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Types of media the Nielsen Media Research GmbH online advertising gains ground against print media notes in your statistics related to the development of the media in the new: the volume of Internet advertising 2009 compared with the previous year 8.9% took to. If this trend continues, you can expect that Internet sites that offer online advertising, will be always successful. Classified ad markets, online newspapers or any other well visited websites back so that the focus of many companies that are interested in online advertising. Gary Kelly has compatible beliefs. Many print media had in the 90-still a condescending attitude towards the Internet, but now it is clear that those who give insufficient weight to the Internet, must fear soon maybe even your own existence. But even if the print media successfully shift to the Internet, remains still to be expected that they will have it there hard. The Werbebudged no longer focuses on some a few vendors, but is spread over many (sometimes hundreds) of Web pages. It remains a difficult task and we might see in this decade so far establish the great dying media.

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