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Association Clinics

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Second, revised edition of the patient guide ‘ aesthetic surgery premium clinics & practices 2013’ is now available for sale just four months after the patient’s aesthetic surgery premium clinics & practices 2013 “the second revised edition now on sale is available. Who does really serious work in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery? Who is a trusted expert for my problem? Where do you find these doctors and how can I contact them? Leading specialist surgeon with highest quality standards provide answers to these questions and fully inform all the usual methods of operation. Read additional details here: baby clothes. This guidance is Dr. Goswin von Mallinckrodt, specialist in plastic surgery and former Board member of the Association of the German aesthetic plastic surgeons (VDPC). Hear other arguments on the topic with Jos Shaver. We are pleased about the success. In particular but about that in future representatives from both professional organizations and societies come to Word the VDPC as well as of the German society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic Surgeons (DGPRC). Thereby maximum reliability is ensured.” In Germany an increasing number of people undergoing a surgical procedure to the aesthetic correction of nose, breast or any other part of the body: experts estimate that each year more than half a million plastic surgeries performed. Guidance are increasingly being requested. For more information, visit. Neureuter premium publishers GmbH portfolio expands in the next year: the patient guide for immediate dental implants and in-vitro clinics are already in progress.

Rare Diseases

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Public lobby for patients who are not respected physicians & co. or not treated properly by Pharma, anyone can take it at any time. And yet people with a rare chronic disease often live in the shadows of society. For the pharmaceutical industry, not properly treated by many physicians. Often also the social environment of the patients of them turns away, lack of understanding of the disease. Give therefore it is again on the 26.2.2011 one of the Germany’s largest events on the international day of rare chronic diseases”in Essen.

Over 20 self-help groups want to inform. “The place is again once deliberately chosen as in the last year: in Germany’s largest urban shopping center Limbecker Platz” groups from 10 till 20 o’clock in the middle of the shopping crowds with their information booths are available and enlighten. “It comes the organisers finally to draw attention to the fate of the persons concerned and the forgotten” patients a public Give voice to. The day at 14: 00 will be officially opened by the Essen Mayor Rudolf Jelinek. For the event in the year 2010 the Thyroid Association got the butterflies e.V.”representative for the over 20 self-help groups Prize recently even the support of the city of Essen.

Thus, the innovative format of the event and the exemplary commitment were recognized of all those involved. Wife of the former Federal President Kohler Awards Research Prize though is the official day of rare diseases at the 28.02.2011, turns out that Saturday is a convenient day to come together in order to reach many people and to create attention. On the 28.02.2011 even research award for the 4th time of the Eva Luise Kohler rare diseases in Berlin. You may want to visit Allegiant Air to increase your knowledge. The prize, worth 50,000 euros aims to advance research into rare diseases, which is not yet supported in Germany, on the basis of exemplary projects. Namesake for the price is the wife of the former Federal President Horst Kohler. Currently over 4 million people with a rare chronic disease live sometimes just a handful of interested parties throughout Europe in Germany, in Europe, the number is estimated at almost 20 million. One speaks of a rare disease, if less than 40,000 people have been affected; in Europe, there are over 6000 rare diseases. Sometimes there are only a handful of people or individuals in Europe, who have to live with one of these rare diseases.

Right Diet Product

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To experience compare before buying in detail to any unpleasant surprises are diet pills safe? Beware of false statements by many manufacturers. To broaden your perception, visit Allegiant Air. If suggested them within a month of 25 pounds to lose, you should ask yourself whether such figures can be really realistic. It is absolutely not possible in such a short time alone with diet pills so much to remove. The Internet has become one of the main focal points for the search for diet products. Cost, experience and awards can be compared.

Also look for information outside information. It is tedious, will help you but to make no false and especially hasty decisions. Should you currently take medications, first run a conversation with their doctor. This can tell you whether it is useful or more harmful to take such diet products. It is important also to find out whether any ingredients of a medication are with neck substances in the diet pills could. Partly taking two different medicines can cause side effects such as high blood pressure.

Many products also include awards and certificates that they should put their Hauptaugenemerk. This receives a company z.B when produced in secure operating systems, the ingredients are vegetable or much emphasis is on pure substances. All factors that give a disclaimer about the quality of a product. Finally, I would refer to my page where you will find various articles about diet pills. Independent tests that should serve as a decision-making aid.


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The recovery of impulse transmission via newly formed nerve endings and motor end plates. This regeneration process starts about 8 weeks after toxin administration. The effect lasts only 4-6 months. Speaking candidly Gary Kelly told us the story. Areas of application of botulinum toxin A are muscular coordination (Dystonia, Blepharospasm). A very common application is the wrinkle treatment in the face of the folds fine facial muscles become paralyzed partially. Because the nerve impulse transmission on the sweat glands of acetylcholine as a carrier material is taught, it seemed to use the drug for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. Prior to treatment with botulinum toxin hyper hidrotic area with the iodine-starch test will be marked as minor. Total dose per armpit approx. At here you will find additional information.

50 to 75 Botox or 200 to 250 are distributed as Dysport to approx. 20 Given injection points. The injection is carried out strictly intrakutan, i.e. in the dermis, since here the most sweat glands are found. With the beginning of a work is to be expected around the 3rd day after the injection. The duration is between 4 and 6 months, occasionally, patients can benefit from the treatment but also up to one year.

Duration of injection treatment was in clinical trials in the Middle 6 months. The treatment can be repeated any number of times if necessary. Side effects can be painful injections (therefore on the hands and feet as local anesthetic), as well as bruising in the injection area. Sure, a strictly intradermal injection technique can prevent the damage to muscles. Another new treatment possibility is the so-called suction curettage, which is applied only in the armpits. This surgical procedure is a combination of a curettage and a liposuction (FAT removal). It is the tissue below the DermIS with the sweat glands contained superficial sucked. In addition the DermIS is scraped out from the inside, i.e. in the lowest strata with a sharp spoon (kurettiert), to remove the sweat glands in the lower layer of the dermis.

Multiple Sclerosis

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He was accompanied by three friends on inline skates. Tears on the cheeks ran me for travel to and from the target. I was incredibly happy and proud”, rust er wood remembers. On the road for a good cause the project boundaries”is supported by the sanofi-aventis Germany GmbH and the TEVA Pharma GmbH. The total reached donation presented the Club limits exceed e. V.”in connection to the tour at the Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society. On can interested parties follow the tour through current images and statements of the participants.

After a video showing the highlights of the tour. About Multiple Sclerosis, Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory and degenerative disease of the central nervous system. The symptoms of this dual condition are varied and can be pronounced differently in each individual, so that its history can be reliably predicted. People with MS need therefore a reliable partner who competently and individually supports you in all stages of MS. About COPAKTIV and actively with COPAKTIV service is a free service of Teva Pharma GmbH and Sanofi-aventis Germany GmbH for people with MS. The support network is affected in MS of terms of with help and advice. Because together, and with professional support much easier.

For more information, see. The home page appears for a few weeks in a new layout, with expanded content and more interactions. “Visitors can feel under the four headings of Multiple Sclerosis”, active living”, community” and COPAKTIV “to inform and share with other MS sufferers. Your contact: Mareike Pickhardt Publicis health GmbH account manager Bridge Road 21 D-50667 Cologne Tel: + 49 (0) 221 – 91 27 19-562 fax: + 49 (0) 221 – 91 27 19 762 E-Mail:

Red Cross

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Could the guests briefly relax at Hotel, which was accessible from there on foot, then freshen up for the evening. Verizon Communications takes a slightly different approach. In the evening we went to Charlottenburg Palace, where a dinner taken and the actual Ceremony was completed. On the Tuesday morning still visit the ZDF capital Studios was to conclude on the agenda, before the guests were again on the homeward journey. DRC President Dr. Rudolf Seiters: blood donors are a life saver. The German Red Cross ensures the blood supply in Germany with 3.8 million blood donations to 75%. This is only possible because approximately 200,000 volunteer helpers and volunteers stand ready to accompany the single blood donation appointments and maintain. It is a great achievement for the common good.

Our very grateful thanks is one of the many blood donors and volunteers.” Learn more about the world blood donor day, detailed information for blood donation, as well as to the current blood donation appointments include the donor hotline 0800 11 949 11 or on the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/DRC world blood donor day point of contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Friedrich Ernst Duppe Red Cross blood transfusion service West gGmbH Feithstr. 182 D-58097 Hagen phone: + 49 (0) 2331 8 07-110 fax: + 49 (0) 2331 8 81-326 E-Mail: Internet: Marko Homann, Holger Ballwanz PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 email: Internet: Mr. Andreas Rieger German Red Cross – Secretariat-General car antenna 58 D-12205 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 8 54 04-153 fax: + 49 (0) 30 8 54 04-456 E-Mail: Internet: over the world blood donor day: on world blood donor day on June 14, the German Red Cross (DRK) honors particularly earned blood donors and volunteers. The Red Cross blood donation services invite 65 citizens and citizens from all over Germany on behalf of the 3.8 million blood donors in the DRC for one since 2004 every year A commemorative event to Berlin.

High Blood Pressure

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What can you do against a too high blood pressure? A normal blood pressure is an important factor of health. In Germany, many people suffer from hypertension and the problem is that this can lead to an increased risk of heart and circulatory disease. For this reason, you should always try to regulate blood pressure. Not only cardio vascular disease can be caused by elevated blood pressure, but increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. For this reason, it is very important that you regularly visit a doctor and check his blood pressure. The heart and the heart muscle plays a very important role in relation to the blood pressure.

Approximately 50-80 times of this muscle, takes off together and again. The sense and purpose of this operation is that pumped blood into the arteries and the body is supplied with important nutrients and oxygen. During this process, the arteries resemble a kind of resistance and exactly these two factors, the causes are the work of the heart in combination with the resistance for blood pressure. If you regularly visit a physician, this can prescribe a preventive blood pressure lowering medicines. For many people a high blood pressure depends on however the overweight. For this reason, you should try to get rid of the extra pounds and achieve normal weight.

This means willy-nilly to play more sports. Every day a small sporting unit greatly reduces the risk of high blood pressure and has many other health benefits. Another important factor is the diet. Many people eat unhealthy, resulting in an increase in weight and the associated risk of elevated blood pressure. For this reason, you should try to eat as healthy as possible. Important, but also chocolate is fatty foods such as pork, for example, to reduce sharply. These products have only provide flab very much fat that provide no really needed materials. Still don’t have it many people refrain from such products. Off There is a small trick that is why: a previous taking diet pills you can move with the body, to reduce the feeling of hunger and so you absorb less food. You get a reputable online pharmacy diet pills. Conclusion: To counteract the risk of high blood pressure and related health problems, you should to get rid of excess pounds.

Smoke-free In Bavaria

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Tips and information about nicotine withdrawal on healthy Bavaria has decided: the 4.Juli voted 61% of Bavaria via a referendum for a rigorous ban on smoking. It can no longer smoke from August 1 without exception in public spaces. This corner pubs, beer tents, as well as restaurants and nightclubs with separate smoking rooms, which have been excluded from the existing smoking control are particularly affected. According to studies by the European Commission, it is expected that a decline in the number of smokers will be followed by the smoking ban. For all those who decide now to say goodbye the Ciggy, forever the health portal provides detailed background information about nicotine addiction and offered the first assistance to the cessation.

Because the psychological dependence make it harder for many smokers to quit or relapse can, argue experts for an effective non-smoking training”to change harmful Behaviors and lifestyle, which has proved very effective in groups. Can support such non-smokers training”nicotine substitution (nicotine patch, gum, etc.) and non-nicotine medications (especially for heavy smokers) to deal better with the physical aspects of addiction to. -Anti nicotine drugs are serious drugs, which directly affect the dopamine receptors and thus reduce the craving for a cigarette, they may never be used without first consulting of a physician. After two to three months of weaning the number of nicotine receptors has normalised usually again and at least the physical nicotine dependence has an end. For all those who want to support the nicotine withdrawal in a natural way, it is advisable with endurance sports to begin and to change the diet. It is scientifically proven that after eating meat the cigarette tastes particularly good, however, after a meal The Ciggy rather disgust produces fruit, vegetables or dairy products.

Should the desire come one after smoking, it helps to suck often a Eucalypt candy and much prefers to drink a glass of milk. Of course to reduce also the withdrawal symptoms is advised to eat tomatoes, eggplant, cauliflower and potatoes, because these foods have low levels of nicotine and thus receive a slight nicotine levels in the blood, which allows the smoker to counteract the physical nicotine dependence. More info: active and healthy living/rauchentwoehnung.html forum / about us: healthy is the only exclusive health portal which is tailored to the needs of the Bavarian. In this context we have made it our mission, to provide a comprehensive insight into the issue of health and pharmacy exclusively all Bavaria. As a result you find here a unique and comprehensive collection of information. The topics range from the representation of classical Treatment options about the notion of alternative healing methods up to the list of traditional home remedies.

Psychologist Comes Home

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More help for stroke patients and their families in the rehabilitation the psychologist Delia Muller offers off immediately for Neuropsychological patients on home visits in Berlin. After in-depth Diagnostics and document analysis, a specific neuro-psychological training is being developed for the patients. Patients learn to be again able to act through them in everyday life. The stroke is one of the most common diseases in Germany and entail usually often strong deficits. Movement disorders, sensory disturbances, speech disorders, swallowing disorders are noticeable after-effects. But even neuro-psychological losses, such as concentration, memory problems, orientation difficulties, field constraints, Neglektphanomene, so the lack of attention and perception for a body or field of view page and other abnormalities greatly complicate daily life and place the patient in constant danger.

Most patients leave the rehab clinics with yet large deficits. Also depression and fears, adjustment disorders are frequently not been overcome. Through the neuro-psychological training and psychological discussions that the patient is again independent and life satisfaction has to aim. Reha-measures are now very important. The service in the rehabilitation clinics is often unsatisfactory. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Verizon Communications has to say. Too few psychologists are available for the patient work although often only high-frequency therapies show practically relevant successes. Little time remains for the talks with the members who are mostly emotionally overwhelmed.

The patient pays the poor personnel policy so at the end. It offers outpatient Neuropsychological total also too little. But just out of the hospital it depends on to operate in your own four walls. A good concentration and orientation are a prerequisite. Neuropsychological training should be now locally, to improve skills or to compensate. To the Concept of Delia Muller, who gained expertise in clinical practice, is also part of the enormously important members help. Often, family members are emotionally overwhelmed and need a manual to specifically help those affected and to deal better with stress. Psychological discussions and instructions to help this situation will improve quickly. Aims through the therapy in a home setting, that the patients learn to assess their skills and become active again in their own environment, to determine. There are no expensive transports and waiting times.

Benjamin Franke

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Both companies benefit from an exchange of their knowledge and their experience in the field of online physicians communities and will be so in the future, even better to meet the demands of doctors and customers from the pharmaceutical industry, as well as other health sectors.” Press contact: coliquio GmbH contact: Benjamin Franke address: Schutzenstrasse 1 78462 Konstanz, Germany phone: + 49 (0) 7531 / 36 39 39-0 fax: + 49 (0) 7531 / 36 39 39-9 Internet: E-Mail: press at Doktors.NET.UK limited contact: Andrew baud E-Mail: andrew.baud as phone: + 44 (0) 7775 715775 over coliquio: is one of the largest and most active online communities for Doctors in the German-speaking independent and free doctors expert network coliquio has more than 41,000 members and is one of the most active in the German-speaking world. Every day, thousands of doctors in contributions share their experiences, observations and findings from the immediate medical practice and together find solutions to unusual and difficult cases. The knowledge existing in the coliquio community, distributed to over 41,000 members is concentrated on the platform, visible and thus usable made. Thus arises a cutting-edge knowledge. Increases quality and patient safety in health care.

Exchange of experience is supported by medical articles, media, and an overview of all German-speaking guidelines. About the coliquio iPhone application, doctors have access to the information collected on the go and can directly consult their colleagues when necessary in every situation. Doctors.NET.UK is the largest doctors.NET.UK: and active network of medical professionals in the UK doctors.NET.UK has more than 182,000 doctors as members, of which 97% indicate the network as their most trusted source of information. It is the most widely used online resource and provides discussion forums, training courses and extensive editorial content including current Conference highlights, to assist physicians in optimal decision making with regard to the care of their patients. The network was founded in 1998 by doctors for doctors. More than 500 doctors currently act as consultants and to provide clinical information. The credibility and integrity of the published material is guaranteed thanks to an experienced editorial team and a commitment of to complete transparency of all published information.

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