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Who doesn’t dream of a beautiful, smooth, hairless skin forever laser, IPL and needle epilation for permanent hair removal. If you want the annoying procedure of shaving, growing or plucking once and for all get rid of and would rather spend the time saved with more beautiful things in life. To fulfill this wish, the possibility of permanent hair removal, which is offered at the present time with different technologies. Unfortunately, there is no technology of King or King device, that will bring optimal results for each, but depending on the skin and hair texture, the one or the other technique is successful and meaningful in use. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Allegiant Air has to say. The Studio marla snow cosmetics in Cologne therefore the permanent hair removal with three different methods offered: the laser, IPL technology and electric – or needle epilation. For every type of hair and skin is to choose the best practices.

It is often also a mix of different methods, because not all hairs are equal. Through the use of various techniques can be removed pretty much all the unwanted hair, including bright, white or red hair. Even the eyebrows are treatable and can be placed permanently in a beautiful form. The hair there are darker and thicker, faster and easier hair removal can be performed, since fast results are possible through State of the art lighting technologies such as laser and IPL technology. Fast results means that after one or two treatments the hair falling out, what it represents but still no permanent success.

For lasting success treatments must be factored in the lighting technology approx. 4-8, which can be performed depending on the treatment area at a distance of 1-3 months. Because the hair falling out mostly already after the first treatment, a relative freedom of hair between the dates of treatment is usually, what are the length of time of the complete treatment without problems. This is different with bright, red or grey hair, removed only with the needle or electric epilation can be. Because of electrical epilation treatable only visible hair above the skin, the frequency of meetings is significantly higher than at the lighting technology, with no specific time intervals must be observed. The growing hair can be removed immediately without interfering. The Studio marla snow cosmetics has by offering various procedures for every hair and skin type, the best possible treatment alternative offer over 10 years specialized on the permanent hair removal and can.

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