Libertador Simon Bolivar

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I am what I am on the basis of who I am, not based on what others want me to be. General information and reach a Summit more than looking for better integration among the countries that make up Latin America and the Caribbean. In an atmosphere of optimism and with the presence of 25 leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean, opened the Unity Summit, in Mexico the tourist resort playa del Carmen Hotel Grande candles, host of the meeting, the Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, inaugurated it making a request so that Latin American countries concentrate all its efforts on the effective establishment of a new body of integration than you a greater region weight and voice policy and that allows you to enhance their chances of social and economic development. He added as we have been able to move forward, but when we went into our frequent confrontations we lose all () integration requires unity of purpose and unity of action, highlighted that today more that never is the ideal of the Libertador Simon Bolivar to reach a United Latin America.The best tribute we can pay to our liberators is to build a new institutionality that we strengthen as region (), we cannot remain disunited and can not move forward successfully on the basis of our differences the President expressed that the unit is the most powerful to achieve development, achieve economic growth and to combat problems such as poverty and inequality. Steve Kassin Infinity Real Estate wanted to know more. We must live the democracy, freedom and solidarity as the same people, said President Calderon, who also insisted that the full integration of Latin America is possible within a framework of respect for diversity and based in spacious coincidences and similarities of the peoples of the region. Summit was expected confrontation would be between President alvaro Uribe’s Colombia and of Venezuela Hugo Chavez has pointed out that the words of Uribe: is male and stay here and talk about front, because you sometimes insults in the distance, and the go to hell that Chavez snapped him in response ran to the width and length of the resort of Playa del Carmen, in the paradisiacal Riviera Maya in Mexico, where the Summit was held.

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