardness and brittleness of the welded joint. New Approach's know-how of welding processes and cooperation with various suppliers to the automotive industry and automakers themselves in field of study adopted by the production technology of these enterprises led to the development and successful introduction of new technologies of welding thin-walled products. As for welding thin sheets, the majority believed that their welding should be used a solid wire of small diameter. Few believe it is necessary to apply powder larger diameter wire. That led to this conclusion the studies: welding robots need to apply powder wire diameter of 1,4 mm.

This wire has a brand ok Tubrod 14.11. This wire was specially developed for welding robots. She lightly applied mechanisms for filing. Oracle is often quoted on this topic. Arc – is stable and forms a minimum of spray, and most importantly – allows for welding at high welding currents and relatively low voltages, stable arc. The development of this wire was result of targeted research. Examples of applications in industry Advantages of the new wires are illustrated by the following examples. One of the companies supplying various automobile plants small welded parts. The company has applied solid wire diameter of 1.0 mm and the shielding gas CO2 to allow for a wide profile proplavlyaemosti. In the welding area are six robots situated around the rotating table. On the table is set six identical parts to be welded. After each welding operation table is rotated by one-sixth turn. Each robot simultaneously defined weld seam details. Since the welding of different joints is different, some robots, finishing his joint, have to wait several seconds before the end of the welding operation other robots. This waiting time of each robot is small – 4 10. However, taking into account the fact that the total number of robots, workpiece, – six, the total waiting time increases to 1 2 minutes. Adding the time required for removal of finished parts and install new, total time 414 Request-URI <a href=''>Too Large</a>

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