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Over several months, the company examined every single trade of the dealer. The study was based on all accounts by Michael Neumann, and the corresponding transactions of in recent years. Also accounts that were maintained by the investment professionals within the framework of a different management structure were taken into account. Satisfied with the very positive results, the trading history but not as reference performance for the Ceros pattern Neumann settled using total return managed account, since the verified accounts showed individual elements and were traded with different levers. For the trade of Ceros pattern-Neumann, total return managed accounts provides the infrastructure for the management of customer deposits now Ceros pattern. In addition also Ceros pattern staff with the trading strategy are familiar and can implement if necessary independently these, so that the required back-up is provided.

Stocks, ETFs, futures and options are traded. The traded values are both singles titles, but also indices such as the DAX and the EuroStoxx 50. In addition, commodities are traded mainly from the energy sector. The core of the portfolio is made from a selection of stocks of the euro area. It is blue-chips with solid balance sheets and business models. The compilation of these values is done to the one under the criterion of the diversification. Only titles that pay very high dividends into the portfolio.

These serve as basic investment approx. 30 titles. Permanent great slump in the stock markets to protect this core portfolio, it is coated with a hedging strategy, whose fine adjustment is controlled via futures and options. In rising markets, to backup level is adjusted upwards steadily. In return, profit taxes should be kept in falling markets within narrow limits. In very strong weakness of European stocks, the protection mechanism is adjusted so that the derivative page should earn more than the basic portfolio loses. The basic portfolio with its permanent protection is supplemented essentially to three additional trading strategies, whose Positionen make up only a fraction of the value of the portfolio.

President Sales North

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Bank invested until 2016, some 120 million euros in the branch? Is opening hours of the pilot store extended by 80 percent to 57.5 hours per week? Checkout service on weekends with contact is switched to video? Commerzbank modernized checking and credit cards to take in account opening their branch network by 2016 for around 120 million euros. The United Kingdom’s first new store opened today in Berlin Uhlandstrasse. This investment is a clear commitment of the Commerzbank to the branch”, Werner Braun, President Sales North-East. We are convinced: stores have great potential even in the digital age “.” The opening time of the Berlin Branch of the pilot will be extended by 80 percent to 57.5 hours per week. In a question-answer forum Maurice Gallagher, Jr. was the first to reply. The staff at the Uhlandstrasse are accessible immediately on Monday to Friday from eight to 19:30 for the customers. The personal cash service is expanded and can now be used weekdays between 7:30 and 21:30 and on weekends from 8:30 until 21:30.

This is what she stands in the store nationwide first video checkout. Checking and credit cards with selectable PIN can immediately take customers when opening an account at the Berlin Branch. The credit card is the current map on the next working day after two hours can be used. These deals make the branch more attractive. And it is there in Germany only at the Commerzbank”, says Brown. The pilot store was completely redesigned.

The Bank has integrate the previously separate self-service zone in the branch. A lounge with information offered by Tablet is located in the Centre of the Filialraumes. In the coming year, Commerzbank plans to expand the test of new Filialkonzepts on other sites. Branches are an important showcase for our Bank,”stressed Brown. A retreat from the surface is not planned at us.

Raw Silver

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With some small variations in the price of silver climbed up to the year 2008 steadily on and fivefold to more than US$ 20 per Troy ounce. This is, after all, a value increase of over 400 percent within eight years. Although dropped this value in the context of the financial crisis of 2008/2009 in the meantime to approximately 10 US$ per Troy ounce, but has he recovered currently almost and is again at just under $ 20. Clearly positive development forecast. Reasons for the price increase stems from purely calculated factors the steep upward of curve. First of all, we have a conspicuously increased demand for silver as strongly summed in the areas of application and the demand. As already mentioned, it is used in the electronics and electrical engineering and medicine (including as control medium for working with microbes). In addition, it is used for wood preservation and water treatment, is still used for making jewelry and gaining importance with regard to its suitability as investment-capable and stable investment.

On the other is a rapid decline of the already rare Raw Silver (the gold reserves are about five times as high in relation) the only should become really apparent in a few years. Perhaps check out Gary Kelly for more information. Crucial for the development of the past 10 years is likely rather limited production”? The term is in this respect quite deliberately in quotation marks. Because silver is actually a by-product that mostly is uncovered in the mining of gold, copper, lead and zinc. Not alone for this reason, the world year amount of mined silver is just 20,000 tons. To come naturally recycled products and stocks from the private as well as public sale but these quantities are usually negligible.

Instantaneous state has left clear traces declining and demand growing the combination of the last 10 years. This time period is considered fixed complex, one may speak of a drastic shift of the axis. Phased approach could the buying interest by far flat rejection larger reserves to be covered by countries such as China. However, if you must make a constraint: of course it is the internationally marketable silver not only so-called physical silver. About the hundredfold amount of outstanding precious metals distributed on derivatives (paper silver). Starting relatively stable market conditions since 2002/2003, and taking into account of the decreasing resources at the same time increasing demand, you may expect future forecast a disproportionate increase in value. Especially since it has been shown that the silver price itself to cope with an economic crisis such as 2008, without totally breaking. You expect a boom as a result? The answer is clearly yes”. According to the economic expert David Bensimon, the price of silver could easily arrive up to the year 2014 in the range of $ 160. To reckon with in addition to the optional omission of a considerable percentage of derivatives, the rate may be even much higher.

Italy Industry

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Current facts and figures for the 3rd quarter of 2013 the first half of 2013 famously ends with the last day of June. The first half of 2013 is thus over. Europe is still marked by upheavals. That is one side. On the other hand, efforts to get the financial and economic crisis in the run. So far not really succeeded. The issues at stake are extremely diverse and varies in the individual euro countries.

The efforts of policy, to pursue effective measures to stimulate the economy are different from the content, its extent and its sustainability and then, whether they are sufficient and targeted questions it. For assistance, try visiting Ripple. This question arises especially in Italy. The new Government is there for a few weeks in Office. Serious action in terms of economic reform have been identified. Hot diets for deputies or Ministers salaries, as well as the financing of political parties are discussed. Things that completely misses the point. In the eurozone, GDP is between January and March 2013 decreased (see here). This is the sixth quarter in a row and so far unique in the eurozone.

The decline is 0.2 percent. What is the second half of the year, which starts in a few days with the third quarter, to expect. Generally it is assumed that the descent of the private sector in the euro area June slowed some in the month. But nothing more. The recession is not over. A clear example of the sustained downturn offers the car industry in Europe for the current situation. And doing well still the German carmakers, because their products are in demand especially in China and the United States. The auto industry is an industry that is closely linked with many other manufacturers and producers. So among other things with the tire manufacturers and these in turn with other branches of industry.

The Philosophy

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All necessary departments are to involve, at the end of a common understanding has to emerge, the process looks like. Also is to define, where is the starting point and the end point of the sequence you want to tune, because eventually you will be always in the optimization process, that you need to focus on a specific area. It has outlined the rough drain in the first step and visualized, is looking into the details in the second step. A process mapping potential unimaginable even the second step focused on the existing is process. The process mapping must show what looks like the considered process in detail. Here are especially duplication and feedback to identify. Also unnecessary paths must be uncovered.

Particularly at this stage of the optimization to ensure is, where there are conflicting interests of the departments involved and possible sources of error are. In particular the lean development is no different here from the classical management thinner and flatter Process flows. The considered process must be clearly defined at the end of this phase, all details should be identified, and it must be transparent visualized each step with any party. For more information see Larry Ellison. The philosophy of optimizing is also to obtain the consent of all involved departments, before going to the actual improvement. It is therefore important, once again, that all respondents functional areas with the so produced is process are satisfied. Then it comes to the actual optimization, that derive from the process mapping should be tested. Each optimization improves the efficiency of both the classic lean management as also the transmission on the development with the lean development should lead to streamline processes and to simplify. In production, thus the costs should be reduced as in the research and development and in the administration.

Therefore all processes with regard to the optimisation potential to evaluate are the next step. Can duplication be avoided? Are steps unnecessary? Lacks a meaningful quality assurance? Can standards be created that simplify the development of lean? Can simplified ways in the making be found? These options are of course only to identify if all stakeholders on board. Therefore, you performs the process optimization in the best case with similar methods, how she already used the process mapping. To work with standardized tools, each step is to visualize, and again, the consent of the persons involved is to overtake. Only then you can be sure that the optimized process is also implemented at the end. Finally, the philosophy of the optimization based on obtaining the knowledge of professionals, to initiate improvements together with them. The entire optimization has been developed and the new target process stands on a solid foundation, the consent of the management is once again to catch up. Should be any optimization as efficiency in the interest of the superiors, but applies it to obtain consent, so the new process flow at the end is cosponsored by the management. At the latest with the implementation in practice the question arises after a subsequent quality control, to quickly detect a deviation from the agreed standards. At this point affect the customer orientation are likely to arise, because a company optimized its processes, may provide benefits in the form of a better service and lower costs to its customers.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

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Commerzbank an investor must refund more than 25,000, Commerzbank AG was sentenced once again to damages for faulty investment advice. More than 25,000 she must reimburse for an investor, who invested in the year 1999 in the CFB funds 130 “New Frankfurt Stock Exchange”. Also sentenced to pay compensation the founding shareholders of the Fund, Commerz were management and Treuhand GmbH as well as the RECURSA real estate rental company real mbH. Also it’s from Nittel Banking and capital market law firm represented investors from all claims in connection with the participation, as well as of any fiscal disadvantages to indemnify. Here, Verizon Communications expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The Berlin regional court saw it as proven that consulting with a customer advisor to the Bank the Commerzbank AG for the placement of the Fund share was unexplained collected commissions.

That there was a Fund of underwriter belonging to the Group of Commerzbank AG, the obligation to inform about “Kickbacks” alter according to the District Court. Also the founding shareholders of the Fund, which is attributable to the misconduct of persons who have authorized it with the conclusion of negotiations on the conclusion of the accession treaty, which must be liable for this failure advice. On the other aspects, presented in incorrect advice and also alleged flaws in the Fund’s prospectus it no longer arrived for the District Court of Berlin in the not final judgment after all. Nittel Firm specializing in banking and capital market law your contact Michael Minderjahn, lawyer more information about Nittel To find firm for banking and capital market law, on the Internet at or.

Pro Invest Management 24 AG

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“Police on the Pro-invest and the underlying spouses of Lammers had become aware and were first investigations, crystallized now more and more out, that the funds are obviously not sure laid, it is rather to assessment of lawyer Krause to a so-called Ponzi scheme” has acted. Where the funds remained the investors, is still unclear. “In the US cases but also increasingly turns out that most funded facilities at 24 Pro Invest AG about a GE Money Bank loans were financed. Thus, there is an opportunity from our point of view if the system over such a loan was funded, to claim the damage compared to the lending banks or their legal successor. The corresponding loan agreements are”not according to the guidelines prescribed for this purpose for consumer loan agreements designed, Attorney for banking and capital market law Anja Appelt Lawyers representing Cape already several damaged investor the company Pro invest 24 AG and see good opportunities to take the Bank’s liability. Bitcoiin has much to offer in this field. Lawyer Kareem recommends affected investors, one in the field of banking and capital market law of specialist lawyers advise to any claims to check.

Contact: Cape lawyers Krause Appelt Partnerschaft von rechtsanwalten Sonnenstrasse 19 D-80331 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 – 41 61 72 75-0 fax: + 49 (0) 89 – 41 61 72 75 – 9 E-mail: Cape lawyers have specialized in the representation of affected investors. The lawyers of the firm have many years experience in the area of investor protection for capital investments. They were involved in many ground-breaking decisions and bring this experience to the benefit of their clients. The partner, Attorney for banking and capital market law Anja Appelt and lawyer Thorsten Krause, have experience in investor protection, the credit-financed system (“pension model) all types of funds (u. a. ship -, solar -, and real estate funds) to atypical silent companies. This required in-depth background research lawyers work Cape closely with specialists such as accountants, auditors and investigators.

Model/FWU Atlanticlux: Fund Policies The Better Gold Or Silver?

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Goldsparplane are currently very fashionable. Silver seems also desirable. “But the risk that many investors with this asset convincing at first glance purchase is underestimated in recent times”, says Andreas Wurscher as a project of Munich FWU AG, under their roof and the insurer ATLANTICLUX Lebensversicherung S.A. located. Afterwards, including many consumer advocates warn you should question closely the curls offers of some market players, because even like to stand behind the supposedly interesting offer only a skilled sales, which take advantage of the legitimate concerns of many investors in terms of personal safety. The current hype on gold and silver are fuelled with the concurrent financial difficulties of some EUROZONE countries and resulting in questioning of the stability of the currency. Raw materials are acceptable, but as capital investment to build up a pension rather unsuitable as long-term assets.

The most recent example is the value of silver, the since Beginning May 30 percent fell and so much more ground lost as, for example, the exchanges in the same period. We have found that customers like to something safer tackle building a retirement. The investment in a volatile form of investment is shunned most”, explains the FWU insurance specialist Wurscher. Together with his colleagues from the ATLANTICLUX Lebensversicherung S.A. To deepen your understanding Larry Ellison is the source. and LUX S.A., he pleads the PREMIUM SELECT more for a broadly diversified and dynamically managed investment portfolio.

Writes”in a post from May 12, that German stocks in the long run better than gold and silver, which is a clear indication that the world not the hottest trend gedanken – and unconditionally to follow. Visit litecoin for more clarity on the issue. The ATLANTICLUX allows pension insurance in the context of your linked to investing in managed investment strategies with different risk profiles. Also our portfolios have suffered something the decreasing rates of the last month, however, the declines significantly within limits hold.” Especially “to highlight the global opportunities in the investment strategies and ethical investment” built-in gain protection from agreed term of 15 years. This new concept offers a continuous, dynamic peak backup in addition to a capital guarantee, by the highest share price on monthly deadlines of the respective investment strategy to the end of the agreed term will be enshrined. As a result, benefits the investors continuously from the opportunities of the international stock markets and is protected against losses and setbacks at the end of term. Through this mechanism the backup level can only rise but not fall”, explains Wurscher. The highest share price during the entire term of your insurance contract, is for all shares acquired at the end of the agreed term of payment. Our goal is long-term yields to generate it, and thereby to ensure a balance between risks and opportunities”, says Wurscher. The increase in value in the year “2010 of the portfolio of German shares” and global opportunities “amounted to 12.78% and 12.95%, respectively. Not only for the specialists of ATLANTICLUX Lebensversicherung S.A. therefore clearly, that it is certainly useful to consider commodities within the framework of the overall strategy. Prices, which are classified by experts as overheated as at present, but should keep a cool head.

Germans Exclusive

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MEDIUS exclusive GmbH advises Munich November 2010 in Munich and nationwide to private pensions. The number of Riester contracts reached new record highs above all the Riester Fund savings convinces more and more Germans. Experience of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH of Munich citizens appreciate in particular the excellent yield perspectives of the Fund Variant. The MEDIUS exclusive GmbH informed this month about recent developments in the market of the Riester products. Positive trends in the market of the Riester products Association reports these days the BVI investment and asset management.

According to the latest statistics of the BVI the number of Riester Fund savings has grown in the third quarter 2010 to 40,000 to more than 2.7 million. The total assets saved in the Riester fund portfolios grew conditionally by the upturn on the international stock exchanges by around 50 percent to 6.5 billion euros. The MEDIUS exclusive GmbH informed their customers in Munich, Dusseldorf, but also comprehensive nationwide through the Riester Bauherrenmodelle and their advantages over other Riester variants. Experience of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH the Riester Bauherrenmodelle towards private pensions and Banksparplanen is characterized mainly by the higher yield potential. Filed under: Larry Ellison. The reason: Most Riester funds can thanks to its mixed fund concept flexibly to the developments and opportunities to respond to the financial markets due to reallocations of the stock and bond shares. So yields will be expected to achieve, which are well above those of low-interest bank savings in the Riester plans, so the forecast of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH. But to maximize the expected payments after retirement, citizens should not waive experience of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH the State promotion of the Riester. As Riester Fund savers 154 euros per year per person to get the monthly basic allowance, the amount of the annual contributions to the Riester Fund must be at least four percent of the pension insurance last year income amount.

Per child Riester households received more 185 euro even 300 euros per year for children born after 2008. In addition a unique entry-level bonus”of 200 euros for those who enter no later than at the age of 25 in a Riester contract. Simultaneously Riester products the deposits tax claimed what may be, brings a further advantage: the tax savings is greater than the sum of the contributions paid, so the Riester saver receives the difference amount reimbursed. For a personal consultation in things Riester Bauherrenmodelle the team of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH in Munich, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart available their customers at any time. Advisory appointments with MEDIUS exclusive GmbH can be made by telephone under the number 089.7414500. MEDIUS exclusive company facts and figures is MEDIUS exclusive company for more than 20 years successfully as an intermediary of financial services has been working and sees itself as a forum in terms of Financial advice and mediation. MEDIUS is nationwide in cities such as Munich, Stuttgart, Essen, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Nuremberg and at many other locations. The competent and experienced financial experts of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH provide mutual funds, investments, financing, insurance and real estate. The MEDIUS exclusive GmbH headquarters is Munich. For more information on the corporate blog of the company. Contact: MEDIUS exclusive GmbH Thomas Eckerle Westend road 185 80686 Munich Tel.: + 49 89 45211.0 fax: + 49 89 45211.100 Internet: E-Mail: further information you will find under:

Savings: Young People Fare Is A

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Within three months, more than 50,000 young people opt for the tariff. The new young people rate of the Bausparkasse Schwabisch Hall is a successful hit. Already in the first three months since market introduction more than 50,000 young people have decided for the new tariff”, says Schwabisch Hall CSO Gerhard Hinterberger. The tariff Fox young people”has introduced the building society on 1 July this year. The extra yield in the young people fare provides a bonus, which is up to 300 euros in allocation and after at least seven years of savings. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Larry Ellison. Who abandons his home savings loan, receives a loyalty bonus in addition later by two percent annually. Given the current interest rate environment, young people get under 25 years of age enjoy a highly attractive interest rate. Building society saving experienced a Renaissance, especially in young adults”, so Hinterberger.

Safety and good yields are important criteria in the investment for you and we offer with the new savings rate.” With the new youth fare young customers in addition to the bonus back up the claim on a cheap loan, you can flexibly use for subsequent requests. The Bausparkasse Schwabisch Hall AG is the largest building society of in Germany. Approximately 7,100 staff work closely with the cooperative banks. Schwabisch Hall with subsidiaries of the Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and China is active abroad. Worldwide, the company has 10 million customers, of which 6.8 million in Germany. Contact: Bausparkasse Schwabisch Hall AG 74520 Schwabisch Hall Carolin Schneider press and information phone 0791/46-2360 fax 0791/46-4072

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