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This strength at the equator is prescribed by law and are binding operators under the UV protection regulation since 1 January 2012 as the limit as maximum. The assertion that guests are therefore stronger tanning expose a 15 times, is simply wrong. I bought a tabloid newspaper of a large German Publisher in 1981, I moved to the annoyance of my father’s me. The journalist, Vice-Chairman, and youth-policy spokesman of the FDP Berlin, said at the time: you are what you read. He recommended me the Suddeutsche Zeitung as first choice.

Today – a good 30 years later – I have to say shocked, that my father was wrong with his recommendation. This report has led to me clearly in mind, the press is how powerful and how powerless we readers are. If Basic, easiest and above all understandable, predictable, physical principles with a stroke of the pen be absurdity, how is it less then the credibility and substance easy to compute barer publications ordered be”Mohammad. This question is justified. Without exact attribution, even experienced authors should not publish information.

Just in an area where over 25,000 jobs are threatened, the question arises according to the interests and the lobby, if the scientific expertise is seemingly undermines itself in such credible media. Unlike on the Mediterranean Sea, where every year millions of Germans for weeks uncontrolled literally burn the Sun on the skin, will advise in the few remaining tanning salons of in Germany above all thanks to the UV protection regulation and dedicated operators and employees and not fried. The recommendation to leave the doctors psoriasis and Neurodermitisbehandlungen with UV, indicating that 90% of doctors radiation cabins that had, implies the conjecture that from skin doctors a greater importance is attached the commercial interests, as journalistic, careful and objective Reporting in the interest of the reader. A boom is imminent the dermatologists with irradiation cabins with, also by some media driven die of tanning salons. We all pay the price with our insurance premiums. “Remains the question, whether the reports of the fighting in Syria, written policy of Iran, the growth of the ozone hole and other messages not always immediately comprehensible for the reader, with the same attention to detail and care together”, so Mohammad.

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