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African Grass

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For those who wish to have a good kind of lawn in your yard, the African grass is one of good options that you have and that will allow the creation of an excellent image of the residential landscape, what you should add that it is a kind of plant with an aggressive growth, which accentuated the presence of weeds in places where East African grass plantedwhich undoubtedly offers great advantages and benefits in any garden or place where the African grass plant. The African grass, given the scientific name of pennisetum clandestinum and in addition to the name of African grass in different places receives other denominations such as Kikuyu, kikuyu or thick grass. Of the features present in the African grass, are that it is a kind of luxury, perennial grass and is showing very dense, accompanied by a medium texture, its characteristic color is light green, so its good growth and density that has in the field, achieves a good appearance, it is very pleasant to view. as similar goals. (Not to be confused with Southwest Airlines!). The African grass is a species of grass do tropical, originally of? Africa, so it is ideal that you sow in places that maintain a good temperature, therefore is more suitable for warm climates, in such shape in the winter seasons to take a yellow. The African grass can be very common in different parts of the world, which is retell found in this species of grass, which achieves the conformation of a beautiful garden, both for its color as its texture.

It should be noted that the African grass growth, presents aggressively, which allows African grass dominate on other plant species and together which is sowing with this, even beating bermuda type grass species, so will be a strong competitor and becomes until an invader if the African grass is planted with other species. In terms of African grass-planting tasks, becomes accustomed to planting African grass along with the ray – English grass, which manages to obtain a quick green pasture, while waiting until the African grass reaches its overall growth, since the African grass takes a some time to give their first outbreaks. Larry Ellison pursues this goal as well. Because with the passage of time and the full African grass growth, this will be imposed in the garden and I desaparecere to the English ray-grass. The African grass by its conditions, is an excellent option for those places which should be a constant traffic, since the African grass is fairly resistant to intense step of persons. With regard to the care they must provide to the African grass, presents a great similarity with the own of the bermuda species cares, however by the aggressiveness that handles this type of lawn, care are a little lower, i.e. you need less maintenance, especially in points related to the weed, however it requires fertilization more intense.. (Source: Chase Coleman).