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The Organization

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It communicates the mission, vision and values. It explains the objectives of the department and what the new collaborator adds the institution. It presents the cronograma of the sector, which will be the function of this collaborator what it will have to make. It demonstrates its expectation in relation to the professional. It speaks on its form to lead: as monitorial you, communicate yourself, etc. and, logical, does not forget to pass the first activities collaborating it to soon start its experience in the institution. In relation to the period of training, the responsible one for the integration of the collaborator will have to consider: – Seminaries and lectures; – Workshops; Of that it forms the expectations of the organization and of the professionals they must be argued and be negotiated, of form that the performance of the people in the team is based on goals and specifications established to each period? Engaging the collaborators to the organizacional culture and to stimulate the performance of each worker, so that all take care of to the expectations of the business. The Organization is a two more people or system of activities conscientiously co-ordinated.

The cooperation between them is essential for existence of the organization. An organization exists when: Has capable people of if communicating and that is made use to contribute with joint action, In order to reach a common objective. The organizations are institutions that compose the modern society. They can be: lucrative organizations (the companies) or not lucrative organizations (the public army, church, services, the filantrpicas entities, etc). 1. Communications: the organization must communicate its philosophy to the employees and request they suggestions and opinions on subjects of the work. 2. Cooperation: the organization must share the taking of decisions and the control of the activities with the employees to get its cooperation.

Changing Life

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You can change its life, if want. In the truth, we only presume the utility of our capacity to think. As well as that we are surprised by as many indesejados habits, which go being bred throughout our life, of mansinho, as that without wanting they go if incorporating our day the day. They are installed and they started to be part of our nature. we start to act as animal irrationals. Until today I, really, do not obtain to distinguish right this classification from rational and irrational, already vi animals with deeply reflexivas attitudes and super-rationals, and coexist said people rational human beings who, although great supposedly adult, with attitudes completely irrationals. As to understand.

Of the one to believe that we are being, at least, extremely unjust he stops with the animals and completely deceived about the capacity thinking of the man. Our objective mind, another intricate thing of if understanding: fancy. Realities that in them are very laborious when we discover to be only about a fancy. In a similar way that we need the fancy, stops in some circumstances to be able to understand realities. Confused this. Who said that we need to explain something? What we need exactly is to confuse. Our rational mind can leading in them to live, for an entire life, believing to be real an entire life of irrealidades.

After all what it is real is only what we thus believe to be. S. You take by Aquino, if it ventured in this field trying to show that the Real is only what this as our directions. But and the direction of the others, will be real for them? will be had different of my agreement? What it has this to see with our heading: simple everything: you still withhold the power on its life, you you have the right and more than this she has the obligation of living this life in the way as to want, can believe the realities that what to want, can fantasiar to want, because you have the choice freedom.