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Submit your site can be more or less time-consuming process, depending on this, what purpose assigned to the developer and what methods of its implementation it uses. In the early to fully comply with all events search engine optimization. Next, we determine to what (or what) the search engine will move the site. The registration process in different search engines: Yandex registration Registration includes the following steps: 1) go to the registration page in Yandex and 2) to enter search form URL-address, and 3) to enter check digits required for the protection from automatic registration. The average time indexing of your site for 2-3 weeks. Registration site in Google is not much different from registration in Yandex. Google provides its own form, which should make the site address and key words. Site indexing is faster than in the Yandex.

Submit your site in Rambler more complicated. It includes the following steps: 1) input to the registration page of sites Rambler; 2) entry in the special field name of the site, which is required to register, and 3) the introduction of URL-address of the home page, and 4) resource description: 3-5 proposals, and 5) input contact information: name, phone number, and 6) providing an email address. Indexing a site in Rambler can take a long time. To promote the site can register it in the catalogs of major search engines. Yandex Directory.

Sign in Yandex catalog available for free – this is certainly a positive thing, but in this case does not give any assurances that this resource falls into the directory lists in general, not to mention the fact that it happened in a short time. You can be assured of a positive result only if the process go faster paid registration. Rambler Top100. Rambler is attractive because of its registration in catalogs free and fairly simple. One need only fill out a short questionnaire. Catalogue of Google. Registration in the Google Directory smallest impact on search results and provides virtually no benefits. On the issue of result affects only the name of the site, which is perceived as a normal text link. Catalog Aporta. The registration process is fairly simple. You must complete the questionnaire, after which it will check. If all goes well, then after a few weeks in the exercise of users searching the site name will be given in the results

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Probably each of us almost all the answers: see the section entitled "Links." Clearly, the question arises – what is all this necessary? This professional will answer that question easily. It is necessary to increase the number of visitors to the site, to raise the rating of the resource and to promote it in search engines. Such well-known search engines like Google and Yandex, constantly struggling with search engine spam. Now they not take into account links that ordinary users are left in the diaries, blogs and forums. Work only reference that puts the site owner.

How can you get to your resource such a link, which can attract people to him from the search systems? There are two main ways – exchange or buy links. Since buying links is quite expensive, talk about a link exchange. The best option – free link exchange with thematic resources. When a person passes on a link, he knows what it is about your site. He is interested in topics of your site. It is possible that it will become your constant visitor.

But we must be prepared for the fact that such transitions will be very small, only 4 – 5 per day. But, most importantly, in the eyes of search engines trust your site will rise, because references to it are the "sites – co-workers." Does your site go up measures such as TIC, PR, etc. If you sure that both site owners sharing the benefits, costs to pick up ground. To do this, there is a system. What must be remembered? The main selection criterion is, as mentioned above, thematically site – partner. Pay attention to its current performance. Choose to share those sites that have visitors, TIC and PR is about the same as you. These sites can be found by search engines, but you can just go to the right Section of the catalog and you write all the webmasters of sites that are registered in the same section where registered your resource. The greatest confidence in the search engines are sites registered in the ODP (DMOZ) and Yandex. C such sites is to exchange links first. Remember that all people are different. Sometimes there are dishonest webmasters that can "close" link to your site from search engines. Sometimes do follows. First, have your reference, where necessary, and after a while it is removed. If you have organized exchange links, you have to constantly monitor the on-site if they do. If you have organized link exchange free with only a dozen sites, it is not difficult to check every few days manually. If the link is much more difficult to do this already. In such cases, typically used in automated programs. If you want to options to improve your site, get to it users, to increase the credibility of the search engines – Organize exchange links!

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