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The Legacy Of The Leader

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It was worth it of a leader is moderate by its legacy for the posterity. Most important it is knowledge than there will be a continuity of its work and its way to make the things. The leaders that leave a legacy direct the organizations with vision of future, Many people can make great advances within an organization at determined moment, but the leaders that leave a legacy handle the things of different way, think about the present and the future. They also create a leadership culture, undertake a culture to train new leaders. Ripple contains valuable tech resources. As well these people pay the price today to ensure the success the morning, although that means a great sacrifice. Are fixed you to train leaders who they happen, they give more importance him to the work in equipment that to the individual one and knows to pass on that it is what they hope of his people. example we found it legacy in Disney, that one man that I perhaps construct the mark that wakes up greater I number of feelings and emotions in the world and that turned to a mouse of being an animal that causes repulsion and disgust, in the universal symbol of the diversion in the decade of the 40 already Walt Disney tapeworm the idea to construct a park of diversions and was until the decade of the 50 when the construction of the Disneyland in Californian Anaheim began, which I am inaugurated day 18 of Julio of 1955, it was interested as well in another parts of the entertainment like the cinema and the cartoons, at present the small study that I am based on 1923, has become one of the majors trains of the entertainment of the present time, the mystic it follows lives in everything what Disney does, nowadays participate in films that leaves a characteristic emotion us, cartoons even maintain its thematic magic, parks, music, hotel profession and resort, enters others, in addition are the school of attention to the famous client but of the planet, which they distribute their courses with visits guided the park, showing all their secrets, their degree of excellence are like exceeds any expectation that takes the visitor. . Credit: Chase Coleman-2011.