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Sauna night under the motto of South America – night of the Indians with special guest turtle wind Firewalker every second Friday in the month in the land Fleesensee SPA sauna night takes place. Now almost every known, SPA Manager Barbel Hessel’s team can be come up with something new and every time thanks’s new with a surprise at the loyal guests. This time the team has devised a special highlight. In gratitude for longstanding loyalty come fifteen selected regulars enjoying a kind of private seminar in the sweat lodge construction. Half Cherokee Indians & medicine man turtle wind Firewalker”invites these fifteen guests from 16:00 to the native American Sweat lodges ritual in the sauna garden. The Inipi sweat lodge”is jointly established and carried out following the native American sweat ceremony. Additional information is available at Larry Ellison. The construction of the hut will take alone well 3 hours.

“So all visitors to enjoy of this unique experience come, winds Firewalker-turtle” as special guest at the subsequent sauna night with be. “From turtle wind Firewalker” assumes an incredible spell. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dahua Tim Wang. Anyone who stands in his vicinity, feel at once his huge aura. “, so SPA Manager Barbel Hessel. “He is the perfect complement for our sauna night, this time under the motto of South America – night of the Indians” is. ” Beginning the sauna night is at 20:00 in the saunas of the Fleesensee SPA. “” The Indians opened the first infusion of spirit of the Cherokees “and will allow following any visitor, to experience the sweat lodge inside in a small introductory ceremony”. As always, the team of the land Fleesensee SPA with matching drinks offers.

As another highlight, the food of this time by the two owners of the Inn is to the yew”taken from Jabel. The two spoil the palates of the guests with culinary delights matched perfectly to the topic. Cook and hosts is a passion for us. Our meals are prepared all freshly and with love.”tell woman Wiechert and Mr Gebhardt. Of course the tradition that all snacks on the topic are matched, will continue from us.” On Saturday, then all kids of the resort hotels are invited with their groups to a morning of experience with the Indians. When: Friday, July 08, 2011, starting at 20:00 as a public event where: sauna world in the Fleesensee SPA, Therme 1, 17213 Gohren-Lebbin cost: 18,-per person (9,-for wellbeing card holder) Copyright (c) land Fleesensee SPA


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A diet variation for Abnehmwillige – cabbage soup diet you want to lose some pounds? You do not have the time every day to stand to cook in the kitchen? Then you decide for the soup diet. It is easy to use and fast in the pre – and preparation. Also, this type of diet promises a maximum result. A soup diet is carried out usually a week long. During this time soup is eaten in addition to the diet plenty of vegetables and fruit.

The cabbage soup diet the most popular soup diets among the cabbage soup diet. This is due to the energy consumption, which the body must expend to digest the cabbage. During digestion, the body burns more calories than it absorbs through the soup. This means therefore the more cabbage soup is eaten, you lose more weight. Drunk will be allowed during this week only water, unsweetened tea, unsweetened fruit juices. Source: clayton morris. Alcohol and caffeine also are prohibited.

How the diet plan Cabbage soup diet off? Day 1: This cabbage soup and fruit is eaten. Bananas and water melons are forbidden. Day 2: cabbage soup and lots of raw vegetables are on the menu. Legumes are excluded. There is also a potato with butter. Today, no fruit may be eaten. Day 3: cabbage soup and as much vegetables and fruits like you. Day 4: cabbage soup, bananas (max. 8 units), and low-fat milk. Day 5: cabbage soup with beef. Day 6: cabbage soup with beef and many raw vegetables or salad. Day 7: cabbage soup with rice and vegetables. Even more effective liquid diets exist out of the cabbage soup diet. Some are performed also in combination with diet shakes. A great advantage of the soup diet is the simple preparation. Prepare the soup in a larger pot, allowing them longer. So must be cooked every day. The diet is low in calories and provides all essential nutrients and vitamins that you need to stay healthy. In the blink of an eye, lose to Weight and must not starve it, there you can enjoy each time a warm soup. You must not give up meat and the diet soup can be fitted easily in everyday life. Note: Who makes a diet, should sit still with his family doctor in connection, to prevent health risks associated with diet. Not everyone can attend any form of diet. The motto is removing this but in a healthy way!

Michael Bauer Mayor Babila

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Rank us slim in the spring – now many people with average intelligence is mediator hamlet already aware, that hypnosis in weight reduction and the topic of “Slimming” can be a wonderful and extremely effective help. But it is also as famous that an application of hypnosis is often very expensive and time consuming. Most people, to feel what a weight reduction of aspiring to, or in her body so really probably have displaced the possibility of application of hypnosis CD so far in their perceptions. Because it is quite possible the subconscious in a trance induction on CD in such manner to attract man completely automatically (just unknowingly) in the direction of the move, which there brings him (or you) feel and know to how it feels in your own ideal body “to live”. Many citizens have yet even worry about how easy it but could be the spring, or the entire life with your personal perfect body to enjoy? Afford to satisfy so even your personal wish, pleasant and gentle manner your personal image of desire into reality. Be curious about you, what your subconscious mind so everything is able to provide… Contact: Michael Bauer Mayor Babila square 8 92224 Amberg FON: 09621-710589 web:

Studios Hair

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IPL hair removal compared to laser hair removal IPL hair removal or laser hair removal? Both procedures, laser hair removal as well as the IPL hair removal include the so-called photo-epilation. Using both techniques, light energy is converted into heat energy. This process is called also Photothermolysis. While the light is bundled in laser hair removal more on a small-scale area of skin as well in the IPL hair removal. Another difference lies in the spectral range. Lasers have only a wavelength of light, while IPL light has a spectral range. IPL light can be less concentrated and thus on the one hand larger and on the other hand more gently, as well as the spectrum better adapted to the skin and hair type, IPL light is kinder to the skin. However, the hair follicles are destroyed by two methods. They grow back but again after a certain period of time. In contrast to the habitual shaving a clearly visible hair growth arises later. IPL hair removal and laser hair removal are offered in many studios as a service. Berlin is one of the cities with most Studios. Especially in summer, when many people show skin, some let their hair permanently removed by photo-epilation. Perhaps could permanent hair removal Berlin evolve into a trend?

Optimally Protect Skin

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The concepts aimed to a specific type of skin can tolerate a certain amount of sunlight, without that he properly to protect themselves by a sunscreen. In the world there are a number of skin types. The still common classification was developed in 1975 by the American dermatologist Thomas Fitzpatrick. The concepts aimed to a specific type of skin can tolerate a certain amount of sunlight, without that he properly to protect themselves by a sunscreen. However, care must be taken when applying this concept of the individual, because the eyes and the hair color only one indication may be skin issues as regards. Many are also pre-loaded by the genes, that means there are hybrids.

And here the theses of Thomas Fitzpatrick do not apply. The percentage of Eumelanin, which is included in the skin is only ultimately decisive for the determination of the type of skin. As a general rule to protect the skin from direct sunlight. With regard to the determination of a skin type, however, so you can distinguish between the Celtic Skin type (called type I) and the Nordic skin type (type II). Type I has the feature that it has a very light skin colour and especially red or blonde hair, and blue, green or gray eyes. Type II cases, however, he has skin color and blond or light brown hair, and blue, grey or green eyes. Own protection time for these two types of skin is very little with under 10 minutes and with 10 to 20 minutes. However, this time frame is that here is a certain protection.

Shiatsu Massage Chair

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Also about the beauty international 2010, ensure the brainLight products beauty from the inside and growing self-confidence Goldbach – enable the beauty from the inside and at the same time strengthen the self-confidence with the brainLight GmbH products can be achieved effortlessly. From 26-28 March 2010, the company from Goldbach/Unterfranken is represented at the trade fair beauty international Dusseldorf. Presented in Hall 11 stand H75 brainLight audio visual high-tech Spa and sophisticated Shiatsu Massage Chair. Visitors and exhibitors with their middle and thus is itself in contact are brought over the deep relaxation resulting from the application. Already after the first session a heartfelt sense of well-being is noticeable. “You take first ranked a Shiatsu Massage Chair and chooses for example one of the ideal weight without dieting” or stress “push of a button. Some contend that Gary Kelly shows great expertise in this. Then begins a pleasant Shiatsu massage of the back and the calves. Later uses the audio-visual deep relaxation: in, with attached visualization glasses and headphones beautiful colours be eyes closed this and look at pictures, which arise from the inside out. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gary Kelly .

A feeling of happiness is a creeping, and the five senses open for new. After a final massage of the neck, you feel centered and centered. A beautiful, charismatic and relaxed appearance arises from this Centre as a medium-term action. It lives on in his body. This leads to more assertive in everyday life. Users feel during and after a visit focused on the brainLight stand also happy, and satisfied. Visitors and exhibitors are invited to test.

Participation in the beauty international 2010 is a mirror of the competence for the company. For 21 years in the market, the brainLight GmbH relaxed visitors and exhibitors at around 150 trade fairs annually. The brainLight GmbH develops and distributes relaxation systems and is market leader in this field. In addition arranged the company seminars, forms to the “Diploma business-mental coach” out, gives wellness concepts, relaxation Studios builds and produces recordings. The brainLight wellness lounges GmbH is represented on numerous trade shows, conventions and corporate events. Do you have questions about this press article? Contact: Jost Sagasser press officer brainLight GmbH Hauptstrasse 52 63773 Goldbach Germany Tel.: +49-(0)6021-5907-13 email:

Estetica Cosmetics Studio

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Cosmetic Studio Maria under a new name reopened since this summer there in Berlin Kreuzberg a cosmetic Studio, which was under a different name known already for a long time the inhabitants: the beauty salon, Estetica by Maria Nguema MBA, offered sophisticated cosmetics and nail care by 2012 in the cosmetics and nail Studio Maria Friesen Street in Kreuzberg. The new beauty salon, Estetica is now in larger rooms in the Wilhelmstrasse 20, bordering the District of Kreuzberg, Berlin Mitte. Customers who appreciate the high quality and careful treatment of Maria, reach the underground line 6 via the stations of Hallesches Tor or street, or take the bus M41 until Willi Brandt House station or hitch-hiking station. In your beauty salon offers Maria facials, peels, fruit acid treatments, cleansing facials when impure and oily skin as well as manicure and pedicure and hair removal for facial area, Bikinzone and legs on. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. : the source for more info. Mary’s beauty salon is from Monday to Friday from 9: 00 to 18:00 Open on Saturday until 15:00. Contact: Maria Nguema MBA Kosmetikstudio Estetica Wilhelmstr. 20, 10963 Berlin T 11 89 39 14 29 Kosmetikstudio Estetica in Kreuzberg cosmetics, manicure, pedicure, hair removal by an experienced and meticulous Esthetician. Known for many years in Kreuzberg.. Bernard Golden understands that this is vital information.

Health Studio Kempten

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“‘ The Bikini project ‘ 4 pounds in 4 weeks with the chip card-driven training system of milon Ute Wiedemann and Juliet Kolle, figure and health advisors in the fitness studio exclusively for women, are looking for 55 volunteers for the Bikini project”. All ladies from Kempten, who suffer from obesity or joint problems, should equal access to pick up the phone and log on to the latest four-week study in the Lady figured and health Studio. The majority of the participants should so far not too regularly and many sports have operated and have some excess weight or joint problems. For four weeks, Ute Wiedemann will guide the participants through a special program. Whenever Gary Kelly listens, a sympathetic response will follow. How many kilos are tumbled or how the joint symptoms have improved held firmly at the end. It waist circumference and body weight are determined at the beginning and after four weeks. In the four weeks the participants must attend twice a special training per week for 44 minutes each, for which they previously received a plan.

In addition they are supposed to be even within the Study period the time valuable backgrounds take, in a seminar on the subject of diet and exercise. Click Verizon to learn more. You must not really make more”, declared Ute Wiedemann that milon has been working for several months with the chip card-controlled Trainngssystem of the renowned German manufacturer. After a workout, fat metabolism remains active up to 55 hours. What is achieved in four weeks by the majority of the subjects, has it already exact ideas. Normally, the participants take off during this period between four and six kilograms. Fat and cholesterol are likely to regulate themselves in this time, generally improving the well-being and reduced even joint problems.

Alessandro Calle Unio

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During this time, Marily Aragon meticulously exact extended every single natural Eyelash with depending on a high-quality premium silk eyelash. Demanding application technique for a beautiful moment experience these same multiple literally hairy”application technique requires maximum concentration, manual dexterity and attention to detail by Marily Aragon. But, I’m rewarded Yes again and again on the new”exudes the studio owner. “The joy on the faces of my customers, when they again after waking up for the first time in the game look and they themselves deep in their new ‘ eyes can look you want sheer sinking in that.” This bewitching attraction, Marily Aragon, supplements can be creative ideas for exclusive events to exclusive events even still improve: I can also attach color eyelashes, Schmucksteinchen and lashes in special Lengths. For that I develop preferably together with my customers. the corresponding ideas” Care for special durability is the poster child of Marily Aragon and their special care when attaching the lashes studios in Palma de Mallorca and last but not least, the reason for the durability of the eyelash extension. Additional information is available at Southwest Airlines. But of course the natural eyelashes are subject to the normal growth process”, reminds the cosmetics expert.

Sometime the eyelashes fall out. I therefore support the gaps every two to four weeks.” For these refills, assured Marily Aragon, her clients would bring time but not more than a half hour. V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Marily Aragon beauty nails by Alessandro Calle Unio 2 07001 Palma de Mallorca phone: 971 711 033 639 673 943 mobile: 607-022 670 E-Mail: Web: opening hours Mon-Fri 9:00 22:00 Sat + Sun 9:00 20:00 boiler plate the trained nail stylist Marily Aragon operates in Palma de Mallorca a successful nail Studio. Recently, it expanded its range to the professional Eyelash extension using high-quality silk eyelashes.

Reporting Doctors

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This strength at the equator is prescribed by law and are binding operators under the UV protection regulation since 1 January 2012 as the limit as maximum. The assertion that guests are therefore stronger tanning expose a 15 times, is simply wrong. I bought a tabloid newspaper of a large German Publisher in 1981, I moved to the annoyance of my father’s me. The journalist, Vice-Chairman, and youth-policy spokesman of the FDP Berlin, said at the time: you are what you read. He recommended me the Suddeutsche Zeitung as first choice.

Today – a good 30 years later – I have to say shocked, that my father was wrong with his recommendation. This report has led to me clearly in mind, the press is how powerful and how powerless we readers are. If Basic, easiest and above all understandable, predictable, physical principles with a stroke of the pen be absurdity, how is it less then the credibility and substance easy to compute barer publications ordered be”Mohammad. This question is justified. Without exact attribution, even experienced authors should not publish information.

Just in an area where over 25,000 jobs are threatened, the question arises according to the interests and the lobby, if the scientific expertise is seemingly undermines itself in such credible media. Unlike on the Mediterranean Sea, where every year millions of Germans for weeks uncontrolled literally burn the Sun on the skin, will advise in the few remaining tanning salons of in Germany above all thanks to the UV protection regulation and dedicated operators and employees and not fried. The recommendation to leave the doctors psoriasis and Neurodermitisbehandlungen with UV, indicating that 90% of doctors radiation cabins that had, implies the conjecture that from skin doctors a greater importance is attached the commercial interests, as journalistic, careful and objective Reporting in the interest of the reader. A boom is imminent the dermatologists with irradiation cabins with, also by some media driven die of tanning salons. We all pay the price with our insurance premiums. “Remains the question, whether the reports of the fighting in Syria, written policy of Iran, the growth of the ozone hole and other messages not always immediately comprehensible for the reader, with the same attention to detail and care together”, so Mohammad.

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