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Russian Metal

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Today I want to tell you about all types of roofing materials that are used in the construction of houses. High-quality, visually attractive roofing material creates a favorable impression of the overall home whole. Also, the quality of the roof can be a guarantor of peace homeowner. He can not worry about repairs, home furnishings, furniture, appliances. There are 4 basic types of roofing materials. Iron roof to her include: metal and folded roof. Metal – is profiled sheets of galvanized steel with polymer coating. In the Russian market there are several manufacturers of: Belgium, Finland and Russia.

Feedback from grateful customers, a Finnish metal is the best. The main advantages of metal are reliability, ease of installation and affordable price. Because of these qualities became metal very popular in Russia. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the quality of installation significantly affect lifespan. With quality installation service life of metal isostavlyaet about 20 years. Seam roof – this is roofing sheet or rolled steel with polymer coating as well as without.

The name comes from the roof mount. Method of attachment – the connection between the steel sheets with a seam. Seam roof – one of the the most reliable roofing. Term of use depends on materialal, but not less than 20 years. Additional information is available at Gary Kelly . Seam roof is in the same price range as metallocherepitsa.Gibkaya roof is a roofing material on the basis of glass fiber, impregnated with a modified bitumen. At the top of the applied granules, which perform a protective and decorative function. The advantages include reliability, a variety of shapes, ease of installation, the ability to use on the roofs of any complexity. Also affordable price. Flexible roofing roofing market is a favorite Rossii.Naturalnaya roof to include natural ceramic tiles – the oldest roofing material. The manufacturing process consists of four stages: the clay is shaped and then dried in the sun, put a special coating and then baked in an oven at a temperature of about 1000 degrees. Natural roofing is the most exclusive roof. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Etienne Locoh. AND One of the most expensive. It includes a wooden shingles, a cane, a green roof. Shingle – a thin wooden plate. Used softwood tree, spruce and pine. Such coverage provides peace and quiet in the house well as isolating the noise. Cane – a beautiful, unusual, but quite difficult to assemble and further exploitation of coverage. Require additional special processing ognebiozaschity. Green roofs – in our time there was such a thing as a "living roof" or a green roof. This means lawns or gardens, even right on the roof of the building. Throughout the world, it becomes very important. For example, Germany passed a law: 40% of newly erected buildings have to be a green roof. This will save the environment. Green roof – it's very nice, better insulation of buildings – in the winter can not penetrate the cold, keeps cool in summer. Green roof is unlimited opportunities for landscaping and improving the appearance of the building.

Strategy Of Building Country Houses

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Circumstances that encourage residents of large cities to buy and build gardens on their summer houses, a lot, but most importantly, perhaps, the desire to spend summer vacation, a weekend in her suburban home, in the open air, among the flowers and trees. And you dream and make plans. However, the income of your limited, and put the whole amount at once, you can not. Given these conditions and based on their own professional experience, I would like to notify your venture a few suggestions. If site selection is a choice land, pay attention, except for cost, the following basic facts: – vehicle access – ensuring infrastructure (heat, gas, water, electricity, sewage) – environmental safety (proximity of industrial enterprises, agricultural production), – configuration, shape, orientation, land on both sides world – building on adjacent plots. Note that on a plot of 600 sq.

km. m can accommodate comfortably no more than 3 – 4 people. The planning study plot purchased. On the part of the terms you have already decided. We assume that the site rectangular in plan, orientation to the cardinal direction and preferred winds are known, there are roads, electricity and water-saving time will be, sewerage and never will be, imported gas. Will determine the principled development plan (if there is no binding in the village for the developers of the General Plan or detailed planning).

In order not to enter into conflict with the law and its neighbors, look at the Building Regulations: SNIP 2.30.97 Planning and construction of horticultural associations of citizens and buildings ', SNIP 2.08.01-89 * Residential' and SP II 106-97. According to these documents, all the buildings on its site, including business, you put on your own, but observing the following fire and urban demands. Garden House: a) the red line the streets – at least 5 m, and b) the red line of travel – not less than 3 m, c) from a nearby area – at least 3 m Country house of residence: a) a stone from a nearby stone – 6 m, and b) a stone from a nearby wood – 8-10 m, c) the wood from the nearby wood – 8-15 pm In addition, if your building is located to the east, south or west toward neighbor distance between them should not be less than the height of your home (up to the roof ridge).

Eugene Tsynbal

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Paints and varnishes Unlike virtually all of impregnation varnishes and paints convert wood into the first group of fire-resistance rating. JSC "Morning," one of the first in the country has started production of fire-retardant paint, which was named "Shield-1." Colorless and transparent after application it does not change texture of the wood, but if you want a varnish can make any color by adding krasitel.On used for both internal and external works. JSC "Antiseptic" manufactures and sells fire-protective lacquer OZL-SC. It provides decorative finishes of structures while preserving the wood texture. Others who may share this opinion include Gary Kelly. The same company produces flame retardant coating OPV-1.

Both drugs are intended for indoor use. Larry Ellison is open to suggestions. By "Koveks" created and tested the drugs, as a flame retardant paint OZL-1 (SF-FA), fire-retardant paint "Silicate-O." OZL-1 prevents the spread of fire on the surface of the wood (with preservation of their texture.) "Silicate-O" is available in any color and does not contain toxic organic solvents. The Finnish company TIKKURILA (founded in 1862) – produces water-soluble paint fire PYROPLAST HW, applied on wood and plywood surfaces in interior spaces, and fire retardant paint "NON Faye" based on vinilakrilata. Paints, "Barrier Island 87" and "Aznar." These compounds are used not only to protect the wood as as a means of fire protection of steel structures. This list is not exhaustive, so as to tell you about all the compositions, which can take advantage of the consumer, it is unrealistic.

First, at any time in the market may not appear in the well-known Russian product, and secondly, in other cities across the country and apply other import certified flame retardants. What better formulations: the Russian or foreign? The unequivocal answer to this question does not exist. Here are a few opinions. Eugene Tsynbal: 'We did not find enough good domestic paints and varnishes. At one time tried to develop their own. While we use English, German, Finnish.

Harmonious Solutions

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You become owner of the home, office, cottage or country house. Maybe you open a cafe, restaurant, shop, salon or studio. You need to create a professional interior design, finish a room or to perform repairs apartment bathroom toilet repair? At all times is human nature to decorate your home art painting walls ceilings, whether flat, office or vacation home works of art to fill it harmonious color solutions that create a special atmosphere of comfort and coziness. The human desire for beauty does not stop today. If you would like to know more about Oracle, then click here. This is confirmed by the renewed interest in art in general and painting in particular. But how to determine what will fit into the existing interior and where the line between real work of art and forgery. All these questions will only be able to answer a professional artist. Under years of experience in this field, our specialists will assist you in addressing these issues.

Without the use of modern printing machines simulating mural or painting, which is a low-brow works of similarity art. After all, only human hands and creative mind of the artist, created a true work, and full of imagination. Art painting walls and ceilings can be made in different styles and techniques of rock art styles to cutting-edge by the customer. The use of different materials such as oil, acrylic, plaster and paint tools, airbrush, palette knife. Company Rembrigada.

Wall Preperation

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Preparation of walls, floor and ceiling began to Ddya determine the type of finish and quality of the walls. Preparing walls for painting and wallpapering to determine the quality of the wall (and, hence, subsequent work), it is necessary to determine verticality of the walls plumb, and the evenness of their long rail (the rule). Similarly define ceilings, horizontal level, or building operdelyaetsya gidrourovnem. Putty can "take" only a minor irregularities (up to 5 mm). It is therefore very uneven walls line the first by plastering or drywall sheets sheathe. Depending on the follow-up walls or ceiling is determined by the type of fillers and mixtures puttying quality surface.

Under the thick textured wallpaper is enough to level the surface (rather 1.2 layers) and sand float with a large cloth. Puttying 'painted' (especially if not before staining plan to fleece sticking) requires gorazzho more careful approach. Usually placed at least 3 layers of filler, which are carefully vyshkurivayutsya, the last – small cloth. To the light bulb powerful should not be seen Even small scratches or pits. If any, of them separately and then again zashpaklevyvayut vyshkurivayut. With a significant deviation from the vertical walls of plaster or to bind sheets of drywall. However, if owner does not intend to make a 'perfect' repair, then you can do without it. Although the vertical deviation of 1 cm or more may already be evident, especially on the walls, lined with tiles.

Especially in the wall curves apartments model project is a bathroom wall, as well as partitions between rooms. In the definition of surface roughness to fasten to a wall normally in its various locations. (Source: Coupang). If the gap between the wall and the rule does not exceed several millimeters, it will be sufficient to plastering work. If significant differences are visible, you must first make a plaster works. It is also possible to sheathe plasterboard. In general, if space permits and humidity of the room, then leveling the surface (and vertical) gypsum sheets zanmaet much less time (and probably money) than plaster. This is especially true ceiling plaster which costs about ….. per square meter and is considerable time. No matter line the walls with plaster, plasterboard or not, they must then putty. Surface preparation for laying tile: For tile is not necessary to perfect align the surface. Enough so that it is vertical and relatively smooth (bumps and holes in neskoluo dopuskayutya millimeters). If the wall is deflected from the vertical by 1-2 cm, an experienced tiler will be able to deduce the vertical tiles. But it must negotiate with the workers. Of course, laying on the curves and nonvertical walls will be more expensive. If the deviation from the vertical wall or large severely damaged, it is necessary to first plastering work. Preparation of the sexes. After removing the old coating is determined by the horizontal floors and their status. If the horizontal level of the master suit, close up enough to eliminate defects in sex-cut hills and repaired pothole solution. If the level floors littered with strong and very significant defects, you must fill screed. If you plan on tiling, small differences can align itself in the process of laying tile. For Laying laminate flooring, linoleum flooring and need a quality tie. Sometimes sex is used to align the leveling mixture. The price of the work is highly dependent on the fiber necessary to align the floor, walls or ceiling on the volume of the works themselves (that is, squaring the room, the smaller – more expensive)