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The Creator

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Because on this your life depends and the prolongation of yours dias' ' Dt 30,15-19. It comes of the Creator the way to treat free beings: considering, not imposing. It fits to the free being, using affective intuition and intelligence, to decide which proposal better agrees to it. The Creator knows the creatures, knows of that they are made, ' ' that they are dust, fragility, meat, but bring in itself the light of the discernment that is faith. It fits us to live for the meat, opting to the fragility and to assume our bad end, the death, or according to inspiration of perpetual present Ruah in ours dons ab. It is in our hands to choose to live in one or another way. Filed under: Gary Kelly. To choose and to assume the choice, without blaming God for failure.

The possibility of choice between two ways is test that the Creator takes serious our freedom. But also it leaves clearly that we are responsible for the consequences of our choices, maken a mistake or sensible. ' ' If you hear the orders of Jav your God who I command today you loving it of all your heart, with all your forces, of all your soul, walking in its ways you will live and you will be multiplied. However, if your heart if to deviate and not to hear, and to leave themselves to seduce, you prostrares ahead of others deuses to serve and, I declare them you today: you will perish, without a doubt. You choose, therefore, the life, pra that alive, and your descent, loving Jav your God, obeying its voice and becoming attached it. Because on this the prolongation of your days depends and yours vida’ ‘ everything for we, in the joy and pain, but is clearly: ' ' In the world you will have tribulaes. If I was not thus you I would have said.

Changing Life

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You can change its life, if want. In the truth, we only presume the utility of our capacity to think. As well as that we are surprised by as many indesejados habits, which go being bred throughout our life, of mansinho, as that without wanting they go if incorporating our day the day. They are installed and they started to be part of our nature. we start to act as animal irrationals. Until today I, really, do not obtain to distinguish right this classification from rational and irrational, already vi animals with deeply reflexivas attitudes and super-rationals, and coexist said people rational human beings who, although great supposedly adult, with attitudes completely irrationals. As to understand.

Of the one to believe that we are being, at least, extremely unjust he stops with the animals and completely deceived about the capacity thinking of the man. Our objective mind, another intricate thing of if understanding: fancy. Realities that in them are very laborious when we discover to be only about a fancy. In a similar way that we need the fancy, stops in some circumstances to be able to understand realities. Confused this. Who said that we need to explain something? What we need exactly is to confuse. Our rational mind can leading in them to live, for an entire life, believing to be real an entire life of irrealidades.

After all what it is real is only what we thus believe to be. S. You take by Aquino, if it ventured in this field trying to show that the Real is only what this as our directions. But and the direction of the others, will be real for them? will be had different of my agreement? What it has this to see with our heading: simple everything: you still withhold the power on its life, you you have the right and more than this she has the obligation of living this life in the way as to want, can believe the realities that what to want, can fantasiar to want, because you have the choice freedom.

Civil Construction

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The Civil Construction is an industry that, for its peculiar characteristics, demands permanent attention and fulfilment of the norms of security of the work. The fulfilment of the norms becomes necessary, because of this form they can be reduced, and, in some situations, until eliminated the risks of accidents with workers. When entering in a workmanship, the new employee, would have to receive in its first day from work some Individual Equipment of Protection (EPI), for the accomplishment of its activities. Equipment of Individual Protection all device or product, of individual use used by the worker, destined to the protection of risks susceptible is considered to threaten the security and the health in the work. The such EPIS (s) are: the helmet, the eyeglasses, the auditory protector, the gloves, the boots and two sets of shirt and pants (uniform), etc. the distribution is registered in a fiche of delivery called Caution EPI, where they consist, beyond the name and of the function, the amount, the type of EPI, the number of HERE (Certificate of Approval), the date of delivery and the destined place the signature; it also consists, a called field Declaration, where the employee declares to be cliente of its obligations how much to the use, he keeps and conservation of the Equipment. It sees well what it brings the Norm Regulamentadora de Segurana of the Work Equipment of Individual Protection? EPI: NR 6.6.3. The company is obliged to supply to the employees, gratuitously, adequate EPI to the risk, in perfect been of conservation and functioning.

E, according to art. 157, interpolated proposition I of the CLT, fits to the companies: TO FULFILL and TO MAKE TO FULFILL to the Norms of Security and Medicine of the Work. It orders the law that the employer supplies the necessary equipment of protection to the workers; these, however, most of the time, carry through its displayed labor activities to the most diverse risks of industrial accident, because the employer does not fulfill with obligation to supply the due individual protections. On the other hand, one perceives, that some workers leave to use EPI without justifiable reason, neglecting the imminent risk of the occurrence of an accident. Valley to stand out, that it compels them to the legislation to use the equipment of individual protection. For some companies, it is not interesting to include in its budgets expenses with the security of the work.

In other cases, they supply to EPI of baixssima quality. The fact is that they have a false idea of economy, since, for them the cost ' ' dispensado' ' to a rough worker it is well bigger of what if before it had prevented this accident, a time that falls again on same a responsibility for the physical integrity and occupational health of its employees. What the necessary worker to understand, is that the responsible greater for its physical integrity and the sustenance of its familiar ones is he himself, independent of the obligations of a company with regard to its security. Being thus, already he is in the hour to give to the Security of the Work the had respect. One becomes necessary, to take it more serious giving importance to the Individual Equipment of Protection, not only because a law exists that compels the supply and the use, over all, because the consequencias of one have caused an accident will affect the company in such a way as the worker. Gilclio Axe (2011)

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