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Step 1: Identify your strengths and build them out as of self-employed or entrepreneurs can develop you a custom marketing strategy for your company. The strategic process of bamboo-code”helps you conceptually new legs to your company. It considered your company from seven different perspectives. In this way, you can rethink their business model, customize, and then go new ways in your marketing. The first step in your new marketing strategy is to identify your main strengths and build on them recognize because your success in your individual personality is justified, there is our own strengths. Because with an emphasis on their strengths they can realign your company and position themselves appropriately to the customers, the “not yet” customers and the competition.

In this way, strengths that already in the short term bring a usable competitive advantage in your sales argument and customer acquisition, will in the long term to the backbone. What can the main strengths be identified? Only with the usual properties such as successfully or flexible to decorate, not enough definitely. What does your customer specifically if he opts for your service or your product? What is this easier for him? What does it better? The answers to these questions result in clearer to structure your company’s performance and to derive your true strengths. The strengths are incorporated into the marketing strategy looking at the unique selling points of successful companies, as four main strengths emerge: quality, innovation, speed and emotion. With these strengths, the ultimate question is what benefit your customer has to expect, can be more easily answer. What does your customer specifically if your company, for example, “quality-emphasized”, is “Looking for changes”, “strong implementation” or “tradition emphasizes”? And what exactly is the difference to the competitors? The findings thereof in Their marketing strategy.

Be excellent motto is if you have set your strengths, get it to the target, to be excellent. This means that you should not half-heartedly go in the expected direction, but committed, purposeful and efficient. Already from the first day the consistent realignment should incorporated in the outer appearance and your sales argument. As a staunch start of your Marketingstartegie, which track the customers that is critical that there are changes, from which they will benefit no doubt. The entire process, there are also as online video seminar for freelancers, self-employed and small businesses. As it continues with the development of the marketing strategy? Who knows his strengths and cleverly inserts, step two of the development of the marketing strategy in attack can: “Achieve market leadership”. Here you see how to find niches, which can gradually fill it. With the formation of small segments, the sales work is easier and more systematic. FYI: Christian Kalkbrenner Dipl.-kfm. (univ.), restructured numerous companies and helped them with powerful market concepts to new successes. He is author, consultant, speaker and since many years expert for growth. in 1992, he founded the eponymous consulting firm headquartered in Lindau. It is focused on, to advise companies on growth issues, to accompany and to implement operationally the joint concepts. Online video seminar that award-winning process “bamboo-code ” there is now available as online video seminar (CA. 140 min.) with working instructions. Ideal for freelancers and independent, startups and small businesses from trade, production, trade and services.

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