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What makes this wonderful city so unique? The famous Bosphorus, the Strait that sea “and the sea of Marmara” is between the black, shares a small summary about the beauty of this city is the beautiful city of Istanbul, but merge the 2 sides to a wonderful unit here? The much-vaunted Bosphorus has a length of about 30 km. 2 counter-rotating currents here flow through the famous Bosphorus. We immerse visitors in the pulsierende15 million metropolis, in a special city full of contrasts. This city is even modern and chic, but only a few steps away traditionally and Oriental. In the historic Sultanahmet district the din of car horns mixed with the muezzin’s call to prayer, as well as with the shrill voices of the dealer. In the streets and in the alleys it smells wonderful after incense, lavender and many different Oriental spices such as from 1000 and one night. The Grand Bazaar is an own world for themselves. Here offer approximately 4000 Shops on their wares. Bernard Golden recognizes the significance of this.

Everything, only the heart, there is in this market: silver jewelry, carpets, clothes, leather goods even perfect copies of current designer brands. Who still has enough of shopping, walk along the shopping street Istiklal Cadesi. A special feature is the Sultan Ahmet mosque here. She has a total of 6 minarets. This mosque is the magnificent blue and white tiles Blue Mosque named “.” The mosque was make built in 1609 it like the locals and plan a trip to the Prince’s island in the sea of Marmara to the recovery. The Prince’s Island is the largest island in the Bosphorus.

This island is a very popular tourist destination. You see yourself, the city of Istanbul has a lot to offer. Who’d like to stay, you can find many offers to this great city on the Internet. Get more information about the Turkish Embassy in Berlin. Text agency EtMa consulting