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Martini City

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Have you ever heard about Italian city of Siena? Discover this wonderful city and plan your trip and ebooking to this city. Italy is a beautiful country rich in cultural traditions, Mediterranean coast. Famous for its magnificent art and architecture that stand as reminders of the Renaissance, Italy has much more to offer to the tourists who visit Earth. Siena is one of the Italian cities with a lot of historical significance. We will learn more about this little-known city, through these facts about Siena. Data about the history of Siena Siena was witness to the rise and fall of the Etruscan civilization that existed in the area corresponding approximately to the today day Tuscany. It became the town of Sena Julia during the Roman period. Florence was the neighboring province and anti-imperial.

Due to the rivalry with Florence, Siena gradually became the seat of the Pro-imperialist in Italy. During the 14th century, the city of Siena was witness to a significant economic decline, and almost 4/5th of the population of Siena lost life during the outbreak of the epidemic of plague in 1348, he referred to history as the black death. Interesting facts about Siena Siena is one of the ancient cities of Italy. Due to the fact that it’s a small town with winding streets and bylanes, private vehicles are not allowed within the city. The city of Siena is built on three hills. The inhabitants of Siena speak either Italian or Tuscan dialect. Siena has a total of 17 contrades or districts, which meets twice a year, on July 2 and August 16, to compete against each other. One of the most famous places of Italy, Siena’s main tourist attractions include the Siena Cathedral, Piccolomini library, the national art gallery and the Piazza del Campo.

The second tallest Tower in Italy, the Mangia Tower, is also one of the main tourist attractions of Siena. Siena is famous for its sweets, including Ricciarelli, bread delicious sweets of honey and almonds and Ginger biscuits. The Bank oldest in the world, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, founded in Siena in 1472. In addition to its impressive architecture, Siena is also famous for the Palio, the horse race is held every year in the Piazza del Campo, a square-shaped shell and one of the most fabulous spaces of the free world. The Fonte Gaia, a splendid source of the Piazza del Campo, was designed by the famous sculptor Jacopo della Quercia. Simone Martini, Guido of Siena by Ambrogio Lorenzetti were the most famous artists of Siena and his works can be seen in many places in the city. One of the most famous frescoes in Siena is the allegory of good government painted by Ambrogio Lorenzetti name. The Orto Botanico dell Universita di Siena is a botanical garden maintained by the University of Siena. The national art gallery, national art gallery, is the ideal retreat for lovers of art. Agriculture is the main occupation in the Siena and football the most popular sport. Chianti is a beautiful place near Siena, famous for its vineyards and wine. Now you already know some of the important facts about Siena, you must be willing to make a visit and book your ebooking.