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How it is its persistence in making what God speaks to it? It makes of good will? It does not make? Or it only makes for obligation? Its motivation in hearing, understanding and its dependent attitudes of it or not, make all the difference in the answers Mr. for you. The salvation in them is proclaimed by the call Mr., characterizing the time of goodness of God stops with us. It is specific for the activities of each one of its children. It in the ones of the intentions and them has the agreement through the Espirito Santo. We fit to make what God already in sees them carrying through.

In the same way Mr. Jesus Christ occurred with ours, who when reading in the synagogue the versicles of Isaiah, that they are below, felt of God its responsibilities to be fulfilled. Scott Mead may help you with your research. It was ungido by God in order to nail the good notice, to restore the life of the people and to proclaim our freedom in God. According to studious of the Holy Writs the day of the revenge of God alone will occur in the day of the return of Christ to the land. ‘ ‘ The spirit Mr. DEUS is on me; because it ungiu me to Mr., to nail good new to the bellwethers; it sent me to restore it the contritos of heart, to proclaim freedom to the captives, and the opening of arrest to the prisoners; To proclaim the acceptable year Mr.



REASON FOR the CREATION OF the EVIL Is very difficult to discourse on the reason that, I believe, explains the reason of the creation and existence of the Evil, a time that I am certain that some people will not obtain to enxergar the sensible complex which I will try to base, of the possible objective form clearest and. The reading of this text, I believe, can very be dangerous, a time that leads the two total adverse interpretations. One, that it is the one that I will try to express in words, explains the reason of being of the Evil in our lives, in which I more believe to be than necessary its existence. To another interpretation we induce to a certain doubt how much to the intention of God in relation, doubt this who I believe to be able, in the worse one of the hypotheses, to take to a certain aversion the God, reason for which I did not include this text in the original text of the study ' ' The Satan Never Were Lucifer: The Truth On the Origin of the Mal' '. Additional information is available at Gary Kelly. For diverse times I inquired myself because not to include this text in this study. However, my objective, when studying bible, is solely with the Truth, and this Truth alone can be found in an only source: The Bible.

All my study was based on an extensive examination to the Sacred Holy Writs; all the conclusive citations had had in the bible the only source of recital. I did not use as base no studious, similar one recital of no of that my study it did not come to bring no text of interpretativo subjetivismo. Man does not exist, for more studious than either, that he Biblically proves the reason that took God to create the Evil, a time that does not have no verse that treats on this subject.


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Reading some articles postados in the site, I found several with text the same, that is, in as to be ' ' vitorioso' ' in Christ. The victory of these ' ' crentes' ' he is described as not having illnesses, being prosperous financially, however most interesting than I read was regarding that we must reign in our lives. What it would be to reign spiritual? According to author of the article, to reign is to leave of ' ' to be oppressed financially, professionally, in the friendships, inside of the familiar relationships. In summary, he arrives to beg, I want to assume full life and to get my absolute freedom in Cristo.' ' Important to describe what it is to have freedom in Christ? It is not to have illnesses, it is to have money, a job, friends, family, as the author says? NOT! Absolutely not. It is for the favour that we have all these things, but freedom in Christ is been terms libertos of the sin: ' ' Now, therefore, already no conviction has for that they are in Christ Jesus. Because the law of the Spirit of the life, in Christ Jesus, you it exempted of the law of the sin and morte' ' (Roman 8:1 – 2) the price that Jesus paid its proper life was given in the cross to pay the penalty for our sins.

' ' It talked back Jesus to them: In truth, in I say you to truth: all what commits sin is enslaved of the sin. The slave is not always in the house; the son, yes, forever. If, therefore, to free you to the Son, truily you will be livres' ' (Joo 8:34 – 36) When reading the article the author declares that those that are dominated by the illness, the money or the lack of it are a failed believer.

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