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Radio personality Dirk Schumacher published Bavarian pop album “there are so many great dialects in Germany. According to the survey, the most popular dialect is Bavarian. Why so no Bavarian pop? I sing with heart and soul in the dialect. “This album is an affair of the heart for Dirk Schumacher. Music is inseparable from his life – since early childhood he has found his passion in it. Over 15 years he presents his listeners hits by artists as a radio presenter and he makes even music much longer. As a singer / songwriter under the pseudonym SCHUMINGA, Dirk Schumacher writes stories about the daily life, where you often recognize themselves: on each dog’s funny stories from their school days, experiences of hiking in the beautiful Alps, stories from the daily struggle of sex to a very special song for children: the song Mach de Faten friends I wrote originally for the kids in my family. This is to facilitate the kids asleep.

We have him because of the positive Resonance on the album included.” The songs created in collaboration with his music partner Gabriel Florea. Other professional musicians in the Studio supported the production: Thorsten Nathan (Nathan & Kleff, Antenne Bayern band), Stefanie Unterberger (Wastl Fanderl School of Bavarian music). Mastered was the album in the Dorian Gray Studios by Dieter Pimiskern (including mastering for Joe Cocker, Umberto Ecco, the seer) CD Schuminga Halperin dog”is appeared alongside artists such as Gerhard Polt, Martina Schwarzmann and the Biermosl Blosn through the characteristic label and available anywhere on the market. More info: or

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