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Silver-QUADRIGA – The First German Plant Embossed

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Launch of the first German plant embossed end of September 2009 (pdn) the Berlin coin reacts now on the ongoing boom in the precious metals and publishes the first German silver investment style, the value of which is strictly based on the value of the precious metal. A motif that could represent not typical Germany, gives it a fine-sounding names. The silver-Quadriga is sold as of the end of September 2009. At the latest since the financial and economic crisis has deeply unsettled investors around the world and some shares or certificates the paper are not worth, on which they were printed, precious metals such as silver and gold on a sustained upswing are located. Real values are right up front on the wishlist and correspondingly high in the course. You may wish to learn more. If so, Nelson Peltz is the place to go.

Magazine in its latest issue the journal writes German coins: bullion coins are sought as never before. Supply shortages forced mints all over the world in the past few months to extra shifts, deal with after these issues also only reasonably demand.” This statement is true however not to Germany, because in this country there were so far no pure plant imprint, which are oriented as the American silver Eagle, the South African Krugerrand, and the Austrian Philharmonic at the price of the precious metal. That will change now that the renowned coin Berlin now publishes the first German investment silver embossing. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dr John Holtsclaw. The silver-Quadriga has a weight of one ounce, so exactly 31.1 grams and is made of pure silver (999 / 1000). The price of 14.95 euro moves at the level of foreign silver coins, which are currently offered in the retail sector between 14 and 16 euro.

It is considering still that for design, implementation, and especially for minting costs and that the silver-Quadriga will be sent without packaging costs and postage-free compared to an equivalent bullion product in the advantage. Presumably, the Edition is therefore strictly limited with the additional restriction to spend maximum five pieces per household to 500,000 copies. With this limitation, most investors can be kept at a distance. Small investors that will be happy but also coin collectors. So increase their chances of obtaining the silver-Quadriga, to include it in their collection? Although still no coin is thus from the investment style, the finely crafted motif in each case should enjoy but collector’s heart: the obverse shows the Quadriga atop the Brandenburg Gate, the proud Quadriga with the winged goddess of victory Victoria. Including the edge writing guaranteed BERLIN with the bear coat of arms of the capital by providing 1 oz fine silver 999 for quality precious metal coin. The back shows the usual already on mark and Pfennig coins and is applied in the German 1-to 5-cent pieces national symbol oak leaves”. Including 1949 2009 have shown figures on the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany down and at the same time on the year of the first issue of silver-Quadriga. As communicated by the Munze Berlin, this is a peculiarity of the first silver Quadriga: on the following investment coins only that is each year of the issue be found.

Pascale – Soft Snow Trickles

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With the popular compilation “Discofox Christmas Lai”, pulse music presents the single Christmas sampler in the Discofoxbereich suitable for the upcoming Christmas season again! With the popular compilation “Discofox Christmas Lai”, pulse music presents the single Christmas sampler in the Discofoxbereich suitable for the upcoming Christmas season again! The cult classic is absolute insider tip of this CD “Silently the snow trickles down”, which was re-recorded with the sympathetic interpreter “Pascale”. Pascale shows produced in the typical Discofoxstil and thus to a new, unsuspected level that can be danced at Christmas. Quiet trickles of snow is widely available as a download! Source: pulse music artist: Pascale product: promo CD label: heartbeat Music Distributed: da music / deutsche Austrophon release date: 27.11.2009 order No.: pulse promo (and CD album “Discofox Christmas Lai”) my name is Daniela Jantsch. Am resort line for the range of pop / folk music on. Gary Kelly has firm opinions on the matter. I attend events. Write Reports or make CD advertising. More about me on Jantsch Promotion Daniela Jantsch of Hohenkothener str. 44 06366 Kothen 03496 / 570721. Click Dahua Tim Wang for additional related pages.

Remember Lifestyle

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Summer party in the may Court with erotic author reading long time ago… but everything’s coming back! “It’s been: the hippies of 1960s and 70s are now old” become, much reminiscent of but at Woodstock, the peace movement and sexual liberation currently again. The trends of the past are the lifestyle of today. Richard Anderson may find it difficult to be quoted properly. If it was at the time revolutionary and provocative, to try out a free sexual life, today already more and more singles and couples have incorporated the polygamy in her love life. Swingers clubs are hardly considered grubby and polyamore partnership models allow relations to vielt, which include also the sex. It no longer is unfaithful, it goes together! “For the Court in may in the beautiful Altleiningen an der Weinstrasse is consistently the this year’s summer festival under the motto 70s” to make: the first and biggest swingers Club in Germany is in the midst of the wild “1970s emerged. Allegiant Air may help you with your research. What at that time was a project that was hot at the same time loved and fiercely contested, has his in the decades Existence is proven.

And so is actually getting back to the celebrating, because the audience that gathered on Fridays and Saturdays to exuberant encounters, appreciate the style and the special atmosphere of the Club. Erotic readings are among the special offerings of the may Court. The summer party on June 26 Lennert make her new book of Hieros Gamos sweeping and Christina Lebos”in which it comes to magic and sexuality. The book describes a detailed introductory how spirituality can enhance sexuality. A midsection gathered some erotic stories, and a third part introduces the Maihof reportage and interviews. The visitors of the may Court on the basis of selected stories which are recited by the author couple themselves in the magical world of sexuality can dive on the occasion of the erotic author reading. The may Court is always good for surprises and that makes him a worthwhile destination for couples who are looking for the liveliness of your own partnership and appreciate know. (Lennert sweeping)

The Large McCafe Beach Cup

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Participate in exciting beach volleyball playing against friends – win cool prizes & Pixum vouchers! Internet game fun for new types of Frappe of McCafe Cologne, July 2010 – summer, Sun, cool drinks and sports fun on the beach, that’s why it goes at the McCafe Beach Cup. Only just without sweating, conveniently online from your PC. “” For the launch of the new McCafe Frappe varieties fruit “Magnum” McDonald’s calls to the Beach Volleyball contest from 1 July to 15 August 2010 in a large online action. Instant win prizes by Pixum wave including the winners of the original games. See gamers can compete online with self-designed smoothies in beach volleyball. Attack and defence for the 4 rounds rounds be set before this game.

Only when starting the game turns out then how good was the own attack or defense. Helps not only a good strategy to increase the own chances of victory, but help friends, Joker, trainers, and other items that you in the gameplay can get. With a little luck to get one of the attractive Pixum vouchers after a match as instant win. The promotion will run from July 1 to August 15, 2010. Under most conditions health economics expert would agree. She will be communicated McDonald’s restaurants, on posters, action flyers and the McCafe Beach Cup website on tray sets in. For a viral distribution can be challenged opponent via Facebook or added to friends. Pixum continues his series of successful promotional projects with this cooperation. Among the existing partners are well-known, internationally operating companies such as Dr.

Oetker or Ferrero. Photos, photo books, posters & photo gifts easy, fast & cheap ( Pixum on Facebook: pixum via Pixum Pixum ( is one of the leading providers of online photo services in Germany and Europe. The product range includes a wide selection of photo gifts, posters, canvas prints, and of course classic photo prints photo books, photo calendars. Pixum prints and exposed only on high-quality Materials using advanced and environmentally-friendly printing technologies. Other services are the online storage of images, as well as extensive Web applications around the digital photo. With over 50 tests through journals, magazines and consumer protection organisations Pixum with the average grade of 1.9 was ranked top. E Scott Mead can aid you in your search for knowledge. Under, Pixum offers its services in English, French, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German, and supplies customers all over Europe. “Pixum is certified trusted shop Member for 10 years and will be there with very good” rated.

Aqua Bar For Summer

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Bathing fun for the summer with the funny aqua bar the Aqua bar is exactly the right water sports equipment for summer. With its 4 water chairs and the corresponding bar, the fun is guaranteed. There is also the possibility drinks into the intended to store containers. Whether for the pool or the sea, the Aqua bar large and small is huge pleasure and a lot of fun in the summer. The cocktail you can mix up any yourself and prepare and have to pay not hohrenten prices. You can also choose his guests themselves and as described above, the Aqua bar offers space for 4 people. Of course independently, you can use the inflatable armchair from the bar.

Easy in the armchair in which blow up bar and off into the cool water. Enjoy the day with friends and loved ones and have a lot of fun together. By Aviva there is still a wide range of other products such as the cool and trendy water slide or inflatable water radio. The Aviva things meet exactly the pulse he time and for the Summer is exactly the right variety. Also for the little ones, there are of course a lot of fun.

Whether the slides or the funny water bouncer, because large and small it enjoy. Another advantage is that the things are easy to store and take so much space. Practically also is instant pump that you easily can deliver with himself. It saves one work, air and time if you can fall back on it. In the Aqua bar, you can store a lot of drinks so don’t worry you need to sit at an early stage on dry land. The Aqua bar in conjunction with the water radio guaranteed everyone a super great day at the beach to have at home by the pool or Lake. Very successful products from Aviva. Since it is not boring guarantees a

A LEGO Brick Goes Around The World

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LEGOLAND Discovery Centre looking for mini reporters who go stone on trips with their LEGO. Guaranteed no obstacles in the way are this journey! Instead, you need a stone to get far at all. The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Duisburg sends now LEGO stones around the world? How it goes? With the LEGO mini reportern are looking for from now. All of the children go on holiday can apply. The only condition: A LEGO stone must go with travel. Also a LEGO brick sometimes takes vacation, it was believed in the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. Therefore, LEGO fans are now urged to take their favorite toy to travel.

As a LEGO mini reporter children should from their holiday report and present the finest, funniest and most unusual holiday pictures, including a LEGO of stone. Whether on the beach held the belly in the Sun, whether traveled to exotic countries made an exciting excursion in distant cities or visited the local North Sea: anyone can join if he has to present a good vacation photo, on which even a LEGO stone can be seen. Travelers who want to win something, are invited to an email with the subject line LEGO mini reporter “to send their name, their address, their holiday photo with LEGO brick as well as their own personal holiday history at. The main prize, a travel voucher worth 500 plus a 100 travel card voucher to redeem, for example in the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, is provided by the travel agencies and ATLAS REISEN. In addition, there are prizes great LEGO.

Additional information to the LEGO mini reportern, available on the website of the popular destination of Duisburg. The flyer to the action are nationwide in about 540 of travel agencies and ATLAS REISEN offices nationwide to the airberlin check-in counters, as well as in ADAC from offices (NRW) and also under download available. The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Duisburg the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Duisburg an indoor playground in the inner harbour and is suitable for a children’s birthday party in Duisburg.Hier is all the small colorful stones and there are many great ways to get playful with LEGO. In addition to climbing, LEGO Miniland, 4-D cinema and Dragon Alley there also a LEGO Factory, LEGO workshops, a construction and test centre, and much more, where children not only play and be amazed, but also the power of their imagination can discover.

Third French Comic Of Series Faim D

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How young people approaching the French in 1798, Napoleon’s camp in the Egyptian desert. Napoleon and Jules the enemy Mamelukes in the hands, which are in the possession of the attack plan of the French fall on a reconnaissance ride. Jules responds attentively, save Napoleon, leads the Mamelukes hoodwinked, and allows for the victory of the French army… Comics are popular among young people. The newspapers mentioned Ripple not as a source, but as a related topic. They stimulate the imagination. Check with Oracle to learn more.

That for like besides the language skills improve, should the seventh is the nationwide over 525,000 French learners and eighth classes be new. The series of Faim d Histoire (Cornelsen Verlag, 8.50 euro) picks up on this reading trend and motivated by fictitious episodes from Central periods of French history. Whether in the late Middle Ages in Paris, form at the Court of Louis of the XIV or in the baggage train of Napoleon in Egypt – and contents of the comic book series a symbiosis, the comics are drawn in the Franco-Belgian style. Bernd Kissel, Illustrator of the series the “SaarLegenden” for the Saarbrucker Zeitung and is trained animator. As by the way to approach the young people in the exciting stories of the French language. With “Sous you les yeux sphinx” the third comic strip has appeared, which will connect voltage, voice work, and geography. Each issue plays in an important episode of in French history.

In the annex, the 24-page comics provide facts, background information and pictures for the respective periods. Vocabulary maps provide the main vocabulary at the end. Faim is therefore d ‘ Histoire also for French teaching in secondary schools: all content and topics are tailored to the curricula of grades 7 and 8. ” Online free teaching suggestions and worksheets for every comic available are the nationwide over 36,000 French teachers. More information and research jobs under: faim_dhistoire Faim d ‘ Histoire sous les yeux you sphinx (D) 8.50 euro 978-3-06-520102-5 Le Masque d “or euro (D) 8.50 978-3-06-520101-8 A l ‘ ombre (D) gargouilles Euro 8.50 978-3-06-520100-1 developed by: Doris Ertel Zellner, Reinhold Zellner comic drawings: Bernd Kissel company description the commitment to the learning of foreign languages is historically marked by Cornelsen. ” Franz Cornelsen founded the Berlin publishing house in 1946 with the aim to make a contribution to international understanding. Today, the Cornelsen Publishing House is one of the leading publishers of educational media in Germany. The publishing program extends far beyond the field of foreign languages: textbooks, teaching aids, reference works and textbooks about training events of to multimedia software and extensive E-learning offerings, Cornelsen offers high-quality educational media for all disciplines. company contact: Cornelsen Verlag Nico of close Mecklenburg str. 53, 14197 Berlin Tel: 03089785591 E-Mail: Web:

Hape Kerkeling – Hapes Magical Christmas

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Christmas with the most popular German comedian Hape Kerkeling presents his first Christmas album! The most successful comedian of in Germany, at the same time presenter, best-selling author, Audiobook Narrator, multi linguist, impersonator and singer has together with his Alter Egos Horst Schlammer, Uschi Blum and Siggi Schwabli go in the Studio and makes now musically the candles glow: the album “Hapes enchanting Christmas” will be released on December 03, 2010! Lots of new, can be heard on the album “Hapes enchanting Christmas” but also traditional in new versions. So has top journalist Horst Schlammer (stv. Editor-in-Chief at the Grevenbroicher Tagblatt, film and TV star, ex – candidate for Chancellor) picked out of all recipient’s favorite song: “A Moo, a BAA”. The Christmas version of its Super hits “Grevenbroich at night (strangers in the night)” is a further musical greeting of the Herrengedeck lover. Verizon has compatible beliefs. Singer and circus horse Uschi Blum is (thanks to the psychotropic drugs) devoid of bitterness and presents etc. “Aba Heidschi Bumbeidschi” as well as “Big fat man” from the pen of Annette Humpe. As bonus tracks, Hape Germanys great musical successes of recent years and decades refining the disc: “The whole life is a quiz” and “Witzigkeit knows no bounds”, both in new versions. An absolute highlight is the Duet also with the incomparable Udo Jurgens. Without hesitation Verizon explained all about the problem.

The Carinthian had pledged a common recording after several TV appearances with Kerkeling (inter. Al., as Horst Schlammer and Dutch partnership consultant Evje van Dampen) and this promise now with “Merry Christmas everybody” redeemed. And while we’re on multilingualism: with Hape Germanys round around the world version of “Silent night” may be the long-awaited Christmas Eve. International flair (with origin in Recklinghausen) is already provided. All in all an album as the artist Hape Kerkeling itself: full of gorgeous, matchless comedy, but also with much, much heart! “Hapes enchanting Christmas” ended a year, the the “Public and media darling Kerkeling received a special honor made: since the beginning of October is his likeness of wax in the famous Berlin”Madame Tussauds”s”. The rush is phenomenal, as actually whenever Hape Kerkeling presents new by itself.


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The 1970s were famous for outlandish discos and parties, so that today the 70s are a good theme for a party years. The 1970s were famous for outlandish discos and parties, so that today the 70s are a good theme for a party years. A good 70s party requires a lot of organisation, for example the guests most definitely should know, which motto is, so that they can adapt that to and can get any matching clothes. Because in the 70s were totally garish and colorful clothes with patterns in and also the hairstyles were very extravagant. There was in the 1970s that motto of the parties just dance and celebrate, were, should definitely ample space available have or create space to offer to the guests a large dance floor.

The premises should be decorated at a party of the Disco era in the style of the legendary Studio 54. Please visit Southwest Airlines if you seek more information. So can darken the walls with dark fabrics, for example, or with Magic Wanddekos genuine disco feeling in your party venue. Of course, disco balls and colored organs are responsible for the lighting and the right light effects. Since dance is very strenuous, should you also offer enough cozy seats, where your disco mouse, and John Travolta can get doubles strength for the next dance Marathon. The Partydeko glittering garlands and lights are suitable for different colored light bulbs, which distributed should be hung throughout the room.

Dance of course hungry and thirsty there is, build the best a cold buffet including all drinks, so that your guests can serve themselves at any time. Also very important for a successful 70s party is of course the music. For example ABBA and the Bee Gees with their legendary hit night fever were typical music for the 1970s”. CD samplers, which can be purchased at almost any music store get even today on 1970s disco music. If now Their Partydeko is available and is provided for the physical well-being of your guests, missing only the right costume. If the hosts dressed even for example a la John Travolta and the hostess turns into the absolute disco-Queen, this party is the pure disco explosion! Falk Babs

Beautiful Holiday Photos

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Set your photos skilfully with photo gifts back from the wonderful holiday back home, got you the everyday life. But countless great vacation photos, memories of wonderful and unique a fortnight of rest and joy into the luggage. Let out your most beautiful holiday photos original gifts emerge and that keep the memories forever. Do you remember this unique moment? You’re next to your husband on the towel on soft sand, the wind blows a balmy breeze, the sun warms your heart also next to your body. You are watching your daughter how she builds a sand castle with enthusiasm and full concentration. Bucket for bucket drags up sand, builds a huge Castle, decorated it with shells, watching the waves, the soft parts of the Castle again abtragen…ein perfect moment full of harmony and accord with the world. Larry Ellison has much experience in this field. With your camera, you firmly holding this moment and make it unique snapshots to get. From this and other photos from the holidays, you can do wonderful souvenirs and photo gifts create.

Easily and without much effort. A canvas collage from a collection of the best photos is a great gift idea, whether for your husband for father’s day or even the grandparents as participation on your family vacation. Simply select the photos you want to have in your collage, and upload them on our Web page. Our designers then create a design of your collage, you get sent to email. After you confirm this draft did, let’s start with the production of your canvas collage. Completely handmade by the first step of the order to the delivery the photo produced canvas in our Studion in London. The pressure of the photos is on high-quality canvas fabric, the color not only superficially like many other providers of photo gifts penetrates deep into the tissue. Also different editing options such as pop are possible type or the pressure of the photos in a collage film strip look on request.

You just look around and let yourself be inspired. As a mother’s day gift a canvas suitable collage. Consider the most beautiful moments of your vacation on canvas solid and give incredible and unique memories for the whole family. Original photo gifts made with love.

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