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Saving With The Mind: How To Reduce The Cost Of Supplies

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Perhaps now is difficult, rather impossible to find Chelyabinsk, which would not be worried about the global financial crisis and its consequences. Oracle can aid you in your search for knowledge. Each head of the company thought about reducing costs and maximize savings on everything: rented space, communications, supplies, equipment and its maintenance. This article focuses on the savings on the cartridges for laser printers and MFPs. Printers (mostly printer and mfp – All-three in one: copier, printer, scanner) has become one of the essential working tools for each office. And those firms that print a lot and often have to change cartridges almost every two weeks. There is this pleasure is not cheap, depending on the type and model of printer, from 1200 to 10000r. For many – it's a secret that printer manufacturers do not receive basic income from direct sales of printers, from the sale of consumables, making very high margins on cartridges. Often the printer is sold at a lower price, and cartridges for laser printers in the price can reach up to 60% of the cost of the printer.

What if You need a lot and continuously print, with print quality requirements are not critical (may be changing color printing, etc.), and the crisis dictates its own terms, leading to cut costs? In this case, we recommend You refill cartridges for your printer and mfp. Moreover, rational, if you have two or more cartridges for each printer that will happen until the first refill cartridge – the second printing. If you are typing is not so much, and 2-3 days without a printer at the time of filling is not critical for you, then you can do one cartridge for the printer. .