Aqua Bar For Summer

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Bathing fun for the summer with the funny aqua bar the Aqua bar is exactly the right water sports equipment for summer. With its 4 water chairs and the corresponding bar, the fun is guaranteed. There is also the possibility drinks into the intended to store containers. Whether for the pool or the sea, the Aqua bar large and small is huge pleasure and a lot of fun in the summer. The cocktail you can mix up any yourself and prepare and have to pay not hohrenten prices. You can also choose his guests themselves and as described above, the Aqua bar offers space for 4 people. Of course independently, you can use the inflatable armchair from the bar.

Easy in the armchair in which blow up bar and off into the cool water. Enjoy the day with friends and loved ones and have a lot of fun together. By Aviva there is still a wide range of other products such as the cool and trendy water slide or inflatable water radio. The Aviva things meet exactly the pulse he time and for the Summer is exactly the right variety. Also for the little ones, there are of course a lot of fun.

Whether the slides or the funny water bouncer, because large and small it enjoy. Another advantage is that the things are easy to store and take so much space. Practically also is instant pump that you easily can deliver with himself. It saves one work, air and time if you can fall back on it. In the Aqua bar, you can store a lot of drinks so don’t worry you need to sit at an early stage on dry land. The Aqua bar in conjunction with the water radio guaranteed everyone a super great day at the beach to have at home by the pool or Lake. Very successful products from Aviva. Since it is not boring guarantees a

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