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Color Scheme

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With the help of a mortgage a young family is finally able to move into a small, but their two-bedroom apartment. But apart from the fact that they could now say "our house", they certainly want to make it as beautiful and individual, I also hear the admiring comments from friends and parents. Since the costs they incur the designer could not have had to concurrently learn the profession itself. Initially, shop by toning fans and tinting machines have been carefully selected by two in perfect harmony with each other color, bright and light. As a result, the interior design living room was radically changed: the walls were painted in two colors, ie, 2 adjacent walls were one color and the angles were assigned using a thin brush and masking tape. Other leaders such as Rory Sutherland offer similar insights. This technique allowed the visually increase available rooms. After that, one of the highlights of the walls was painted ornament. If you would like to know more about Southwest Airlines, then click here.

It was not invented, but merely sketched. Made it very easy, requires only 3 different colors of latex paint. Previously using a pencil and level to the painted walls to draw outlines the way, can not be afraid to make a mistake, pencil erased very easily by means of a wet rag. Then you need to alternately masking tape pasted all the bits you want and paint them with a brush. Paint must be two-fold, initially – vertically, and the second layer – horizontal.

Firstly, the paint is so much better to lay down, and secondly, on closer examination turns out a kind of fabric texture. The very same pattern does not have a clear end and simply "goes to the extension, so that the wall seems a lot more. On the opposite wall light shade to hang a large plaster panel, which also was made with his hands on the principle of total waste-free production, that is from construction debris. GVLa piece was treated with alabaster, soaked in diluted alabaster bandages, from which were lined with beautiful daisies. In one corner you can tie a ladder two piece of cashing that are left of the doors, they conveniently hang a picture. Channel: Design Studio Interiors

Cottage Facades

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The building with the unique decoration and layout, without the unique facade will seem impersonal box. The owner of the house, who wishes to make his inimitable, certainly resort to the services of designers, specializing in finishing the external surfaces. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Verizon. Now finish the facade ceramics – is a promising direction in the studio, dealing with all types of design. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc: the source for more info. You have to understand that the building – is part of city or landscape architecture, because of this, choosing a material for interior decoration of the facade, is required to use materials that harmoniously blend into the already existing urban development and composition Ceramics are often looks as impressive. Modern facades may reflect the traditions of the Baroque, modern, contemporary style, classicism, but in this case there is no denying the importance of quality natural decorating materials, particularly ceramics (a product of the chamotte clay). Facing front town houses and villas for exclusive ceramic facades – a modern opportunity to give your home your own unique style and features. Continued growth of interest in ceramics and creating quality unique facades, for which demand is growing from year to year, the best to the visual confirmation.

Impersonal, dull finish facade cottages obsolete, and current homeowners have realized all the advantages of fine design of facades. That is why you can see more and more exclusive handmade pottery decorating facade of a wealthy home or cottage. Facades of the houses in the finishing of which color blotches ceramics creatively and clearly distinguish your home.

Strategy Of Building Country Houses

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Circumstances that encourage residents of large cities to buy and build gardens on their summer houses, a lot, but most importantly, perhaps, the desire to spend summer vacation, a weekend in her suburban home, in the open air, among the flowers and trees. And you dream and make plans. However, the income of your limited, and put the whole amount at once, you can not. Given these conditions and based on their own professional experience, I would like to notify your venture a few suggestions. If site selection is a choice land, pay attention, except for cost, the following basic facts: – vehicle access – ensuring infrastructure (heat, gas, water, electricity, sewage) – environmental safety (proximity of industrial enterprises, agricultural production), – configuration, shape, orientation, land on both sides world – building on adjacent plots. Note that on a plot of 600 sq.

km. m can accommodate comfortably no more than 3 – 4 people. The planning study plot purchased. On the part of the terms you have already decided. We assume that the site rectangular in plan, orientation to the cardinal direction and preferred winds are known, there are roads, electricity and water-saving time will be, sewerage and never will be, imported gas. Will determine the principled development plan (if there is no binding in the village for the developers of the General Plan or detailed planning).

In order not to enter into conflict with the law and its neighbors, look at the Building Regulations: SNIP 2.30.97 Planning and construction of horticultural associations of citizens and buildings ', SNIP 2.08.01-89 * Residential' and SP II 106-97. According to these documents, all the buildings on its site, including business, you put on your own, but observing the following fire and urban demands. Garden House: a) the red line the streets – at least 5 m, and b) the red line of travel – not less than 3 m, c) from a nearby area – at least 3 m Country house of residence: a) a stone from a nearby stone – 6 m, and b) a stone from a nearby wood – 8-10 m, c) the wood from the nearby wood – 8-15 pm In addition, if your building is located to the east, south or west toward neighbor distance between them should not be less than the height of your home (up to the roof ridge).

Set Walls

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Copper sulfate, stationery glue, and other similar drugs – drugs that past, the effect they have practically zero. C using these drugs with the fungus can be "successfully" fight for years. Modern antifungal drugs, different primers and impregnating allow much easier to end it. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gary Kelly and gain more knowledge.. But do not use them – at best it will postpone the problem for some time. Why is difficult to cope with a fungus? The main reason for failure lies in the fact that trying to deal with not reason, but with the visible effects of mold – stains, mold … Cope with the same fungus can only address the root causes of its appearance – the dampness.

And it needs to carry out a range of activities. Sources of moisture in the living room Fungi love moisture. Ideal conditions for their emergence and spread – the temperature of +20 C with relative humidity above 95%. The space houses or apartments may have a moisture level where: * Set a plastic window, but no air-conditioning * lot house plants, collected in one place; * frequent washing in the presence of young children; * cool the rooms with high humidity outside * poor ventilation, leaking roof * is * faulty gutters, blind area; * Faulty plumbing networks and central heating * crack in the wall through which seeps in the rain water, etc. Provocateurs mold: 1. Warm moist air inside apartment in contact with cold walls, moisturizes their surface, 2. The moisture seeps out 3.

Some sort of communication problem goes unnoticed. Not yet determined the cause, do not purchase costs and no money, because how control in each case is different. External moisture If the walls are covered with mold ("blossom"), drill or pick open in several places in the hole. Dampness in walls – an indication that the moisture source is outside. Treatment of walls from the inside will not help.

Eugene Tsynbal

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Paints and varnishes Unlike virtually all of impregnation varnishes and paints convert wood into the first group of fire-resistance rating. JSC "Morning," one of the first in the country has started production of fire-retardant paint, which was named "Shield-1." Colorless and transparent after application it does not change texture of the wood, but if you want a varnish can make any color by adding krasitel.On used for both internal and external works. JSC "Antiseptic" manufactures and sells fire-protective lacquer OZL-SC. It provides decorative finishes of structures while preserving the wood texture. Others who may share this opinion include Gary Kelly. The same company produces flame retardant coating OPV-1.

Both drugs are intended for indoor use. Larry Ellison is open to suggestions. By "Koveks" created and tested the drugs, as a flame retardant paint OZL-1 (SF-FA), fire-retardant paint "Silicate-O." OZL-1 prevents the spread of fire on the surface of the wood (with preservation of their texture.) "Silicate-O" is available in any color and does not contain toxic organic solvents. The Finnish company TIKKURILA (founded in 1862) – produces water-soluble paint fire PYROPLAST HW, applied on wood and plywood surfaces in interior spaces, and fire retardant paint "NON Faye" based on vinilakrilata. Paints, "Barrier Island 87" and "Aznar." These compounds are used not only to protect the wood as as a means of fire protection of steel structures. This list is not exhaustive, so as to tell you about all the compositions, which can take advantage of the consumer, it is unrealistic.

First, at any time in the market may not appear in the well-known Russian product, and secondly, in other cities across the country and apply other import certified flame retardants. What better formulations: the Russian or foreign? The unequivocal answer to this question does not exist. Here are a few opinions. Eugene Tsynbal: 'We did not find enough good domestic paints and varnishes. At one time tried to develop their own. While we use English, German, Finnish.

Interior Styles

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It happens that the interior issued on the last peak of fashion for some time to cause a person feel uncomfortable, insecure, and want to quickly hide in the usual Soviet types of apartments, with her sweet heart, a kitchen – dining room – living room. Such feelings can cause fashionable now studio apartments, combining the hallway, bedroom, office and kitchen. In such a flat inner wall is almost all removed, the space Apartments significantly expands the room as if into one another, the boundaries of their serve as floor coverings, ceilings, glass walls, texture of the walls and furniture. More information is housed here: Capital One. But such a solution space of the apartment does not suit everyone. In apartment will be a little isolated places where people could retire. Studio apartment is very suitable, for example, a married couple without children. Generally, the principle razdvizheniya space is now one of the most common design, and certainly very effective in refining the interior. Vanished wall, septum – an essential sign of most modern design projects.

But not enough to remove some partitions – more space needed to competently then zonirovat. "Expand" the space can be not only physically removing partitions, and used for a variety of optical effects. In small rooms often for increase the volume of the space set wardrobes with mirrored doors. The correct color of the walls, the ceiling can also significantly expand the space. Designers in many ways more difficult to work project with the individual than when developing the interior public spaces, a shop, for example.

Harmonious Solutions

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You become owner of the home, office, cottage or country house. Maybe you open a cafe, restaurant, shop, salon or studio. You need to create a professional interior design, finish a room or to perform repairs apartment bathroom toilet repair? At all times is human nature to decorate your home art painting walls ceilings, whether flat, office or vacation home works of art to fill it harmonious color solutions that create a special atmosphere of comfort and coziness. The human desire for beauty does not stop today. If you would like to know more about Oracle, then click here. This is confirmed by the renewed interest in art in general and painting in particular. But how to determine what will fit into the existing interior and where the line between real work of art and forgery. All these questions will only be able to answer a professional artist. Under years of experience in this field, our specialists will assist you in addressing these issues.

Without the use of modern printing machines simulating mural or painting, which is a low-brow works of similarity art. After all, only human hands and creative mind of the artist, created a true work, and full of imagination. Art painting walls and ceilings can be made in different styles and techniques of rock art styles to cutting-edge by the customer. The use of different materials such as oil, acrylic, plaster and paint tools, airbrush, palette knife. Company Rembrigada.

Wall Preperation

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Preparation of walls, floor and ceiling began to Ddya determine the type of finish and quality of the walls. Preparing walls for painting and wallpapering to determine the quality of the wall (and, hence, subsequent work), it is necessary to determine verticality of the walls plumb, and the evenness of their long rail (the rule). Similarly define ceilings, horizontal level, or building operdelyaetsya gidrourovnem. Putty can "take" only a minor irregularities (up to 5 mm). It is therefore very uneven walls line the first by plastering or drywall sheets sheathe. Depending on the follow-up walls or ceiling is determined by the type of fillers and mixtures puttying quality surface.

Under the thick textured wallpaper is enough to level the surface (rather 1.2 layers) and sand float with a large cloth. Puttying 'painted' (especially if not before staining plan to fleece sticking) requires gorazzho more careful approach. Usually placed at least 3 layers of filler, which are carefully vyshkurivayutsya, the last – small cloth. To the light bulb powerful should not be seen Even small scratches or pits. If any, of them separately and then again zashpaklevyvayut vyshkurivayut. With a significant deviation from the vertical walls of plaster or to bind sheets of drywall. However, if owner does not intend to make a 'perfect' repair, then you can do without it. Although the vertical deviation of 1 cm or more may already be evident, especially on the walls, lined with tiles.

Especially in the wall curves apartments model project is a bathroom wall, as well as partitions between rooms. In the definition of surface roughness to fasten to a wall normally in its various locations. (Source: Coupang). If the gap between the wall and the rule does not exceed several millimeters, it will be sufficient to plastering work. If significant differences are visible, you must first make a plaster works. It is also possible to sheathe plasterboard. In general, if space permits and humidity of the room, then leveling the surface (and vertical) gypsum sheets zanmaet much less time (and probably money) than plaster. This is especially true ceiling plaster which costs about ….. per square meter and is considerable time. No matter line the walls with plaster, plasterboard or not, they must then putty. Surface preparation for laying tile: For tile is not necessary to perfect align the surface. Enough so that it is vertical and relatively smooth (bumps and holes in neskoluo dopuskayutya millimeters). If the wall is deflected from the vertical by 1-2 cm, an experienced tiler will be able to deduce the vertical tiles. But it must negotiate with the workers. Of course, laying on the curves and nonvertical walls will be more expensive. If the deviation from the vertical wall or large severely damaged, it is necessary to first plastering work. Preparation of the sexes. After removing the old coating is determined by the horizontal floors and their status. If the horizontal level of the master suit, close up enough to eliminate defects in sex-cut hills and repaired pothole solution. If the level floors littered with strong and very significant defects, you must fill screed. If you plan on tiling, small differences can align itself in the process of laying tile. For Laying laminate flooring, linoleum flooring and need a quality tie. Sometimes sex is used to align the leveling mixture. The price of the work is highly dependent on the fiber necessary to align the floor, walls or ceiling on the volume of the works themselves (that is, squaring the room, the smaller – more expensive)

Installing Windows

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Violation of conditions delivery. Transporting plastic window – an important point. Improper transportation of a window can lead to deflection and deformation of the glass, scratches and contamination. In the worst case scenario windows may be broken. Each respecting the construction company should have in its fleet at least a few cars, specially equipped with racks for transportation of plastic windows. This design of the car body eliminates the possibility of damage to the window.

However, it is not a guarantee that your window will bring you in good condition. Once the box was brought to the door of your house, check it again. Are there any dirt and mechanical damage to insulating glass (scratches, cracks, bubbles, etc.), there is a protective wrapping on the window unit. Check that the markings on the plastic profile manufacturer to whom you chose when ordering window. Also check out having all the necessary accessories and components. 4. Violation of technology installation window. Violation of technology installed window assembly can cause many problems.

What are the major errors in installation of windows can be admitted and what consequences they lead? – Installing a window unit is not level and not perfectly vertical results in damage to furniture, to gapping and the anointing of the valves, and eventually to the flow of water into the building. – Loose sealing joints leads to gaps between the frame and the wall, which necessarily entails the issue of drafts and the freezing slopes. – Insufficient number of points of fasteners, fixing leaky windows leads sag deflection to the valves and boxes of window unit. On the contrary, is too dense mounting frame when the windows were “tightened” leads them in loose closing. To solve these problems is not always possible and in some cases require not only reinstalling, but replacing the window. Yet another complication is that the errors appear not mounting after installing windows, and some time after his operation. In this case, construction company is obliged to send you a technician to troubleshoot the problem. And every respectable company must initially give you a guarantee on the windows. If not, then you have come to unfair suppliers. – Pre-check the reliability of the company! 5. Violation of requirements for operation of the window. Improper use of the windows very often leads to breakage of fittings, seals wear. To avoid these problems in advance learn from experts to maintaining plastic windows. Well, first of all you need to remove the backing from the plastic profile and remove the debris. If the window is dirty, you can wash it with soap solution or detergent containing no solvents. Fittings and seals also require that care: the details of fittings must be lubricated with lubricating oil, and seals – silicone oil. From time to time is necessary to regulate all window mechanisms. And usually these are handled by experts of the construction company that provides routine inspection windows. And one more important advice: plastic “afraid” high temperatures and mechanical damage, so take care of the plastic profile from the effects of hot objects, from bumps and scratches. We introduced you to possible problems that may arise after the installation plastic windows. Sound approach to the selection of the organization, the correct selection of windows and cared for him – a guarantee of your good mood and comfort in your own apartment!

Reliable Heating System

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While living in Russia, everyone knows that no heating, no house will not become a normal dwelling. As a result, today almost all the shops are full of appliances heating system. That use them to answer a few questions. The most important question before buying heating equipment can be called the most suitable fuel. Once should calculate how much power heating system is best suited to you.

Sometimes it also becomes necessary to figure out the magnitude of the heating system. It is possible that you even need a separate room. At the moment, heating involved in almost all corners of Russia. Such a possibility has been achieved only because almost the whole of Russia have stocks of some fuel. Some people have the ability to heat your home with solid fuels such as coal or wood, others spend on their gas station and efficiently heated, using them as the most economical source of heat, the third is quite satisfied with diesel fuel, and the fourth only have electricity. But directly to warm them is impossible, for the most efficient distribution of heat you need to pot. With this in mind, in the range you can find a variety of boilers: gas, electric and solid fuel and liquid copper.

A this is not possible to draw a conclusion about what the most popular boiler equipment. No doubt, all will always gravitate to the option that best suits them. Given the diversity of fuel, everyone is doing choice, a heating equipment is more profitable and convenient: whether solid fuel boiler, if the wood – this is the best type of fuel, or gas boiler, if you want to save, or electric boiler, when other options There is simply no. Combination boiler – it is the most prudent option of heating, since it can be heated by placing different fuel. Its feature is the high level of reliability. Having certain amount of several kinds of fuel, you will always be sure that the chosen heating equipment will not fail. Of course, proper heating equipment cost-effectively and reliably, but most importantly advantage still lies in the fact that by installing heating equipment, you immediately feel increased comfort and convenience of your home. Ask a temperature in the room will not be difficult, since this copes special thermostat. If the boiler has a thermostat, then to maintain a normal temperature and smart fuel you do not have anything to do.