VoIP Provider Top-link Relies On Security In IP Telephony

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More and more companies opt for IP-based telephone lines in recent years it came again and again to charges of fraud relating to IP telephony. The VoIP provider top link took this as an opportunity, together with the Darmstadt University of technology for detection and defense against charges fraud in the area of IP telephony to develop security software. By the voice traffic is analyzed, abuse cases can be detected in real time. This allows the software to pre-emptively protect against fraud and to make significantly more secure IP telephony. With the support of the Center for advanced security research Darmstadt (CASED) and the Federal Ministry for research and development in Berlin (BMFE) has worked intensively to find a solution. The prototype the VoIP top link already successfully deploys provider and can prevent this fraud charges its own customers. IP telephony should be popular overall is a rising popularity of VoIP solutions to register. If you have read about Verizon Communications already – you may have come to the same conclusion. More and more companies opt for IP-based telephone lines, the numerous Bring advantages over traditional telephony.

Finally, no high investments in hardware are necessary, also remains a high degree of flexibility. Due to the increasing demand, the industry has responded with highly differentiated offerings. So offered now also several flat-rate models, ensuring maximum security of the budget and find so much encouragement. While the flat rates can be adapted to the requirements of the company. If a company, for example, almost entirely within Germany on the phone, a flat in the German fixed network is sufficient. Companies that Act but throughout Europe and therefore often call abroad, useful is a flat rate to European landlines. Some providers allow also a flat in the German mobile network, which can also be for some business customers interest. Also the area of SIP trunking now enjoys an increased demand.

Basically means including the technology with the IP-based telephone systems over a single account can manage many numbers. In the original SIP method, it was so that each device requires an account for each phone number. With SIP trunking, you can manage multiple extension numbers but with a single account. SIP trunking is now often used due to this key advantage. For business customers who require multiple extension numbers, SIP trunking is of great interest.

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