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And the boards of these companies of the world will be on a regular basis in the large conference room of MOVING element in the MMZ Halle the Jack in your hand. Grohe, the leading provider of sanitary fittings in Germany, has about 8,000 marketable products on sale, the variety is infinite. It is a great challenge, to develop a distribution strategy for such a top customer Nyhuis says. For more than four years the Grohe AG counts out now item on the MOVING solutions Hall. in 2005, for example, future studies were hired in the town on the river Saale as the bath might look like in the year 2020.

Digital mixers have been developed, the user on the screen in ever new variations itself can put together to. Or now the latest order for Grohe, the “3D”. On the basis of three-dimensional data, MOVING element has revolutionized the Grohe website. For a photo-realistic animated space cube was invented, in which visitors to the site with a mouse click, interactive, live and in color can experience up to 42 different bathroom solutions. The whole thing is based on three basic lines, the three different interior design styles between “Bauhaus” and Symbolize “Empire”.

Worldwide customers to assemble at home your dream bathroom is and know exactly what they want, when they come into one of the outlets of Grohe. Now, plan and develop the Halle as a result of the great success the extension of the system to all available space and product worlds and the international. “The branches can have never all products of a manufacturer’s site,” says Hanjo Nyhuis. “Because the network is clear advantage, here everything can be present, even products that exist only in our minds.” Which in turn can save tremendous costs because expensive prototypes must be not only designed and built. Even for the middle class, the ideas of the “moving parts” are worth cash. Nyhuis and his team invented the “Virtual Academy” for SebKMT, a world market leader in positioning technology for example. These are among others interactive workouts on DVD, with which employees worldwide – can educate themselves and that no teachers. The films present devices, show how to circumvent it, plastic, entertaining way. MOVING was awarded for the “interactive 3D-Produktkonfiguratoren” element middle-class 2007 of the initiative the innovation award in the category of customer relationship management (CRM). Long ago, the hallesche company offers more than just digital developments, it increasingly becomes the inspiration for manufacturers and customers. At the Hanover fair in April 2008 was MOVING element as an associated partner in the east Westphalian Industrieverband ViProSim e.V. (virtual prototyping and simulation) are recorded in the large manufacturers such as Siemens, Miele and other Member. In working groups and workshops, ideas exchanged, discussed possible solutions and business strategies. Look for example how future products could want whether they are developed or not. The special expertise of the company from Halle/Saale is in this research and development work of great benefit. Contact person for more information: MOVING item GmbH Katja Miersch (marketing & business Development, project management) Mansfelder road 56 06108 Halle (Saale) telephone: (03 45) 20 36 94 60 E-Mail: Internet:

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