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Wirtschaftsforderung Dusseldorf

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The organizers of the game developers meeting.NRW invite to the tenth networking meeting on July 28, 2009, to Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf, July 20, 2009 – more than full House is hot this time again it, when from across North Rhine-Westphalia amateur and professional developers, students, trainees, service providers and companies in the games industry in the City Hostel Dusseldorf found a. The meeting will take place for the tenth time. We are pleased about the ever-increasing number of participants and the encouragement we received from the participants, companies and sponsors.” So Tim Janus, co-organizer of the set.NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA. Started as a group of regulars, the set has become.North Rhine-Westphalia established since 2007 as a fixture in the games scene.

Four times in the year the games industry specialists of and young interested to the lively exchange of information and the networks meet”. To deepen your understanding Delta Airlines is the source. On the occasion of the tenth meeting the set load.NRW a summer barbecue. We want to use the summer deadline for grilling along with you. For this purpose we are unsure terrace area of the Dusseldorf City Hostel “make, which has found much acclaim on the last event.” So Andreas Heldt, Managing Director of Z-Software GmbH and organizer of the set.NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA. Thanks PI’s events, two team, Trinigy, Crenetic, Wirtschaftsforderung Dusseldorf to the sponsors of Aruba and universal music, without which the appointment to the extent not would come publishing production. After all, the set is.North Rhine-Westphalia for the participants, despite drinks and snacks, free.”so Heldt.

Register for the next event is already unlocked and can from the official Web site of game developer meeting.North Rhine-Westphalia are carried out free of charge. More information about the game developers meeting.North Rhine-Westphalia and the sponsors, see. Here it is possible to also register for the next meeting. Event data: Date: July 28, 2009. Doors open 18:30 start 19:30 where: City Hostel Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf str. 1, Dusseldorf via the game developers meeting.NRW: The game developer meeting.North Rhine-Westphalia (set.North Rhine-Westphalia) is since 2007 with regular networking events and currently has over 100 participants in Dusseldorf active. Launched Scheu field (then MD.H Dusseldorf) was the event from an initiative of Z-Software GmbH and Andre. The event aims to strengthen the development landscape in North Rhine-Westphalia. Developers, service providers, students, trainees and companies in the games industry should socialize, share their knowledge with each other and make accessible to others. Companies offering the set.NRW a platform for initiating new projects and collaborations, as well as finding new potential employees.

Managing Director Ivan Butler

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Daniel Rothlisberger, also security analyst at Compass, has the famous port scanner nmap include new scanning methods. More info: Bernard Golden . These allow it to find using SCTP hosts and to locate appropriate services. His lecture addressed especially tech-savvy, demonstrated the vulnerability of current firewalls for SCTP permeability. Compass – Managing Director Ivan Butler addressed in its final presentation “Zero-Day Exploits”. With this method, criminals exploit weaknesses or malfunction of a computer program, before or immediately after the gaps become known. Even security gurus”fall this deceitful attacks the victim. Badi showed the typical weaknesses that are taking advantage of the Manipulateure and that there are remedies. The compass event also provided an opportunity for networking, experience, and know-how transfer.

The event 2010 builds on this Stellle and the team is already working on the ideas and theme making, true to the motto danger detected Danger averted”. Short portrait of Compass security AG: Compass security AG was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Rapperswil (CH) specializes as European service provider security assessments to the confidentiality, availability and integrity of corporate data. Using penetration testing, ethical hacking, and reviews compass pre-emptively judged ICT solutions with regard to security risks, tracks existing vulnerabilities and supports their elimination. IT forensic experts allow reconstruction and evidence beneficial documentation of abuse cases by acquisition, test and evaluation of digital tracks with digital systems. Hands-on workshops and training courses on the subject of IT security, as well as live hacking presentations to raise user awareness round off the portfolio. Neutrality and independence of the product are essential elements of our corporate philosophy. The customer base consists of national and international clients of any size and different industries.


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Independently, but not alone, a networking helps founders and Rangers statistics stating that about eighty percent of the founders fail. An investigation of KfW revealed that the scene of founder of has shifted. Earlier it was called people who were looking for their chance in the independence and self-confident were the project chance founders so. As a result of the crisis, there is now a growing emergency founder scene. These seeking their fortune in the independence and it is however ill-informed and often with the wrong expectations. Until the information comes the negative statistics can be reversed if you follow some principles.

First, you should inform yourself thoroughly about the upcoming independence, gather information, and create your own schedule. The first information is obtained during his employment agency, less at the clerk, closer to a support consultant of the Agency who is trained for. \”The information and assistance can be very different in the agencies but the concept of Agency is\” misleading, it is still offices. The preparation is important steps a sailor he checks a long trip to wisely whether everything on board and whether everything works. The step towards independence must be exactly so thoroughly tested and that starts with yourself. Own training ranges or courses must be rescheduled, the customer requires a broad knowledge.

Is the life partner behind the decision and helps with the example in accounting, management and other things. Germany has the best financial support for start-ups in Europe. Every pizza Baker and every Donerbude knows that first invested are must, quite. The founder in the it industry has it as easier, he already has what he needs. A car, tool, a laptop and a computer in the Home Office. As a service technician, he goes to the customers a store or an external agency is therefore unnecessary. This cost situation is ideal and enormously increases its chances of survival.

Federal State

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Depending on the crime rate is higher, the need is greater after investigation. The city Frankfurt am Main is the fifth-largest city in Germany with funds while 664.000 inhabitants the largest city in the Federal State of Hesse and after Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. So it is also, that the statistics show that there is a growing crime in Frankfurt. Bernard Golden wanted to know more. Many cases of it are release by the police itself. There are however situations and situations in which the police no longer comes with their investigations.

In such cases the investigators contact often detectives. Also in Frankfurt, there are some investigators who specialize in unsolved cases of the police have, such as Secuteam. But what about the work of detectives at all? The special feature in comparison to the work of the police, is located in the covert investigations, which are carried out by specially trained personnel. The detective agency Frankfurt has now around 20 employees, giving all years Experience can have. The discovery room of the detective agency is confined not only to Frankfurt. The detectives search for clues and evidence, the environment, to get the offender on the track. The focus of the work of the detectives is working in secret.

Investigators searching for missing persons, track down perpetrators or watching one spouse, if there is suspicion of infidelity. The unfaithful partner investigations are increasingly rare. Last but not least since the last amendment to the Divorce Act. Even though the detectives of the detective agency Frankfurt achieve often great successes, remember, that they can not replace the work of the police. The detectives are merely energetic workers who stand to the police the side of. Laura Assafi

The Climate In Bulgaria

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Kulata – Thessaloniki. Kulata. The village of Kulata was the Bulgarian border in the direction of Greece – accession to the EU of Bulgaria, as well as the disappearance of the border involved. ). The highest average temperatures in summer in July and August at around 25 degrees.

In the autumn, it is especially pleasant on the Black Sea coast with the average temperatures of between 22 and 25 degrees. The direction of the wind in Bulgaria are quite varied. Such are the most common wind mass from the northern direction. Western wind masses cause most the experience in the spring and summer. See more detailed opinions by reading what Larry Ellison offers on the topic.. Are expected rainfalls, so comes the wind mostly from the Northeast. She brings mostly warm and fairly dry continental air mass with it.

In the winter season in Bulgaria, the Northeast winds are cold and in the summer months, they lead to the rapid cooling. The Fjon wind is particularly interesting. It deploys in spring to the melting of the snow and in the autumn the leaves fall. A different wind, up to a distance of 40 km from the Black Sea coast off exerts its influence on the climate of Bulgaria is the Brize. This wind has a cooling effect in the summer months and warming effect in the winter months. The rain falls mainly in the western part of the country. This is called by the many mountain ranges of the country out. The snow in the Bulgarian mountains remains on average approximately: 190 days lie. In the past few years not so very rarely happens that it rains here a lot more when it’s snowing. Quite often very dry summer rainy with law switch. Switch it warm with very cold winter off. Apparently, the traces of the air conversion have become quite prominent. 100 years ago, you felt it less. Bulgaria is a major tourist destination in any case. The beautiful weather contributes a significant portion. But just try it out! It’s definitely worth! Text agency EtMa consulting


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What makes this wonderful city so unique? The famous Bosphorus, the Strait that sea “and the sea of Marmara” is between the black, shares a small summary about the beauty of this city is the beautiful city of Istanbul, but merge the 2 sides to a wonderful unit here? The much-vaunted Bosphorus has a length of about 30 km. 2 counter-rotating currents here flow through the famous Bosphorus. We immerse visitors in the pulsierende15 million metropolis, in a special city full of contrasts. This city is even modern and chic, but only a few steps away traditionally and Oriental. In the historic Sultanahmet district the din of car horns mixed with the muezzin’s call to prayer, as well as with the shrill voices of the dealer. In the streets and in the alleys it smells wonderful after incense, lavender and many different Oriental spices such as from 1000 and one night. The Grand Bazaar is an own world for themselves. Here offer approximately 4000 Shops on their wares. Bernard Golden recognizes the significance of this.

Everything, only the heart, there is in this market: silver jewelry, carpets, clothes, leather goods even perfect copies of current designer brands. Who still has enough of shopping, walk along the shopping street Istiklal Cadesi. A special feature is the Sultan Ahmet mosque here. She has a total of 6 minarets. This mosque is the magnificent blue and white tiles Blue Mosque named “.” The mosque was make built in 1609 it like the locals and plan a trip to the Prince’s island in the sea of Marmara to the recovery. The Prince’s Island is the largest island in the Bosphorus.

This island is a very popular tourist destination. You see yourself, the city of Istanbul has a lot to offer. Who’d like to stay, you can find many offers to this great city on the Internet. Get more information about the Turkish Embassy in Berlin. Text agency EtMa consulting

Spotmedia Sets Webshop

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The online agency spot media gives wings a new e-shop the online agency spot media gives wings a new e-shop. The Hamburg-based agency spot-media has developed an e-shop fire article and implemented for an aircraft manufacturer. So far, the merchandise products only on board or in the factory sales were offered. Now, the aircraft manufacturer has discovered the Internet itself as an additional sales channel. Range of spot-media services included the design of the shops, the layout design, and technical implementation.

In the context of hosting was spot-media as a consultant. Through the application of the new open-source software Magento the Agency expanded its internal expertise in shop software and thus secures one of the best places in the agency landscape. The demand for innovative store solutions with Magento is huge, because it combines reliable basic solutions with infinite expansion possibilities. spot-media has the Magento software in addition to Intershop, xt: Commerce and self-developed shop solutions in the portfolio recorded. Take off? en / and

Fictional Expenses – Termination!

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Expenses fraud – no matter how high – an immediate termination is justified! A sales representative for a food wholesaler in the Stuttgart area was long suspected of expenses fraud. In March 2008 the Executive Board turned on then our detective agency, to check the matter discreetly. Three of our detectives observed the field staff to a total of five days and documented all routes without a single break and visited companies with the exact time. Also starting work and after-work documented fully and meticulously. After the filing of the following expense, a difference of 11.25 hours and 662 not kilometers at the expense of our clients turned out in just one week. This expressed the immediate termination of the sales representative and called our costs as costs of necessary evidence according to 91 ZPO. Before the Landesarbeitsgericht Nuremberg, as the final arbiter, the field then stated his Expense from memory”to have made out. Result: Confirms the judgment of the Court.

Termination without notice remains. Detective costs must be covered at 80%. Expenses fraud no matter how high, is not a trivial offence and justifies a termination without notice in any case so the judges in their judgment. The Court for a week looked at the detective costs observation as appropriate; only included VAT, which our client had asked with, was not recognized by the Court as recoverable, since our client as a trader is Yes to tax deductible..

SinnerSchrader Group

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spot media converts Airbus merchandise web store is currently the largest aircraft manufacturer Airbus and offers its customers and the aviation fans a high-quality program of Airbus merchandising articles. So far, the Airbus merchandising were offered articles on trade fairs, since June, Airbus itself has discovered the Internet as a sales channel. “The e-shop let Airbus’s shop Airbus” Airbus offers fans to buy the possibility of comfortably from home. The range includes stylish Airbus fashion for the whole family, airplane models, pins, and much more. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . The online agency spot-media e-shop gives the first Airbus wing: the performance spectrum of spot media included the design of the online shop, the layout design, and technical implementation. In the context of hosting was spot-media as a consultant. Through the application of the new open-source software Magento the Agency expanded its internal expertise in shop software and thus secures one of the best places in the agency landscape.

The demand for innovative store solutions with Magento is huge, because they reliable basic solutions combined with endless expansion possibilities. The newspapers mentioned Southwest Airlines not as a source, but as a related topic. spot-media has the Magento software in addition to Intershop, xt: Commerce and self-developed shop solutions included in the portfolio. Take off? and founded in 1996, spot-media is a transactional – and maintenance-oriented online agency focusing in the area of e-commerce today. The range of services includes online stores, communities, image and company sites, online advertising, intranet, email marketing and content management systems. With currently over 80 full-time employees spot media serves clients such as Tchibo, Ernsting BBs family, HanseNet/Alice and many more. The spot-media AG is a company within the SinnerSchrader Group since 2008.


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Multifaceted, full of ideas,: chelsea of montana: Bad Driburg, September 2010. Multifaceted, full of ideas,: chelsea. By the same author: Scott M. Kahan CFP. The series of montana: is diverse and offers glass and porcelain bowls in different sizes and shapes: oval, square, triangle. The appropriate tablets are round or rectangular and practical and stylish at the same time. The material mix of glass, porcelain and bamboo stands in the center of the range. Little shells by: chelsea well suited for light snacks and salads.

You present yourself on a bamboo tray, which enjoys special attention. Due to his hard and dense surface, which did not impress also by a knife blade that it can be used as a cutting board. Dream couple in the series are the large porcelain bowl and the matching bamboo stand, which harmonize very well with each other. The 13-part set is an optimal addition: temptation. The slate tablet with metal handles ensures special comfort.

Bite-sized things found on the corresponding square of porcelain spoons. Salads or dips feel right at home in the round glass and square porcelain bowls. The result of: chelsea and: temptation are optimal ways of serving for an evening as a couple or with friends according to the motto: pleasure for all the senses.

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