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Psychology Of Relationships

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The relationship between man and woman have always been complex. The reason for this is a huge difference in psychology. Men tend to liberty, where there are no obligations that would prevent them to their lifestyle. That means no marriage nor any commitments. No, nobody argues that they do not get married, get married, but for thirty years, because they already want osedlonogo lifestyle, and most importantly comfortable.

My wife is laundered items, delicious dinner, clean house and regular sex. For women, marriage is one of the goals. And they look at each man in terms of expected future husband. Hearth and home, children and husband, that's a component of happiness women. But please remember that I consider relationships between the sexes in terms of psychology. So do not think that I see in the relationship just mutual benefit. Relationships are built on love. Although we can not say that always, there are other examples, unfortunately.

But it's all digression, now are. It is now very fashionable are open relationship. This is when one would not be responsible and not responsible for the consequences. Roughly speaking, it looks like a mating. In cases when partners do not get along or not come in sexual terms, they run away and seek the right fit. The result is a spree for men and women shabby. And the most offensive is that men begin to call all women, gently speaking, prostitutes, men and women goats and so on. It is striking that if you suddenly encountered a woman who does not approve of free relations and does not agree to them, it is called a fashionable word 'frigid'. Well, here from character is dependent or she goes on about the masses, or withstand the onslaught and remain a person. To speak of morals must be with the women in the first place. Because the woman holds the moral, and it is not born today. Now, many who had read the previous sentence will cry, why women are responsible, when men insist? Yes, they insist, but no man, I mean normal, but not a maniac, do not go against the wishes of women. And the women get into one and the same hole, because the main argument of the men is the phrase: 'You're not what I dovernesh not love me? " The woman rushes to prove the opposite, and the result, he got his and went, and she was alone or with a child in her arms. And who is to blame? Woman! Because she made such a relationship. Many will say that he promised to marry. And how many examples and bitter experiences of women? But, alas. Now a little more. Now if you get married then aerial. And the loudest shout women not on uselessness of marriage. But believe it not. Just no one to marry does not take this and build in a very contemporary. And who takes a thing of used? Just another who should not he borrowed for a long time. So it is with women. What normal man wants to marry a woman who knows how many were men. Earlier, people were afraid of them is bad say, afraid of disgrace, and now all of us do not care at all! As a result, we obtain a free society from obligations, and of morality, too. Not to mention the sexual revolution. But that's another topic.

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