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Frankfurt Stock Exchange

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Commerzbank an investor must refund more than 25,000, Commerzbank AG was sentenced once again to damages for faulty investment advice. More than 25,000 she must reimburse for an investor, who invested in the year 1999 in the CFB funds 130 “New Frankfurt Stock Exchange”. Also sentenced to pay compensation the founding shareholders of the Fund, Commerz were management and Treuhand GmbH as well as the RECURSA real estate rental company real mbH. Also it’s from Nittel Banking and capital market law firm represented investors from all claims in connection with the participation, as well as of any fiscal disadvantages to indemnify. Here, Verizon Communications expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The Berlin regional court saw it as proven that consulting with a customer advisor to the Bank the Commerzbank AG for the placement of the Fund share was unexplained collected commissions.

That there was a Fund of underwriter belonging to the Group of Commerzbank AG, the obligation to inform about “Kickbacks” alter according to the District Court. Also the founding shareholders of the Fund, which is attributable to the misconduct of persons who have authorized it with the conclusion of negotiations on the conclusion of the accession treaty, which must be liable for this failure advice. On the other aspects, presented in incorrect advice and also alleged flaws in the Fund’s prospectus it no longer arrived for the District Court of Berlin in the not final judgment after all. Nittel Firm specializing in banking and capital market law your contact Michael Minderjahn, lawyer more information about Nittel To find firm for banking and capital market law, on the Internet at or.